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Buying/Gifting myself an emote. (Not Clickbait)
scrubskribe for more videos. Shoutout to lazarbeam Subscribe to his channel, and be a BLOODY LEGEND! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw1SQ6QRRtfAhrN_cjkrOgA Note: I am kinda aware i misspelled legend as legebd.
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Getting Reported Cause I Stood on Her Head
So basically, I told the boss in my game That I would Refill the Stocks in the Shop... So I went to the elevator, to go to the city, but then this woman appeared. She just went on the elevator. And I Stood on her head as a joke and because I was happy I got the job. And She started moving away. But she did not Tell me to stop immediately. Even if she said that, Why would it be harassment? She then told me to stop and told me I would get reported for harassing. Without even stating why it is harassment. If she did say the reason why it was harassing, I would have listened and stopped. But then since she did not state it, I ran away saying "Nope" But she followed me, She then got my name and told me that she would report me. I was confused. After that I ran away, I lost her. Then I went back to my workplace. She was There. I then talked to her and to her friend about it. The Rest is up to the Video.
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My intro
Thanks to Panzoid for making this possible. Head on Over to Panzoid! https://panzoid.com/creations
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OMG i met ninja (CLICKBAIT!!!!) (CLICKBAIT!!) (CLICKBAIT!!!!!!!!!!)
Sorry if I have a voice like a fucking dead pigeon. I'm really fucked up that day.
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