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Rich Kids - New Medicine Lyrics
Lyrics! :) Enjoy
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Stephanie Mabey - If i were a zombie, official lyric video
Enjoy , all rights go to Stephanie Mabey
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Faggot - Msi
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Heaven was needing a hero - Jo Dee Messina (Lyrics)
I love this song, and some of these pictures are mine that i took :) Thank you for watching :) please comment :) XO
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you know what they do to guys like us in prison mcr lyrics.m4v
yeah o_o I love this song.. and i made this. so, yeah :D enjoy :D -I-take-requests!!!!!!!
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botdf -  sexting
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Kill Everybody(Bare Noize Remix)
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Mama  - Mcr Lyrics
Mama - My Chemical Romance ... Lyrics!o; enjoy![:
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Backmask - Mindless Self Indulgence
Play that record backwards, here's a message for yo for the suckas play that record backwards, And go fuck yourself play that record backwards it's a message from aaaaaawwwwww play that record backwards and go go gogogogo kill yourself muthafucka go kill yourself... muthafucka go kill yourself... muthafucka go kill... yourself hate and devour the young and the weaker ones and don't forget the guns you're gonna need 'em to go kill yourself hate all the people you love in a river of blood and don't forget the guns you're gonnna need 'em to destroy always destroy... always destroy... always destroy yourself if you don't get what you want now -Backwards- clean your room do your homework don't stay out too late eat your vegetables put away your toys don't sit too close to the TV get dressed for church kill yourself because you don't get what you want
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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour--The Golden Age OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO
enjoy(: i dont own anything!
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A Tribute To Thomas Kammyer
I love you Tommy. I miss you so very much.. Im am extremely amazed at you.. You were such an amazing man. You could make everyone smile.. And you also looked at the positive.. You never had a single moment when you thought that you couldnt win this.. You loved your wife more then anything else in the world and i know she loves you so much. I am extremely greatful that i had you in my life. You will be missed by Jordyn and A load of other people that had you in your life. Youve changed many other peoples lifes. Youve changed mine.. Tommy, You were my favorite uncle.. You could always make me smile when i would rather be crying.. And you could always brighten up someones day.. Youve always thought of everyone else before yourself... When you were first diagnosed with Cancer.. That didnt stop you from doing anything at all.. You loved life.. and lived it to the fullest. I love you tommy... I know that you loved me too... And everyone else in the family. I miss you so so so much and you will always be with us.. Rest In Piece.
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Sleep - My Chemical Romance Lyrics
Sleep Lyrics, enjoy!!:)
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Destroya - My Chemical Romance
c: also one of my favorite songs!:D
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more videos soon(:
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Storryyyy!!:) :)
Yeah :) A storyyy :) Yeah!!
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Lighters lyrics(;
yep yep(:
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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!:) yea, i know, im a little late... :) but, oh well!!! :) YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO LATE FOR HALLOWEEN BECAUSE HALLOWEEN IS THAT AMAZING! :):)
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Pretty Girl - Lyrics
Yea!:D Enjoy! ;3
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blarg  Me with no you bfs
Dedicated to my best friend, Ariel.. I love you :)
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hollywoodwhore papa roach
Lyrics.. sorry if its messed up,,, ive redone this at least 15 times..)': so, im sorry if its all fucked up..
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