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The 2 Euro T-Shirt - A Social Experiment
Fashion for a bargain - that‘s what everyone wants. A T-Shirt for 2€ isn‘t inconceivable nowadays. Unfortunately, people don‘t often consider who is paying the real price. #whomademyclothes We placed a bright turquoise vending machine, offering t-shirts for 2 Euros, at Alexanderplatz in Berlin, to test whether people would still buy it when they are confronted with the conditions in which it was produced. Eight out of ten shoppers decided against it! 24 April every year is Fashion Revolution Day which is held in memory of the 1,133 workers killed in 2013 when the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed. We need greater transparency in the fashion supply chain because we can't improve conditions or protect the environment without knowing where our clothes are made. We need to challenge brands and retailers to take responsibility for the people and communities on which their business depends. Ask the brands whose clothes you love #whomademyclothes and help start a Fashion Revolution. If you would like to support our campaign and help to build a better future for everyone in the global fashion supply chain, please donate via the following link to help us create a Transparency Index of leading fashion brands http://fashionrevolution.org/get-involved/support-us/ Even donating €2 will help make a difference. Fashion Revolution is creating a series of mini videos as part of the European Year for Development. Find out more by following the hashtag #EYD2015 on social media and subscribing to our YouTube channel. Join the revolution at: http://fashionrevolution.org/ European Year for Development: https://europa.eu/eyd2015/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fashionrevolution.org Twitter: https://twitter.com/fash_rev
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The Child Labour Experiment
Five children from Berlin did the unthinkable: They approached international fashion brands voluntarily to ask for a job. Why? Millions of children work in the textile supply chains worldwide. What is commonplace in the developing countries of the world often seems unimaginable in our society. In order to expose this double standard within the fashion industry, we carried out a field test. #whomademyclothes - Share this video to help us raise awareness. Join the Fashion Revolution http://fashionrevolution.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fashionrevolution.org Twitter: https://twitter.com/fash_rev Imagery: gettyimages, shutterstock und Corbis
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Who Made My Clothes?
Millions of people make our clothes. Too many live in poverty, exploitation or danger. We can change that. Join the #FashionRevolution and demand a fair, safe and more transparent industry. Ask brands #whomademyclothes during Fashion Revolution Week 23-29th April 2018 Film produced by Futerra http://wearefuterra.com/ Director: MJ Delaney Bio: https://moxiepictures.com/directors/mj-delaney/project-everyone-day-of-the-girl/   Prodution Company: Moxie Pictures https://moxiepictures.com https://moxiepictures.com/moxie-pictures-named-as-2017-production-company-standout-by-creativity/   Choreographer:  Christopher Bordenave Bio: http://www.noonearthouse.org/founders/   Editing: UNION Editorial http://www.unioneditorial.com   #WhoMadeMyClothes #TradeFairLiveFair
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Fashion Experience: o outro lado da moda
Fashion Revolution Brazil set up a Fashion Experience: The Other Side in São Paulo. Shoppers went into a shipping container, expecting to find a cheap clothing store inside, but the reality was very different. Realização: Fashion Revolution Brasil 27 Million Brasil Stop The Traffik Brasil Parceria: MPT - Ministério Publico do Trabalho Apoio: Secretaria Municipal de Direitos Humanos e Cidadania de São Paulo FIESP - Federação das Industrias de São Paulo ABIT - Associação Brasileira Industria Textil Cenoideias Ficha Técnica: Arte e Cenografia: Nilton Aizner e Eloisa Artuso Produção Visual: FACA Produção Cenográfica: Cenoideias Imagens Cedidas: MTE - Ministério do Trabalho e Emprego MPT - Ministério Publico do Trabalho Repórter Brasil The True Cost Agradecimentos: COMTRAE - Comissão Municipal de Trabalho Escravo - SP Lab Fashion Luís Alexandre de Faria Diva Fernandes Marquês Alex Cassimiro e Valentina Soares Voluntários Fashion Experience Marina Novaes Christiane Oliveira KARMEN
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#Haulternative DIY: How to embroider a flower garden
Around 30% of the clothing in the average wardrobe hasn’t been worn in over a year*. If you’ve fallen out of love with a piece of clothing, don’t throw it out, change it up! Try our DIY #haulternative, and use embroidery to transform your clothes. Get creative and make a unique and creative fashion statement. For less than £5, and in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, you can start to grow your own flower garden, like Elisalex of By Hand London. Watch the video to learn how. For more ways to update your wardrobe without buying new clothes, check out #haulternative guide: www.fashionrevolution.org/haulternative Thanks to Avery Dennison RBIS rbis.averydennison.com Film produced by Fashion Revolution. www.fashionrevolution.org Starring Elisalex https://byhandlondon.com Directed by Charney Magri www.charneymagri.com http://lets-rise.com/ Stylist Twinks Burnett www.twinksburnett.com Editor Carolina Aguirre DOP Diana Olifirova Music by Derek Kirkup www.derekkirkup.co.uk/ Location: Old Oak https://www.thecollective.co.uk/coliving/old-oak #fashionrevolution #haulternative #lovedclotheslast *source: WRAP
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Fashion Revolution - And you? Do you know who make your clothes?
The Fashion Revolution Movement made me realise how little I knew about the manufacturing processes of my clothes and the impact a simple decision like buying new clothes could have on the environment. After my initial amazement, the question of whether people were aware of this fact arose. How would they react when confronted with the dark side of fashion? I went out to the streets of London to find out for myself and this is the result. Thanks to the Revolutionary Fashionistas for making her cause everyone's cause! Directing and producing: Nina Alonso Camera and editing: Jonathan Kobylanski Presenter: Nina Alonso Main idea: Nina Alonso & Jonathan Kobylanski Camera assistant: Kevin Sparks Make up: Claudia Pere
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Fashion Revolution Day - A Global Movement
This video is about Fashion Revolution DAy. Use it to educate, inspire and share the message of Fashion Revolution throughout the year. Special thanks to photographer of the Rana Plaza photo: Rahul Talukder, the 'animator' Lucas, Icky Strakow for the music.
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Loved Clothes Last
Inspiring us all to need less and love forever, Fashion Revolution’s short film looks at mass production, consumerism and the tragedy of modern-day landfills, to remind us that small individual actions can have a lasting effect #LovedClothesLast www.fashionrevolution.org Directed by Balthazar Klarwein, produced by Feel Films, and starring Angelina Jesson. A huge thanks to: Feel Films, Electrolux, The Mill, Greenpeace, Traid, Premier, Take 2, Island Studios, Worldwide Production Agency, Angell Sound, A-Mnemonic Music, Panalux
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BangLaFresh #Insideout for Fashion Revolution Germany
STARRING BANG LA FRESH | Abbas Saberi THE BUILDER | Samir aka Darko Nikolic THE KARL LAGERFELD | Thomas Huster THE LADY WITH FUR | Peptia Maria Bauhard THE BOOTY SHAKER | Annabelle da Fonte THE BUSINESSMAN | Alexi aka Alexandros Alexi Kougioumtzidis THE FRESH PRINCE | Gabriel aka Gabriel Manz THE GHETTO BLASTER DANCER | Natasha Böhler DIRECTOR Pol Ponsarnau DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Alex Jentz STEADY CAM | Karsten Jäger FOCUS PULLER | Javier Palicio DIT | Bertant Glosset CAMERA + LIGHT ASSISTANT | Dominik Gauglitz ADDITIONAL LIGHT ASSISTANT | Ella Haas JUKEBOX HERO | Francesco Nicoletti PHOTOGRAPHER -- STARING | Oliver Rath COSTUMES | Jill Röbenack + Arianna Nicoletti MAKE UP + HAIR | Tina Gottschalk PROPS | Denise Majer EDITING | Pol Ponsarnau SOUND PRODUCTION | Lars Kirchbach BEAT CREDITS | Kraans de Lutin - taken from "wo soll die reise eigentlich hingehen" by smith&smart SONG LYRICS | Felix Stock FLYING STEPS ACADEMY | Janni Hatsis + Kathy DOCUMENTATION IN VIDEO | Sergi Portabella DOCUMENTATION IN PHOTOS | Rafael Poschman CATERING | Ariane Piper + Jennifer Vieweger + Florine Wubben + Jonathan Leupert THANKS TO Cord Henning, Sophie Weiser, Magdalena Schaffrin, Max Gilgenmann, Carina Bischof, Janine Kühn, Sebastian Müllauer, Kerem Trögl, Hannah Ringwald SUPPORTERS The Upcycling Fashion Store + Lebenskleidung + Black Star cotton.de + Formulor + Endophina Hofbäckerei + Coffee Circle + Chari Tea + Lemonaid THE SO CALLED PRODUCTION Johanna Balzer + Annett Borg + Fashion Revolution Day Germany Team
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Who made my Hat?
To celebrate Fashion Revolution Week. Fair Trade pioneers, Pachacuti teamed up with Soul Rebel Films to create this video asking the question "Who made My Hat?” #whomademyclothes #imadeyourclothes Unlike the journey taken by most Panama Hats in the world, which pass through the hands of many middlemen before being shipped out of Ecuador, Pachacuti works directly with artisans. We are able to trace our straw back to the fields from which it comes and to the hands of the weavers who fashion our amazing hats. There are many benefits to our shorter integrated supply chain. We can bring you a luxury hand-crafted product at an affordable price, as well as pass on a greater share of the value to our Fair Trade producers. Follow us ☞ Pachacuti Website: http://www.panamas.co.uk Twitter: https://twitter.com/PachacutiUK Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pachacuti/ Produced by Soul Rebel Films Directed by Gigi Berardi and Ben Salavati
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Colors of Zunil  - Fashion Revolution Guatemala
Candelaria Poz Perez talks about her clothes journey. She is a Mayan textiles seller who explains her traditional garments and the colors used to make them. Location: Zunil, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. #quienhizomiropa #imadeyourclothes #fashionrevolutionguatemala #fashionrevolution
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The Upcycle Project: Tips
Introduced by Fashion Revolution Co-Founder Orsola de Castro we take a look at upcycling as a technique and a fashion statement. Featuring Susie Lau (Style Bubble) Dr Noki, Alex Noble, Katie Jones , Jan and David Bigg-Wither and Maisy (Mei) Sim Lim. Filmed at the Fashion Revolution Upcycle Project workshops, which were kindly sponsored by Avery Dennison. Film credits: Directed by: Nelly Rose Filmed and Produced by: Noble Productions Georgie Turner-Noble Evangeline Davies Camera Operator: David Powell Presented by: Emeline Nsingi Nkosi and Nelly Rose Thank you to Avery Dennison for sponsoring the event.
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Who Made Your Clothes by Sarah Keeling
Sarah Keeling's film about Fashion Revolution Day events in London on 24 April 2014. Susie Lau, Finchittida Finch, Abi Chisman and Katie Jones talk about why we need to know Who Made Your Clothes? #insideout
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Textile mode toxique - Textile: toxic fashion (in French)
«Textile, mode toxique ?» Envoyé spécial Quelque 70 % de nos habits sont fabriqués en Asie. Or, après analyse des vêtements de marques célèbres fabriqués en Asie et vendus en France, il résulte que plus de la moitié contiennent des perturbateurs endocriniens. Les normes européennes Reach, qui déterminent les substances à proscrire de l'industrie textile, sont-elles appliquées ? Au Bangladesh, certains fabricants ne les respectent pas, malgré les engagements pris par les marques. À l'ère de la mode jetable et low-cost, que savent les consommateurs occidentaux des produits chimiques contenus dans leurs vêtements? Présentateurs : Guilaine Chenu et Françoise Joly Réalisateur : Jérôme Revon 2013 - France 2
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Made in Pakistan
Made in Pakistan is the story of two incredibly resilient women, Rubina and Lubna, who make our clothes. They don’t want our pity. They want us to know them. We hope this short film will move you to care about them and ask #whomademyclothes.
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Kelly Slater and John Moore of OUTERKNOWN talks to Fashion Revolution Australia
Kelly Slater and John Moore of sustainable fashion line OUTERKNOWN talk to Fashion Revolution Australia about the values behind their label and what they see will be the future of fashion. Produced by Ndless: The New Normal Shot & Cut by Leigh Richards . Copyright Ndless: The New Normal
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The Tripty Project
Currently, markets are dominated by a Fast Fashion model that creates waste and often mistreats human beings in the drive for cheap, disposable clothing. Tripty began with inspiration to take the heritage and skill of Bangladesh and change that model. We wanted to create a fashion brand that benefits communities, culture and environment and rethinks the way international products are created in developing countries. By combining traditional weaving, stitching and dyeing techniques with innovative and sustainable materials such as pineapple fiber it is possible to create products that are both relevant and timeless. An ethical supply chain is within reach. The Tripty Project is a Slow Fashion brand based in Bangladesh and Oakland, CA. Kickstarter Campaign Page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/triptyproject/tripty-project-ethically-made-in-bangladesh?ref=video
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Fashion Revolution Day Argentina - Senado de la Nacion
Exponentes de la moda local dialogaron para propiciar conversaciones en torno a la transparencia en nuestro país. Disertaron: Miguel Ángel Gardetti (Director del Centro de Estudios para el Lujo Sustentable/Centro Textil Sustentable), Fundación La Alameda, Daniela Sartori (Sartori), Romina Cardillo (Nous Etudions) y Carlos Molina (Volátil y Carlos II Luxury Label). El evento se realizo en el Senado de la Nacion Argentina, sito en el corazón del centro porteño.
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All Clothes Are Made By Hand
Short film by Alis le May, Claire Cunningham and Callum Mclennan for Fashion Revolution Day
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For the next 2 minutes this will be the mobile phone of a garment worker in Bangladesh
Textile factories must be made safer. There is no time to lose. SHARE if you think brands must respect their workers and sign the 2018 Bangladesh Safety Accord. https://cleanclothes.org/safety/2018-accord via Framtiden i våre hender https://www.framtiden.no/
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ROOTS TO RETAIL: Fashion Revolution South Africa 2015
Fashion Revolution 2015 We believe in a Fashion Industry that values people, the environment, creativity, sustainability, and it is everyones responsibility to ensure this happens Producer: Tammy Nicol Director: Ernst Heusser Director of Photographry: Ernst Heusser Editor: Meredith Shearer-Aylward On Set Hair & Make-Up Stylist: Alet Vijoen Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fashion-Revolution-South-Africa/779471225413890?fref=ts Music: Damamp Camp by Christian Tiger School
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Fashion Revolution 2018.  - Flashmob “run it your way” a black fox collective film.
Fashion Revolution Germany raised awareness on a central consumption spot and the heart of Berlin with a catwalk fashion flashmob. We asked the question #whomademyclothes and show that fashion can be beautiful and fair! Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany http://future.fashion
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12 year old asks Dutch consumers "Who Made Your Clothes" - Fashion Revolution NL
Watch our video: 12 year old asks Dutch consumers Who made your clothes?
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How to make the ultimate fashion statement
Join the Fashion Revolution and make a fashion statement that matters. Ask brands and retailers #whomademyclothes, and show that you want fashion that's beautiful, fair and safe for everyone. And when you speak up, brands will listen and act. Join the Fashion Revolution: www.fashionrevolution.org/get-involved Film produced by Futerra wearefuterra.com Writing: Laura Hunter and Rachel Jones Creative Direction: Warren Beeby Design: Ross Bennet and Andrew Thorpe Animation: Yoav Shvill Voiceover: Gretel Keyte
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Stella Jean x Ethical Fashion Initiative in Burkina Faso
The Ethical Fashion Initiative joins Fashion Revolution in their Meet to Maker initiative, highlighting the people behind the clothes we wear. Italo-Haitian fashion designer, Stella Jean travels to Burkina Faso with the Ethical Fashion Initiative to meet with handweaving artisans and source fabrics with local weaving ateliers to create her SS14 collection. Since this visit, Stella Jean has used hand-woven fabric from Burkina Faso in each of her collections. Website: http://www.fashionrevolution.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fashionrevolution.org?fref=ts Website: http://www.ethicalfashioninitiative.org/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheEthicalFashionInitiative Director: Tolga Dilsiz Music Credit: Marathon – by Tennis – 2011 Cape Dory on Fat Possum Records
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FR CCs film
Thank you to all you amazing Country Coordinators who make this movement happen
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Interview: Katie Jones
Katie Jones is interviewed by Emeline Nsingi Nkosi during her knitwear workshop on Day 2 of the up-cycling workshops for Fashion Revolution. Students were shown how to create fashion by using upcycled materials, like pom-poms made from plastic bags and more Katie crochet fun. Film credits: Directed by: Nelly Rose Filmed and Produced by: Noble Productions Georgie Turner-Noble Evangeline Davies Camera Operator: David Powell Presented by: Emeline Nsingi Nkosi and Nelly Rose Photoshoot credits: Photographer Montana Lowery Styling, Hair and Make up: Novel Beings Models: Sienna Somers and Nancy Morris All outfits created by students at the Upcycling Workshops. Thank you to Avery Dennison for sponsoring the event.
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Why We Need a Fashion Revolution
Fashion Revolution launches its final video for the European Year for Development. In this video, journalists, politicians, supply chain specialists, academics, models, bloggers and designers talk about what's wrong with fashion and why we need a fashion revolution.
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Rana Plaza Project - "making of" by Mimmi Moretti
Italian photographer Mimmi Moretti tells us the story behind his "Rana Plaza Couture" project - the first of a series that will talk about fast fashion. Ph. Mimmi Moretti Stylist: Davide Pizzotti H/MU: Massimo Serini, Cosimo Mazzeo model: Marisa Tkachova, Samuel Rousseau agency: Boom Model Agency photographer assistants: Giacomo Demelli, Lorenzo Beretta digital assistant: Jonathan Santoro set designer: Kadri Hirvesaar, Giulia Klimciuk camera operator: Gianluca Battelli video editor: Marco Reitano For more info: http://www.mimmimoretti.com/
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This quick inspo video gives you 8 vintage looks from just 1 Lush knot wrap scarf! It's the perfect mash up of Lush & Vintage! There are looks from the 1920s through to today! I will be doing tutorials for some of these looks very soon. This video is my contribution to Fashion Revolution week! I am wearing lots of vintage pieces in this video mixed with some more modern fashion. (Did you spot my kitty sitting on the shelf behind me?) :P After working for Lush in the past, being a long time Lush hoarder and now a Wellness Editor, you know I have some good gossip to share ;) Subscribe for Lush news, vintage adventures & comedy shenanigans. WANNA SUBSCRIBE? https://goo.gl/9YcVxX HEY GUYS CHECK OUT MY: LATEST UPLOAD: https://goo.gl/Smwn6S MY OTHER LUSH VIDEOS: http://tinyurl.com/hg5f4th VLOGS: http://tinyurl.com/hhy4ka2 COME SAY ‘HI’ ON MY: ▹INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/kittyvontas... ▹FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/KittyVonTast... ▹TWITTER: https://twitter.com/kittyvontastic MUSIC BY ODD CHAP 'Public Enemy Pt 1': https://youtu.be/HqkQ60T2_Xs ▹BUSINESS INQUIRIES: [email protected] -- THIS WAS FILMED ON -- ▹Canon G7X MARK 2
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¿Quién Hace tu Ropa? Averígualo en el #FashionRevolutionDay 24-04-2014
Hicimos un experimento social para saber si las personas conocen quién está tras la marca de su ropa. Para saber ¿Quien hace tu ropa? viste una prenda al revés y tomate una foto, lueco compártela en las redes sociales con "Hoy visto mi (polera/camisa/vestido, etc) #insideout porque pregunto a @(marca/tienda) ¿Quien hace mi ropa?" Créditos: Participan: Natalia Calderón, Paulina Serrano. Nueva escuela de Diseño UDLA Realización: Marco Pizarro http://marcocopizarro.wix.com/marcopizarro http://spools.cl/ Producción: Stephanie Bolton Idea original www.membrillo.cl
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#Haulternative FASHION FIX: How to sew on a patch
HAULTERNATIVE: Fashion Fix When we wear clothes we adore again and again, they can start to show signs of wear and tear. A rip, a missing button or a stain should never stand in the way of you and a good outfit. Don’t throw them away, give them a FASHION FIX! Extending the life of clothing by a further 9 months reduces carbon, waste and water footprints by around 20-30% each*. Take part in the #haulternative challenge and learn how to patch up your clothes so that you can love them forever. These Fashion Revolution patches were made by Avery Dennison RBIS, with up to 90% recycled yarns. Find out how YOU can take part in the #haulternative challenge: www.fashionrevolution.org/haulternative Fashion Revolution patches provided by Avery Dennison RBIS rbis.averydennison.com and sewn on by Elisalex of By Hand London. https://byhandlondon.com Film produced by Fashion Revolution. www.fashionrevolution.org Directed by Charney Magri www.charneymagri.com http://lets-rise.com/ Stylist Twinks Burnett www.twinksburnett.com Editor Carolina Aguirre DOP Diana Olifirova Music by Derek Kirkup www.derekkirkup.co.uk/ #fashionrevolution #haulternative #lovedclotheslast #madetomention *source: WRAP
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Interview: Dr Noki
Dr Noki chats to Nelly Rose about his creative and political stand against mass produced fashion. Watch Dr Noki in action as he slashes away old t-shirt to make his signature statement pieces, teaching students the techniques as well as the values behind his work. Noki's fan Susie Lau wears it as it should be, as an everyday political statement. Film credits: Directed by: Nelly Rose Filmed and Produced by: Noble Productions Georgie Turner-Noble Evangeline Davies Camera Operator: David Powell Presented by: Emeline Nsingi Nkosi and Nelly Rose Photoshoot credits: Photographer Montana Lowery Styling, Hair and Make up: Novel Beings Models: Sienna Somers and Nancy Morris All outfits created by students at the Upcycling Workshops. Thank you to Avery Dennison for sponsoring the event.
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LCC - Fashion Revolution Day animation
Do you know who made your clothes? Join us on 24th April 2014 and turn your clothes inside out for Fashion Revolution Day. fashionrevolution.org facebook.com/fashionrevolution.org facebook.com/events/220104868179904 (London Event) #insideout Animation by Loi Xuan Ly and Sarah-Louise Bingley
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Denim Dr Haulternative for Fashion Revolution Week 2017
Haul girls? So last season! Yep it's time for a haulternative. For Fashion Revolution Week 2017, Clare from Wardrobe Crisis roped in op shop obsessive Ellen and embroidery whiz Ellie for a fashion challenge: How to upcycled your old denim from drab to fab. Ideas, tips, writing on walls - it's all here, folks. Repair, refashion, reuse! Fashion Revolution - Who made my clothes? FOLLOW US! – http://www.clarepress.com.au – https://www.facebook.com/wardrobecrisis – https://www.instagram.com/mrspress
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How to Join the Fashion Revolution
Find out how to join the Fashion Revolution in 4 easy steps. Sienna Somers, the Savvy Student, shows you how. Get ready to start nominating from 24 April, Fashion Revolution Day, onwards.
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Tolly Dolly Posh - Fashion Revolution 'love story'
Tolly Dolly Posh shares her Fashion Revolution love stories behind her favourite Dr. Martens boots, vintage dress and jacket. What’s your fashion love story? Rather than buying new, fall back in love with the clothes you already own. Share your story, or write a love letter about an item of clothing that means a lot to you. http://fashionrevolution.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/FashRev_LoveStory_2016.pdf __ www.fashionrevolution.org instagram - @tdposh twitter - @TollyDollyPosh http://tollydollyposhfashion.com/
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Fashion Revolution Week 2016: Portugal
Fashion Revolution Week em Lisboa, Portugal 18 a 24 de Abril de 2016 Apoios: A Vida Portuguesa, Camara de Lisboa, MUDE – Museu do Design e da Moda, Colecção Francisco Capelo, Jukebox, Arquivo 237, Moinho, Delta Cafés, Centro de Inovação da Mouraria – Creative Hub, S.Tile, Elizab’Hats, A Avó Veio Trabalhar, Fermenta, Junta de Freguesia da Misericórdia, Comunidade Open Space Technology Portugal, Sofia Alves Design, Companhia das Agulhas Música: Lakey Inspired https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired Imagem: Diogo Fragoso
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Carry Somers on BBC World News 24 April 2017
Fashion Revolution co-founder Carry Somers interviewed by Aaron Heslehurst on BBC World News on Fashion Revolution Day 24 April 2017.
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The Mayor of Ghent goes inside out for Fashion Revolution!
The City of Ghent calls on her citizens to join Fashion Revolution. The Mayor Daniël Termont turns his clothes inside out, together with hunderds of participants at the Fair Fashion Fest. ( www.fairfashionfest.be ) Ghent City is running a program to promote demand and supply of ethical, fairtrade clothes. More info via [email protected]
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Fashion Revolution at Ethical Apparel Africa and Alfie Designs
Ethical Apparel Africa and Alfie Designs showcase their efforts towards sustainability and ethical production in Ghana. EAA is an apparel sourcing, production management and capacity building company headquartered in Accra. Alfie Designs, is a Ghanaian owned factory that has been in operation for almost 30 years and is currently partnering with EAA on interantional orders. Both companies are committed to the global #FashionRevolution. Video credits to: Ethical Apparel Africa https://www.alfie.design Alfie Designs https://www.ethicalapparelafrica.com
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Carry Somers TV interview.  Plan Textil, Argentina
Entrevista con Carry Somers sobre la transparencia en la industria de moda. #quienhizomiropa
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Fashion Revolution Day / Week Teaser for Switzerland
Join the Fashion Revolution and make a fashion statement that matters. Ask brands and retailers #whomademyclothes. Get inspired at the Fashion Revolution Day in Zurich, Sat April 28, 2018 (www.fashionrevolution.org/europe/switzerland) or attend one of the many events during Fashion Revolution Week. Video produced by Director: Hannah Lichtenstein Camera: Sharif Ibrahim Sound Design: Nikolas Konstantinou Gaffer: Roman Brändli Production: Martina Weber
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How to mend a jumper  |  Orsola de Castro
Make your #LovedClothesLast by mending them when they have a hole or tear. In this tutorial, Fashion Revolution's creative director Orsola de Castro shows us how to use crochet to mend a jumper. For more tips about how to care for your clothes, read our fanzine LOVED CLOTHES LAST: www.fashionrevolution.org/fanzine2 Director & DOP: Beatrix Blaise Second Camera: Sekou Abineri Sound: Dante Traynor Produced by: Fashion Revolution Music: Podington Bear Edit: Filippo Ricci This video was produced with financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of Fashion Revolution and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union. #TradeFairLiveFair
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Fashion Revolution Day 2015 Team Italy
Fashion Revolution Day 2015 Team Italy ! Music Credits Just Phunk http://www.justphunk.com www.fashionrevolution.org/country/italy Facebook : Fashion Revolution Italia Twitter : Fash_Rev_Italia Instagram : fash_rev_italia
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Celeste Tesoriero chats to Fashion Revolution Australia
Celeste Tesoriero chat to Fashion Revolution about why sourcing responsibly is the future of fashion. Produced by Ndless: The New Normal Shot & cut by: Leigh Richards
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Fashion Revolution Day event_Greece_24th April 2014
The #insideout Fashion Revolution Day event that took place on the 24th of April 2014 in Athens, Greece! Attendees came wearing their clothes #insideout and their participation and presence was a powerful message for the need of a better and more transparent fashion industry. In the screening room of the event, people gathered and had the ability to see 13 creative fashion/art installations from emerging and already established Greek and international designers like : Generation Generous*, John Pan, Madame shou shou, Homesies, Nassos Ntotsikas, Dani Dogs, Velios School of Art - participation designer Poppy Anastouli and four additional students , Buoy, Storydrops and GRACE Atelie de Luxe influenced by Fashion Revolution Day. The ripped clothing labels gathered from the attendees at the event that were pinned on a specially designed board , the related videos, the live Twitter & Instagram Wall to display photos and comments with the relevant hashtag #insideout from all the participating countries of Fashion Revolution Day , but also the relevant speeches of the organizers managed to communicate the central message of Fashion Revolution Day and the importance of transparency in the production line and raise awareness of the human stories behind each garment by honouring the memory of the victims of Rana Plaza a year before. For more information please contact: Natasha Marie Athanasiadou_ Country co-ordinator for Greece by email at [email protected] Special thanks to Expose Prod (www.exposeprod.com) for creating this video.
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AUT's Manifesto   Fashion Revolution New Zealand 2015
Students at Auckland University of Technology created this message for Fashion Revolution Day 2015.
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Salvos Stores Australia Haulternative for Fashion Revolution Week 2017
Salvos Stores eco stylist and Today Show commentator Faye De Lanty and zero waste warrior Anita Van Dyke share their #haulternative in support of Fashion Revolution 2017. The girls headed to a Salvation Army thrift store in Sydney to show you just how stylish second hand can be. Follow Faye on Instagram @fayedelanty And check out her website www.fashionhound.tv Follow Anita on Instagram @rocket_science Follow the Salvation Army on Instagram @salvosau @mysalvosstores Shot and edited by @robbcox
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How to do basic darning  |  Maddie Williams & Lauren McCrostie
Make your #LovedClothesLast by mending them when they have a hole or tear. In this tutorial, fashion designer Maddie Williams shows actress and activist Lauren McCrostie how to darn a jumper. For more tips about how to care for your clothes, read our fanzine LOVED CLOTHES LAST: www.fashionrevolution.org/fanzine2 Director & DOP: Beatrix Blaise Second Camera: Sekou Abineri Sound: Dante Traynor Produced by: Fashion Revolution Music: Podington Bear Edit: Filippo Ricci This video was produced with financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of Fashion Revolution and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union. #TradeFairLiveFair
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