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We're half Japanese?? | Erika Denver
Hafu = half Japanese. Kudos to all the other half Japanese people on YouTube that inspired me to make this video with my younger sister! Enjoy :) - Follow me - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erikaaadenver/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/erika_denver For business inquiries, email me at [email protected] #HAFU #halfjapanese #Japan
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MAKE SURE TO GIVE DARLINE A FOLLOW ON INSTA! https://www.instagram.com/darlineandco/ & follow me! https://www.instagram.com/erikadenver/ Follow me around as I take on my first photoshoot! As a small YouTuber, I am getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things to help brand myself and promote my social media! Photo shoots are a great way to express yourself and can help build your social media. In this video, I talk about my experience, how I felt, and what I learned. Thank you so much, Darline, for shooting with me and for teaching me so much! #fall #photoshoot
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our attempt at a bachelorette party
Can't believe my sister is getting married! Enjoy my vlog and see how we celebrated my sister's bachelorette party :-) - FOLLOW ME - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erikaaadenver/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/erikaaadenver For business inquiries, email me at [email protected] ALSO, THANK YOU FOR 66 SUBSCRIBERS! It may sound little to everyone else but starting at 0 a couple months ago to 66 subs now, I'm surprised you guys even subbed :') LOVE YOU ALL #bachelorette #party
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My weekend in a nutshell
i was lazy af this weekend Thank you for almost 400 subs! crazy -Follow me- https://www.instagram.com/erikadenver/ for business inquiries, email me at [email protected] songs used: Lamia- mask on Secret crates- springtime stroll key words: College student weekend vlog lazy football cheerleading university study homework fall weather morning routine future mask off lamia mask on secret crates springtime stroll #collegestudent #lifestyle #vlog
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thank u, next (goodbye 2018)
*disclaimer: we are not being serious and are just being the young adults we are by having fun* a fun way to end 2018. shout out to ariana grande and 2018 for being awesome! Lets all make 2019 even better :) DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!! -FOLLOW ME- https://www.instagram.com/erikadenver/ key words: thank u next ariana grande music video new years eve friends love 2019 erika denver sweetner #thankunext #musicvideo business inquiries: email me at [email protected]
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i copied michael scott's wedding speech
Thanks Michael Scott for the inspiration Don't forget to subscribe, especially if you're an Office fan :) Congrats to my beautiful older sister Annalisa and her husband Joe! I upload lifestyle videos, lookbooks, vlogs, travel videos, and more! -Follow me- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erikadenver/ For business inquiries, email me at [email protected] keywords: wedding 2018 marriage couple love erika denver michael scott the office phyllis wedding family dancing party bridesmaids groomsmen #michaelscott #wedding
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Aerie try on haul (HOLIDAY/ COMFY EDITION)
Thank you guys so much for watching! -FOLLOW ME- insta: https://www.instagram.com/erikadenver/ clothing mentioned in the video: 1. Santa bae bae socks: https://www.ae.com/women-gifts-aeo-cozy-foot-graphic-crew-sock-toasted-coconut/web/s-prod/0425_9277_041?cm=sUS-cUSD&catId=cat7150145 2. Snow worries socks: https://www.ae.com/women-gifts-aeo-cozy-foot-graphic-crew-sock-green/web/s-prod/0425_9277_300?cm=sUS-cUSD&catId=cat7150145 3.Aerie cozy mock neck (blue) sweater: https://www.ae.com/aerie-cozy-mock-neck-sweatshirt-navy/aerie/s-prod/0743_1233_410?cm=sUS-cUSD&catId=cat7030169 4. Nice-ish crew neck: https://www.ae.com/aerie-graphic-sweatshirt-emerald-isle/aerie/s-prod/0743_1169_370?cm=sUS-cUSD&catId=cat7030169 5. Aerie velour sweatshirt (purple): https://www.ae.com/sleepwear-aerie-velour-sweatshirt-frosted-thistle/aerie/s-prod/0743_1280_550?cm=sUS-cUSD&catId=cat7030169&mmCat=cat8010026 6. Aerie cozy city sweatshirt (green): https://www.ae.com/aerie-cozy-city-sweatshirt-olive-fun/aerie/s-prod/0743_1288_331?cm=sUS-cUSD&catId=cat7030169&mmCat=cat8010026 7. Aerie flannel pajama jogger: https://www.ae.com/aerie-flannel-pajama-jogger-soft-muslin/aerie/s-prod/0496_4448_125?cm=sUS-cUSD&catId=cat6460092&mmCat=cat8010026 8. Aerie plush pajama legging: https://www.ae.com/women-aerie-plush-pajama-legging-medium-heather/aerie/s-prod/0496_4600_012?cm=sUS-cUSD&catId=cat6460092&mmCat=cat8010026 #aerie #americaneagle #holiday #comfy
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surprise gender reveal!
We were totally wrong !! Congrats to my best friend! I love you and the little babe so much! Don't forget to subscribe :) - FOLLOW ME - https://www.instagram.com/erikadenver/ #genderreveal #baby
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25 FACTS ABOUT ME // Half Japanese, College Cheerleader, & More  | Erika Denver
Hopefully, this gives you a little insight into who I am! Thanks again for watching and subscribing :) -Follow me- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erikaaadenver/ For business inquires please email me at [email protected] #gettoknowme #25factsaboutme
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ZAFUL BATHING SUITS (affordable bikini's) | Erika Denver
Here are the links to all the bikini's shown in the video! 1. Padded Wide Straps Bandeau Bikini Set - Neon Orange: https://www.zaful.com/padded-wide-straps-bandeau-bikini-set-p_296502.html 2. Palm Leaf Strapless High Cut Bikini Set - White: https://www.zaful.com/palm-leaf-strapless-high-cut-bikini-set-p_470258.html 3. Floral Bandeau Bikini Set - Red: https://www.zaful.com/floral-bandeau-bikini-set-p_529487.html 4. String Halter Unlined Bikini Swimwear - White: https://www.zaful.com/string-halter-unlined-bikini-set-p_245361.html 5. Ribbed Texture Bandeau Bikini Set - Yellow: https://www.zaful.com/ribbed-texture-bandeau-bikini-set-p_470216.html - FOLLOW ME - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erikaaadenver/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/erikaaadenver For business inquiries, email me at [email protected] #ZAFUL #bathingsuits #lookbook
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No dogs were harmed in the making of this film! - FOLLOW ME - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erikaaadenver/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/erika_denver For business inquiries, email me at [email protected] #Torchlake #party
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mom jeans aren’t just for mom’s anymore
All jeans and tops shown in the video are from American Eagle! If you enjoyed this video, make sure to like, subscribe, and share! Thank you for 400 subscribers! Follow me on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/erikadenver/ For business inquiries, email me at [email protected] key words: mom jeans lookbook 90's style american eagle vintage back to school clothes 2018 erika denver #momjeans #americaneagle
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How I take and edit my Instagram pictures 2018 | Erika Denver
This is how I take and edit my Instagram pictures! CAMERAS USED: Canon g7x mark ii, and the iphone 7 plus I am no pro-- but I love having a laid back, put together Instagram! It helps, especially if you are looking to try and build your following to become an influencer. Thanks so much for watching, and don't forget to follow me on Instagram! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erikadenver/ For business inquiries, email me at [email protected] #instagram #canong7x
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Traveling to MIAMI BEACH with my boyfriend
Happy December! I will be uploading every Monday and Friday. Tis the season woop woop!! Watch us as we went on a last minute trip to Miami to see Travis Scott and the Drake/Migos concert live at the American Airlines venue. -FOLLOW ME- instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erikadenver/ For business inquiries, email me at [email protected] #miamibeach #travisscott #drake #migos
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BACK TO SCHOOL: My everyday makeup look (college student) | Erika Denver
This is exactly how I do my everyday makeup as a college student! Hope you enjoyed my chatty video :) Products used in this video: - Smashbox BB cream (medium shade) - Neutrogena hydro boost hydrating concealer - NYX mineral powder - Hoola bronzer - fenti beauty highlighter - ELF brow pencil - Maybelline the falsies push up drama (hydrofuge) -FOLLOW ME- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erikadenver/ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING! And for 120 subscribers! For business inquiries, email me at [email protected] key words: Back to school every day makeup look college student beauty smashbox neutrogena NYX elf maybelline BB cream mineral powder hoola bronzer eyebrow pencil eyelash curler mascara get ready with me #backtoschool #collegestudent #makeup
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Japan by me
Don't forget to subscribe! My trip to Japan from April 2016. I am half Japanese and visit there every so often to visit my mom's side of the family. I will be back in Japan in the summer of 2020 for the Tokyo Olympics! Song: Secret crates- Mine -FOLLOW ME- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erikadenver/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/erikaaadenver For business inquiries, email me at [email protected] #Japan #halfjapanese
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Thrift store challenge with my bff
Decided to try out this fun/trendy challenge thats been going around on YouTube and we ended up having so much fun! Thank you for watching and don't forget to subscribe! -Follow me- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erikaaadenver/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/erika_denver Jessica's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jessica_baileyy/ #Thrifting #challenge
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How well do we know each other??  (with a funny boy)
Give this video a thumbs up if we did better than Kylie and Travis :p For the month of December, I will be uploading every Monday and Friday! Woop woop tis' the season!! Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed our take on answering questions about each other! Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out :) -Follow me- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erikadenver/ #HowWellDoWeKnowEachother #Challenge
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2018 SPRING LOOK BOOK | Erika Denver
Hi all! My name is Erika Denver. Welcome to my first video. Hope you enjoy! Outfit descriptions down below :) I will be uploading a new video every week. Subscribe! OUTFIT 1: Romper (Small), TJ MAX, $18 OUTFIT 2: Top: Chelsea Off Shoulder Crop Top (Small), Tobi, $23.00 Pants: Frill Tie Waist Peg Leg Pants (Small), SHEIN, $14.00 Outfit 3: Top: Green crop top, (Small), Forever 21, $12.90 Pants: Striped pants, (Small), Forever 21, $24.90 Necklace: Forever 21 $6.90 Instagram: Instagram.com/user/erikadenver For business inquires, email me at [email protected] #Spring #lookbook
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photoshoot with Hanna Ryan
FOLLOW ME ON INSTA 2 BE THE FIRST TO SEE THE PICS! https://www.instagram.com/erikadenver/ Make sure you subscribe and follow hanna on her instagram! YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/hannajaynerscrafts INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/han_ry/ i had so much fun this weekend traveling across the state with my boyfriend and shooting with Hanna! She is super cool and takes some of the best pictures I've seen. New videos every Monday and Friday, make sure you subscribe! keywords: photoshoot hanna ryan erika denver boyfriend winter christmas vlog vlogmas decemeber #getaway #instagram #photoshoot
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AERIE/ PINK inspired holiday shoot | Erika Denver
Darline and I wanted to do a fun Aerie/ Victoria's Secret PINK inspired shoot for the holidays! Make sure to follow us on Instagram to see more pictures that didn't make the video. Darline: https://www.instagram.com/darlineandco/ Erika: https://www.instagram.com/erikadenver/ Follow me on 21 Buttons, where I tag the direct link to each piece of clothing in the pictures that I upload! (Pieces in this video are uploaded on to my 21 Buttons profile) https://www.21buttons.com/erikadenver Thanks to my boyfriend for being my "behind the scenes" cameraman. Oh, and for being my number 1 fan. You're pretty awesome. love ya #aerie #PINK #photoshoot
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