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GOVAWI best th8 attack for war
Today I am going to show you how to do GOVAWI
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Bolaloon TH 10|| 3-STAR ATTACK
Recorded by DU Recorder – Screen recorder for Android
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Gowipe strongest attack available at th 8|| must know
Drop golem where they draw CC troop and if possible Heroes. Follow with Wizards to clean outside buildings. Drop P.E.K.K.A.s and Heroes to follow Golems. Heal when troops are running low on health. 1st Rage on golems after they reach first defense. 2nd Rage on power troops (P.E.K.K.A.s and Heroes) near the Town Hall Watch Conclusion: If you have more space for housing fill with wizards. If your Th 9+ then I suggest that you bring a Jump spell for your golem. Hello Clash forum! I'm a relatively new user but I do like to think that i know what I'm talking about. That being said I would like to ask wheter you think TH8 GoWiPe is worth it. I'm soon to be a TH8 and I see the current TH8s in my clan using GoWiPe to moderate success usually securing two stars in CW. At the moment I am an avid user of DragonxMinion and Balloonion and had plans to continue these strategies going into TH8 as without jump spells and the archer queen I felt GoWiPe wouldn't be very strong at TH8, though a few of my clanmates tell me otherwise. That being said I would love to hear your opinions on TH8 GoWiPe and what other CW strategies you all like at this TH level. Clash of Clans basic strategy guide on how to funnel troops. Funneling is the most important element to any attack in CoC. The tutorial breaks down funnelling to a simplistic level to help you improve your Clash of Clans attacks. In order to have success in war and achieve a 3 star raid you will have to funnel troops. This will control your army to your specific objective whether this is the core of a base layout, the Town Hall or a specific defence. I hope this CoC guide on how to funnel troops is helpful for you and please share any tips or tricks you have for funnelling in the comment section below. Clash On Content Creators like you have built an amazing Community around our games. There is no way Supercell would be where it is today without the YouTuber community and the amazing videos that educate, empower and endlessly entertain players all over the globe. We’re truly humbled by how many of you have chosen to make content about Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hay Day, and Clash Royale, and even more humbled by the quality and pragmatism of the majority of that content. As the Community continues to thrive and grow, we want to make sure that the best videos, serving the widest range of players possible, get the attention and recognition they deserve. To achieve this, we need to ensure that content not in the best interest of players is not detracting from the health of the Community. As such, we have our Fan Content Policy in place. In a nutshell, our Fan Content Policy states that as long as you follow its rules, you are free to create, publish and monetize content about Supercell games. While these rules apply to all types of content (websites, tools, fan art), we specifically want to address how this policy applies to videos, whether on YouTube, other video platforms, or through live-streaming services, such as Twitch. Rights to Make and Monetize Videos We allow almost anyone to make content about our games and to monetize that content using advertisements. As long as you follow our Fan Content Policy, we have no reason to revoke these rights. However, when and if the Fan Content Policy is violated, we can, have, and will take away permission to use Supercell’s Intellectual Property to create and monetize said content. Use of Supercell Assets Many players use Supercell assets to make cool content about our games. That is awesome! The Fan Content Policy covers the use of Supercell’s copyrights and trademarks from Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Clash Royale, and Boom Beach. We require that anyone using Supercell’s Intellectual Property follow the rules set forth in the Fan Content Policy. Those who do not follow the rules, or maliciously attempt to convince others that their content is official, may have their content removed, their right to monetize their content revoked, or lose their right to use Supercell assets in future content. Respect the Platform Owner’s Rules Respecting the rules of the platform you choose to share your content on is very important to Supercell. Be sure to review and follow YouTube’s Community Guidelines. Misleading Thumbnails, Titles and Descriptions YouTube specifically forbids using misleading thumbnails, titles and descriptions that offer potential viewers something not actually available in the video. Videos that make false promises, such as “unlimited free gems” or “new troop confirmed” violate both YouTube’s Community Guidelines as well as Supercell’s Fan Content Policy. While we at Supercell do not mind videos with tips on how to maximize your gems, we do take issues with videos that make false promises. “Unlimited Free Gem” videos are simply scams, and we take protecting our players from fraud very seriously. In addition, while we don’t mind speculation about future updates or additions to the game
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Babyinion-Baby dragon + mimion-|| must know
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Dragon STATEGY should know how to
Guys help growing this new channel if u like the video plzz like and sub
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The best STATEGY for th 7 for farming and pushing
Here is my new video about stategy Plzz guys support my new channel Song used ncs Cartoon on and on
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Goho th 9 war|| must know
GoHo (Golems & Hog Rider) is a great attacking composition for TH8 and TH9. Under regular circumstances, you can mass Hog most Town Hall 8 bases and lots of Town Hall 9 bases. Matter of fact, lots of War Bases have transitioned, so GoHo is a perfect way to 3 Star all TH8 or TH9 bases in Clan War. How GoHo Works GoHo starts where regular Hog Rider attacks fail. In the case of a Town Hall 8 base, you only have one thing that could break your attack: Share That’s right – double Giant Bomb. They simply take down all Hog Riders inside their radius and there is nothing you can do. If your Hogs gather together and meet this trap, the attack is over, and you lost. Particularly in Clan Wars, a lot of bases have several spots where double Giant Bombs could be placed, so attacking with Hogs is a big risk. You always risk your victory with hogs and that’s why GoHo works. The Golems go inside to trigger the double Giant Bombs and get a lot of attention from the defenses, while your Hogs take them out from the other side (very general description, more detailed below). In Town Hall 9 it gets even more complicated. There could be 2 double Giant Bomb arrangements, PLUS you have the Archer Queen that deals a lot of damage to Hogs.
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Barching new player should know how to barch
Recorded by DU Recorder – Screen recorder for Android
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