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Pinaple- Line Rider
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Alphas- Shammies and efrazable- Line Rider
I started the collab, gave it to shammies, and he really had to crack the whip to get me to finish. Song is "Alphas".
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Aperture Laboratories- Line Rider
Less of the track, which I spent a little under 4 hours on (during school :D), more on my editing, which I spent almost the same amount of time on. This is my entry to Far From the In-Between, showing my creativity.
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Blue Champion by IGGB w/ Drum n' Bass -  Line Rider
Just made this to see what the track would be like. Enjoy.
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They Ride the Lines - Line Rider
Line Rider is at once a model of every man, and also an individual for whom we should hold great regard. His is a fate drawn on a blank slate, sure in path but difficult in execution. His path is frought with difficult and sometimes impossible obstacles which all end, ultimately, in certain death. Yet, alone, he faces these tasks head on without complaint or objection. He merely blinks at such fatally dire consequences as pixel-crushing jump, staggering boredom (should he stall on course) and infinite chasm. Only by the tack of his scarf do we know his trajectory in the chalk white matrix. www.weridethelines.com *pre-released track
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Thanatos Fail.avi
So yeah, I totally failed and overwrote my .sol for Thanatos. No backups, don't ask. Here's the worst recording ever for the biggest fail ever. Fitting, really. :I http://iridethelines.forumotion.com/forum
Views: 107 efrazable
Fia - Corpo Mente (Bass Cover)
Be gentle, internet. :3 Note: This isn't the official bass part. There's not much bass in the original mix to base this cover off of, so I improvised the whole thing when I started filming. Not particularly efficient, because it took nearly ~30 takes to get an okay cover. So yeah, it's been about 4 months since I got this bass, which is my first bass. I've wanted to play this song for a while because a dear internet friend (HG42) showed me this awesome band about the same time that my bass arrived. The entire Corpo Mente self-titled album is AMAZING! I've listened maybe a dozen times and it never lets me down.
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hi /r/
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Dishwasher- Line Rider
Bad editing, iMovie is mean :I Anyways, gave up on this one, slowly slipping out of what I wanted it to be, so I stopped making it. :D Song is Levels by Avicii
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New- Line Rider
New; embrace it.
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Doodle- efrazable Launchpad/Launchkey Live
Made this in a day, including "producing", recording, editing, etc. Mostly just a test of the Launchkey and what use it might have in a live setting, but still cool. Not really much musically, but wha
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Space Time Continuum- Line Rider
I know, it's not finished, but the only Windows computer that I have access to is this netbook that my mom is taking to FEMA with her. The song is a Cascadia remix of Monster by Meg and Dia, and it's free to download in their description. Anyways, this is my best track I've ever made so far, but I've gotten better since (alt quirk, yo!) so don't think I'm peaked.
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Views: 155 efrazable
Preview for Possible Side Effects- Line Rider
IT WILL BE CONTINUED! I wasn't really serious about this until the quirk leading into the second half. The track will be called Possible Side Effects Scened.
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Helium- Line Rider
The reason why I haven't made much progress on Shamster and I's collab. Song is raise your weapon madeon remix. Let's hope VideoPad isn't a complete *ss about exporting.
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The Landing- efrazable Launchpad Performance
In addition to being the first project I attempted seriously, this was my first project strictly with midi. No pre-made loops were used or any of that, so yeah. Hope you like it.
Views: 124 efrazable
Old Jokes- Line Rider
I am the most worst.
Views: 201 efrazable
Tournament of Collaborative Champions 3 Trailer- Line Rider
Title is a mouth-full, deal with it. :I Aaaaanyways, get to work, we have 10 months left :I
Views: 190 efrazable
Unfinished Buisness- Line Rider
A bunch of old tracks. I recorded them all about three weeks ago, then Youtube took the music off. I went through the dispute process, won, then they removed the video entirely, followed by a lesson on online piracy taught by the Happy Tree Friends. Anyways, the first was given up four weeks ago, the second was given up a couple months ago, which was supposed to be the battle with HP. The third was trash, as was the fourth.
Views: 182 efrazable
Personal Defects- Line Rider 2
Sometimes when you have all these big projects you probably aren't going to finish, you just have to lay back and have some fun with a track. :D Made this in about 2-3 weeks, not much going on with it. Cool stall, though. Check eet oot. Edited with Video Pad. I love it, but there's not much functionality. You need a really snappy beat to sync to in order to look like just normal editing. :I
Views: 157 efrazable
Three Hours In the Form of Six Seconds- Line Rider
Chui is gonna be mad for two reasons. One, I beat him in time. Two, I stacked. A lot. :D
Views: 145 efrazable
Utopia- Line Rider 2
The song is called Love Song by Sara Bareillis. Sorry for the lag. I learned the "M" trick right after I posted this. I learned it on an awesome site called www.weridethelines.com. I found it incredible that my posts were answered right after I posted.
Views: 96 efrazable
Tournament of Champions 4 Trailer
Well, I'm mighty early, but at least I reminded peoples to start making their awesome-tastic entries! The Tournament of Champions is the biggest Line Rider track tournament in history! It occurs every other year. Each competitor can submit one entry in their tracks. I used the tracks that made it to the Sweet Sixteen last year until the very end. The three tracks used at the end were Phun by Cereal, Sonic Motion by Rafael, and IRIS by Kramwood. All tracks used: Blue Champion- IGGB Breathtaking Silence- LRG Catalyst- BingLR Chaotic Dynamix- MrZNF Evolution- BHCS Fritz- SCG Heart Attack- Rafael Immersion- Lukking Incito- Aspi33 Manual Mayhem Supernatural- SorviusN Mojo- Anomaly76 Nocturnal- .boo The Painting- Nirobi Party Crasher- Pure5252 Pholonite Scened- Georgio_JC Vision- H4M Volatile- LeomurLR Phun- Cereal LR Sonic Motion- Rafael IRIS- Kramwood Tags: Tournament of Champions 4 Trailer T O C o four Four TOC4 ToC4 IRTL WRTL I We Ride the Lines efrazable preview line rider linerider beta 2 two promotion june
Views: 141 efrazable
Second Serious Speed Scening Session- Line Rider
sssss' okay :/ i kinda just added the tags as youtube suggested them.
Views: 131 efrazable
Smooth Eve- Line Rider
A track. Bye me. That I made. By myself. Yeah, it's short, but it's supposed to be. I have this collab with ___ going on, and this is the first track in my series to be scened by... ONE OF YOU! *dun-dun-dun*
Views: 197 efrazable
Multiverse by Kramwood w/ "Unfinished" Audio - Line Rider 2
SO Kram uploaded an unfinished version of this track, and I loved it to pieces. When he finally uploaded the full version, it didn't have the same feel to me, so I found myself watching the unfinished version more often than the official version, mostly due to the music. So anyways, here's my re-edited version, complete with the music of the "unfinished" version of the track. Kram I love you plz don't be mad.
Views: 111 efrazable
Cool Stall Thing- Line Rider 2
I like it, and no, it's not hax :I
Views: 107 efrazable
Gray Matter: The Gray's Epic Battle 3 Entry- Line Rider 2
So we made this and stuff with parts by me, Yobanjojoe, Gaoyubao, DanTheTubaMan, Pawel, Inu/Rainbow Dash, OptigonSolace, Stallie, and TheACP127. Scenery by TheACP127, me, and Gaoyubao. Monument by Yobanjojoe. I forgot who made the Earth outline :/ EDIT: GAO DID THE EARTH OUTLINE AND I'M SORRY ABOUT THAT
Views: 166 efrazable
Scene-able Track Collective 1
Here it is, gusy! Track
Views: 93 efrazable
Orbit- Line Rider Collaboration
Here it is. A few bumps in the road, but it's finally released. First off, neither V nor Bosh Rider made a part. Secondly, QTpaKman and iXotic are the same person. Sorry about that guys :/ .
Views: 278 efrazable
Junkyard- Line Rider 2
What happens when Line Rider accidentally leaves his keys in the trash bin? A mortician! Yay!
Views: 281 efrazable
Maze Speedrun Contest Attempt 1- Line Rider
Meh, will try again, shooting for ~5m.
Views: 94 efrazable
10 Line Contest Entry
Views: 86 efrazable
Moar stand fun
Views: 49 efrazable
Don Dorito- Line Rider
efrazable made an entry called "Don Dorito".
Views: 80 efrazable
My First XY- Line Rider 2
My username is pronounced E-Fraz-A-Bl, not Ef-Ra-Zae-Bl. Okay? I wanted to just try doing an XY track for once, and this was the result. I know, it's more downward and mono-directional than most, but I tried. It took me about an hour and a half to make. THis was made with Line Rider 6.2, not 8.0. THe latest version was glitching on me and it would not load my saved track after I made it, so... hope you liked it! --efrazable The song is Sphere by cornandbeans. By the way, I changed my LR site from www.freearcade.ws to a site called www.weridethelines.com. It has a link in it to just a plain and simple line rider game with no ads, and it automatically fit my screen!
Views: 71 efrazable
Maze Speedrun Contest Attempt 3- Line Rider
I'm done. 6:18 WITH A STALL THIS TIME!
Views: 71 efrazable
Stall Contest Entry- Line Rider
Everything you wanted in a stall but were afraid to do.
Views: 70 efrazable
i even
yes i do
Views: 185 efrazable
for the lulz- Line RIder
It's for a beta 3 all pink/brown contest, and I hate it a lot.
Views: 139 efrazable
Collab Please- Line Rider
It's going to be longer once someone awesome volunteers. :D
Views: 66 efrazable
The Petals Fall Twice- Sans Peeny Clan- Line Rider
Great collab put off about 2 months in editing. Seriously, the guy who made the clan needs to get a grip and take initiative. OMG Anyways, Holy Shoe, Feature, sacrifice a baby to our clan, and all that jazz. This track deserves it, obviously. In case you're wondering, the parts go like this: efrazable (Thumbtack) Negromelon (Cereal) Pure (CRASSDYNAMO) Technomorph (Phoenix/Cato) Shotoku (Biofridge) ToXiCsLuDg3 (Shammies) --either AC, HG, or both-- Sssschiller (PinkLongDingDong) Thumbtack (efrazable) Cereal (Negromelon) Biofridge (Shotoku) Shammies (ToXiCsLuDg3) Shotoku (Biofridge) --
Views: 260 efrazable
Journey to the Center of the Earth- Line Rider 2
Line rider wants to get to the center of the Earth. No idea why. I still don't know what his plan is for coming back up. I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THIS IS.
Views: 115 efrazable
XY Battle Trailer at WRTL
IMPORTANT: Use Beta 2 v. 6 Who- Rapto, efrazable, and HotFlash What- Create an XY track around 50s long. When- Due May 16th Where- http://iridethelines.forumotion.com/t4448-xy-battle-between-rapto-efrazable-and-hotflash-d Why- I dunno, fun? A challenge?
Views: 58 efrazable
Low Hanging Bar - Collab with Getthim - Line Rider
Had an unfinished collab with Cereal lying around. I thought it looked pretty sceneable, so I thought Getthim and I could doodle around with it. It's fun. Also, for the bonus track, this was pre-smile Shotoku. He's a lot better now!
Views: 111 efrazable
There Will Be Dance- Line Rider 2
Hurray for zero music sync! Oh phu**. Oh, and Opal Rider dropped out. Why couldn't he just release what he already made?
Views: 105 efrazable
Evergreen- Line Rider 2
What happens when line rider goes to evergreen? Ironically, target practice! Hurray!
Views: 54 efrazable
Recording #1
Views: 42 efrazable
XY Track ; My New Avatar- Line Rider 2
Re-uploaded! I made an XY in school, and this is it. Half-way through the track, Bosh does something cool, so I made it my new avatar. Awesome, right?
Views: 31 efrazable
Brink Contest on WRTL- Line Rider 3
It's called Brink 8D. The contest will be over May 27th, and the result video will be the next day. To enter, post a video response, or, preferably, post the video on WRTL; here's the link: http://iridethelines.forumotion.com/t4421-idea-all-purple-lines-contest . Good luck.
Views: 46 efrazable

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