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My Rosary Collection
My Rosary collection from yard sales and thrift stores. Yes, I am Catholic and I have a devotion to the Mother of God.
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How to clean a coach leather handbag
I received a request on cleaning a coach handbag. I show you how I clean my leather handbag and what I use. I use the Kiwi Saddle Soap.I have used this leather cleaner for many years. If you have any questions please feel free to comment. Hope you enjoy.
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My New Place
This is an old building but so much Cheaper! Much smaller and more down to earth. 😉
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How to clean different Coach handbags. Leather to cloth. Vintage to newers leathers.
A requested video on how to clean different kinds of leather Coach handbags. This is how I clean my bags. Different leathers require different cleaning methods. I use saddle soap or leather lotion on my vintage Coach bags.
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What to Look For in Thrifted Bags
This is to help those who have asked me what to look for in thrifted bags. A great thrifted bag is a gem if you take the time to examine it. 🤔
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Yard Sale Haul and  Teeth Update
Found some nice things. Enjoy!
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Coach Nylon Handbag ( How to clean a nylon handbag)
A viewer asked me how I clean my nylon handbag. So I show you. I hope this helps.
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How to Care for Saffiano Leather Handbags👜
There is not much cleaning required for Saffiano leather handbags. You can use leather lotion or wipe it clean with a soft damp cloth.
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Cleaning Brass on Vintage Coach Bags
This is a video on cleaning the brass on a vintage Coach bag. Hope this helps.
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Yard Sale Haul.
A massive yard sale haul using less money. Enjoy!
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Rambling On and On.
Just a continuation from the video before about letting go of stuff.
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Don't Put This on Your Leather Handbags!
Please don't put olive oil on your leather bags. It will turn rancid and rot the leather. Just because you see it on YouTube, doesn't mean you should do it too. I only put these videos up to help you.
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My Vintage Coach Leather Handbag Collection
My vintage Coach collection.
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How to Clean Birkenstock Sandals
Just a video on how I clean my Birkenstock Sandals.
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How I Sew / Repair my Leather Handbags.
This is a lame video, but I wanted to show you how I repair my leather handbags. As long as the leather is in tact, I can usually fix them and sew them back up. I am using a leather sewing needle and carpet thread. I don't have a leather sewing machine, so all my handbags are repaired by hand. This is what I love to do. Just fixing handbags. I hope you enjoy!
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Church Yardsale Hauls
Went to different places and found some nice things! Enjoy!
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Michael Kors /  The Difference Between Department Store and Outlet Bags.
Comparison video of the MK bags. There are slight differences between the two types of bags. But the outlet bags are still good quality.
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Why I Love Michael Kors Handbags👜💕
I love Michael Kors Handbags because his bags are well made, functional, and he has not cut corners on the materials used. Many complain that he copies other designers, but he is not the only one who makes bags that are simular designs. His bags are affordable and have simular design without the high end price. Macy's always has great sales on his bags.
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Yummy Burgers!
My Daughter and I eating our favorite food. Yes, my daughter is Downs Syndrome. Had to change the background music. Copyright laws. :(
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Thrift Store Haul Yes! I am back!
Gw 50% off sale. Coach and Kate Spade.
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Vintage Dooneys / How to Tell ???
This video is how to tell a real Dooney. Not too many fakes around that time frame.
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Lumus is Happy! 😺😺😺😺
One happy cat!
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Dealing With Hoarding and Letting Go of Stuff
Chit Chat on letting go of things I have an emotional attachment to. Not a good thing. It takes up too much room.
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What Fits in My Dooney & Bourke Barlow Bag👜
A lot fits !!!! I like this bag! Many pockets and so much room!
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Yard Sale Thrift Store Haul / Rare Fossil Bag👜
Found some great things!
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How to clean the inside lining of a handbag. ( Requested Video)
This is requested video on how I clean the inside lining of my leather handbags. I hope this is helpful to those who requested this. It is very easy and it is a great way to clean those bags you buy at the thrift store. Enjoy!
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Thrift Store and yard sale haul
Lots of bags and wallets!
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My Coach Madison Maggie Bag👜
My favorite bag and what I carry in it!
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Requested Video / My Small Handbag Collection
These are all I have.
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Cleaning My Dooney All Weather Leather Handbag.
Just a simple cleaning video.
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Comparison Video / Three Sizes of Dooney and Bourke Florentine Satchels
This is a requested video of the three sizes of Dooney and what can fit in each bag.
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Upper Extractions / No Immediate Dentures / Any Advice on Living Without Teeth?  😪
A real game changer. I lost my teeth from an infection. Oh, talk about going through a big change. Anyone who can give me advice on living without teeth, please do. Not financial advice, but how to deal with everyday life. Thank you!
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How to Care for Lambskin Leather HandBags ( Michael Kors)
What to use, what not to use. Using the wrong product can do serious damage to your bag
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Cleaning Coach Suede with "c" Pattern Bag
This is a requested video. This is how I clean my suede bag. I also show how I clean my "c" pattern fabric Coach. DISCLAIMER: This is what I do to clean my suede bags. You can always go to a professional or use suede cleaner. I personally do not like suede and stay away from such leathers.
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How I Care For My Louis Vuitton Bags. I leave it be.
This is a requested video for those who asked me how I take care of my LV bags.I never touched on this subject because there will be disagreements. If you get pissed off or don't agree, then move on. I am sharing info on the different types of leather and how to care for this particular type of handbag. If this helps you fine.
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New Coach Smith Crosby Carryall Bag
New bag from Coach. Well new to me. Great bag! I love it!
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What's in My Handbag👜
I was bored😁
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Update on Cleaning Fabric Bags and WARNING!!!!!
Update on cleaning Fendi and Kate Spade fabric bags. WARNING on using Resolve on the lining of your bags. The Fendi is real.
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Louis Vuitton / How to Clean the Inside Lining.
Requested video from a viewer. (Disclaimer and Warning) do this at your own risk. You really have to know how to clean handbags to do this. This was a request and this is how I clean my LV bag.
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How I Store My Handbags
Requested video from PurseDiva.
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Coffee With Marie / Requested Video : Rosary Collection
This is a requested video from a viewer who wanted to see my collection of Rosaries. If there is negative comments or hatred towards the Blessed Virgin Mary, or the Catholic Church, you will be deleted.
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Thank You to All My Subscribers. Even The One I Blocked!
Just some remaining thoughts on bullying. I grew up being bullied and sometimes it doesn't leave you.
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Cleaning My Marc Jacobs Nylon Bag
I washed it and it came out nice!
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Church Rummage Sale Haul 6/9/18
My favorite place to go every year! Found some great things! Enjoy!
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What Not to Use On Your Louis Vuitton Bags! Leave it be.
This is a long awaited video on a subject I have not seen touched upon on Youtube. I think it is about time someone said something. I know I may be pissing off a lot of LV gurus out there, but this subject needs to be addressed. Don't use baby wipes on Vachetta leather! Don't put products meant for human use on leather products. Everyone believes that baby wipes without alcohol is safe. It is not. It is not the alcohol you need to be concerned with. It is the citric acid in the baby wipes that will damage your vachetta leather. In time citric acid dries out the untreated leather. It does not put natural oils into your leathers. Baby wipes were made to clean babies, not untreated leathers. If you don't believe me, check out the purse blogs, Purse Forum, and countless people who are blogging about the destruction of their LV bags. There is a good reason the SA's at Louis Vuitton tell the buyers not to put anything on their Vachetta leather. You cannot speed up the patination process. It takes time. If you put product on it, all you are doing is darkening the leather. and you have stopped the patina process. You will just get dark brown leather, not the beautiful gold color that comes from the air. You also greatly diminish the value of your LV bags. Caution:Do not treat your leathers with olive oil, Neatsfoot oil, or Mink oil.
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How to Maintain Your Leather Handbags 👜💼
Just a video on how to keep your bags looking nice through the changing weather.
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Lost Video. My New Place!
I forgot I had this video. So l am posting it now. This is an old garden apertment from the 40's. This was filmed the day l received the keys. :)
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What Fits in my Coach Madison Phoebe bag
This is a requested video of what fits in my handbag. It Holds A lot!!!!! 😄
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Conversations With My Jealous Cat. 🐱
Yes, my cat does not like tablets.
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Cleaning All Types of Leather Handbags
Continued from the last video. What to use and not use. Picking the right product will keep your bags in good condition. Don't follow someone because they are gurus.
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