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chibi commission
im getting better at drawing with my tablet :D
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art dump
a bit of a practice :)
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Sai Paint Tool: Eyes
sorry i haven't uploaded a video in a while i couldn't put music in the video this time so you'll just have to put your own music sorry ^.^''
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chibi speed paint
this was a little commission it was really fun drawing this if you have any suggestions for me to draw something comment or pm me thanks for watching :D
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i was bored lol C:
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Sai Paint Tool
Please ♥♥SUBSCRIBE,COMMENT,LIKE♥♥ hello sorry for not posting in a while drew this at night real time:32 mins.
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anime drawing tutorial
sorry if the music sucks i didnt know what to put lol suggest any music for the next video? Anyways im NEW at digital painting im barley learning so if you have any pointers please tell me :) thanks for watching
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Sai Paint Tool:Dancer
♥♥♥SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, LIKE♥♥♥ http://www.livestream.com/jessi458/
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