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Mercy Johnson – I Stopped Acting Romantic Movie Roles Because of My Husband
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode She is currently the leading movie star in Nollywood. In the interview below, Mercy Johnson and her husband talk about how they fell in love, and so much more about their lives together: How did you meet each other? Odi: I met Mercy for the first time in 2008 on a flight from France. We both flew Business Class and I asked for her number but she refused. She was very down-to-earth even as a celebrity. I know how a lot of them behave but she is different. Being very focused and a go-getter, I did everything I could just to have her including her number after I set my eyes on her. Mercy: After the flight episode, he came around to Surulere where I was getting my hair done at a saloon. Somehow, he had gotten my number and we spoke. We talked and later had dinner. Was it a case of love at first sight for both of you? Odi: Yes, it was. I realized in no time that she is homely and everyone who comes in contact with her just loves her. Mercy: I love his personality and I am in love with everything about him. He knew I was an actress but he didn’t know I was that popular. I remember the very first day I got to his house, he asked someone to buy some condiments for me to prepare soup for him. Then, I said, ‘You must be joking, my name is Mercy Johnson’ and all he said was, ‘I know.’ That simple action drew me closer to him. On How He Proposed? Mercy: During a conversation, he suggested that we take our relationship to the next level. While we were dating, I knew we would get married because he became a part of my life and we were very passionate about each other. There was a day we attended a wedding and he said, ‘I think our wedding cake should have a tint of this color. Any jitters when you were going to meet his parents for the first time? Mercy: I met his parents on our third date and his mum liked me— she is a fan of my movies. Were you prepared for the attention that comes with being married to a celebrity when you decided to marry her? Odi: Yes I was. As a matter of fact, she was a star when I met her but not as big as she is right now. I have decided to remain on the quiet side and watch her excel in her career and I am extremely proud of her.
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Oscar, the Nursing Home Cat Who Can Sense Death Coming
Meet Oscar, a cat with a supernatural ability to feel when people are about to die. In over 50 documented cases, Oscar, who lives in a nursing home , has curled up beside patients in their final hours, seeing them through to the ‘other side’. His unique story was revealed by Dr. David Dosa, a geriatrician and assistant professor at Brown University, who claims Oscar’s predictions have rarely been wrong in the past six years. In fact, he has even proved medical staff wrong at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Rhode Island, where he was adopted seven years ago as a kitten. Dr. Dosa first told the world about Oscar’s rare gift in an article in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2007. Since then, the cat has accurately sensed even more deaths, convincing the geriatrician that it wasn’t just a series of coincidences. Dr. Dosa eventually wrote a book about his experiences with Oscar at the nursing home. It’s called ‘Making rounds with Oscar: The extraordinary gift of an ordinary cat’. The book describes Oscar’s daily routine, how he spends his time pacing from room to room at the nursing home, rarely spending time with patients who have still got a fighting chance of survival. Instead, he picks out certain patients and cuddles up next to them . These are often the ones who will pass away in a short time. If kept outside the room of a dying patient, he will scratch at the door, trying to get in. In one instance, Oscar visited a woman who had a very severe blood clot in her leg, wrapping himself around her cold limb and staying by her side until she passed away. Another time, when the staff believed that Oscar was done with his rounds, he actually returned a few hours later to lay with one particular patient until he died. In order to test his paranormal gift, the nurses at the nursing home tried placing Oscar on the bed of a patient they thought might be close to death. But the cat simply ‘charged out’ and went to sit with another patient. His judgement turned out to be correct – the second patient died the same evening, while the first one lived on for two more days. In his book, Dr. Dosa doesn’t offer any scientific explanations for the cat’s abilities, but he does suggest that Oscar – like dogs that are reportedly able to smell cancer – might be able to smell ketones, which are distinctly odored biochemicals given off by dying cells. Dr. Jill Goldman, a certified animal behaviorist in California, has a different theory – that Oscar’s predictions might be a learned behavior. “There has been ample opportunity for him to make an association between ‘that’ smell and death.” And according to animal behaviorist Dr. Daniel Estep, Oscar may only be recognizing the patients’ lack of movement and interpreting it as illness, as cats can often sense when their owners are sick. Irrespective of the reason, patients and their families at the nursing home find comfort in Oscar’s presence, in the idea that the animal was there and might be there when their loved ones eventually pass. The staff have grown so confident of Oscar’s ESP that they now inform family members when he snuggles up with one of the patients. “It’s not like he dawdles,” Dr. Dosa wrote. “He’ll slip out for two minutes, grab some kibble and then he’s back at the patient’s side. It’s like he’s literally on a vigil.” And although the nursing home keeps five other cats, none of the others have exhibited similar behavior. Sources: Telegraph.co.uk, Who Forted
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Mike Godson Opens Up On Relationship With Ini Edo
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode Fast-rising Nollywood actor, Michael Godson Ifeanyichukwu, popularly known as Mike Godson, has spoken about his recent rumoured romance with star actress, Ini Edo. The two have been spotted together at several functions home and abroad, and the actor, who spoke to City People recently disclosed that he is indeed very close to Ini but they are not romantically involved. He also stated that the recent intimate pictures of the pair that went viral on social media recently was taken on the set of a yet-to-be-released movie. According to Mike: ‘I respect her a lot because she has done so well for herself and I am not going to deny being her friend because she is having bad press or something. She is someone I respect so much and I admire her intelligence. I love very intelligent women. Ini and I are very good friends; actually we’re very close.’ Speaking further, he said: ‘Ini Edo is someone I’m very free with. She’s someone I can share my problems with and tell things about me. She’s the only actress I have a very close relationship with. I have a lot of actresses as friends as well but the only one I am close to is Ini,’ he added.
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Finally Revealed: The Real Cause of Dagrin’s Death! – You need to See this!
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com Residents in Mushin in a new interview with SaharaReporters, blamed the fatal night-time crash on the Nigerian police in Alakara station. According to them, Policemen at the Alakara Police Command in the Mushin area of Lagos State are notorious for illegal raiding, bribery, and even escapades of what some call ‘murder at night’. “I was there that night, and we did not even know at first that it was anyone (famous) like that. We were only helping to remove his body and to rescue him,” a young witness told the website. “What actually happened that night was that the policemen had stopped the cement truck at the middle of road, and of course, they could only be asking for a bribe. “Unfortunately, the truck had no rear light, (of any kind,) and so the oncoming car was unaware of any vehicle ahead. It just rammed head on, into it from the back. “It rammed into the truck hard without holding the brakes at all, and that is because the truck in its front, had no light to show anything was there. “So after we removed the body, we realized it was Da Grin, and he was groaning. They asked the truck driver to move forward and park out off of the road. They then moved Da Grin’s car afterwards so it would then look like he went to hit the truck where it parked. “We were not thinking about all these as an attempt to change the story. We were only concerned about helping the victim of an accident, and by when they finished their artificial story, the world was only waiting for Da Grin’s recovery. But news broke later that he had died at the hospital. “What made their story work was that the car did not hold its breaks, so there was no sign of screeching on the ground. Otherwise, the marks of friction from the tyres would be in the spot where it was removed, before parking it, and rearranging the scene. “They did everything very fast, and by morning, they were no longer the cause of the accident.) Just like on Tuesday night, that they scared everyone away, and washed the blood stains of their victim within a brief period,” the young man continued. “Of course, they caused the accident that killed Da Grin. And that is how they commit so much atrocities here in Mushin that the public will not know about, or what the truth is. “We live here and we see them live, every time.” The Alakara policemen are described as very apt, and swift, in immediately ‘cleaning up’ their dirty business, leaving behind little, to no evidence, of their atrocities….. MAY HIS GENTLE SOUL CONTINUE TO REST IN PEACE …. PLEASE COMMENT AMEN
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Miracle Baby Whose Life Support Was Turned Off Makes Amazing Recovery
A couple who said a final farewell to their baby daughter as her life support machine was turned off told of her miracle recovery. Francesca and Lee Moore-Williams, 41 and 44, cried as they held Bella’s hand and took one final photograph before her ventilator was switched off. The couple even signed a Do Not Resuscitate form meaning no special measures would be taken to keep her alive. But just 30 minutes after their heartbreaking goodbye the 18-month-old tot, who doctors had given up for dead, began kicking and screaming. Bella’s has continued to recover and five months on she is well enough to celebrate Christmas with her family at home. Dad-of-two Lee said: “I was holding her hand knowing there was going to be a little last breath. “I could feel her hand dropping and it went down but then she started gripping my finger. “She started moving on her own and then her machine started going off. “The doctors then changed everything to try and keep her alive.” Francesca added: “It’s just amazing. It’s like we have won the lottery. “She made our family complete and it now i’s great to see how well she is doing. “When she says ‘mama’ it melts my heart.” Bella’s parents first became concerned about their daughter’s heath when she started losing clumps of hair in April. Just three months later her condition took a turn for the worse during a family holiday in Gran Canaria. She was rushed to hospital one day after returning to the UK and tests showed she was critically ill. Bella was admitted to intensive care where an MRI scan showed abnormalities across both sides of her brain. On July 21 Francesca and Lee said an emotional final goodbye to their daughter after taking prints of her hands and feet as a memento. They also took a final picture together with their son Bobby, five, before the ventilator was switched off. Francesca explained:
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Woman Born with No Womb Gives Birth to Miracle Twins- Hayley Haynes
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode This woman above, 28 year old Hayley Haynes, was genetically born a man and was told she would never conceive. Hayley Haynes was born without a womb, ovaries or fallopian tubes. At 19, doctors told her she had XY chromosomes which genetically makes her male and that she would never conceive. Throughout puberty she did not have periods, and doctors later discovered she had no reproductive organs thanks to a condition called androgen insensitivity syndrome. 'When they told me I had no womb, I was so confused I felt sick. My biggest fear was never having children,' she told the Daily Mirror. 'Suddenly a huge piece of my life was missing. I felt like half a woman and was embarrassed. How I was going to tell a guy I was genetically male when I started dating?' Mrs Haynes, now 28, said she was devastated that she would never have children of her own – and told her childhood friend Sam, who later became her husband: 'No man will want me. However, a ray of hope came in 2007 when a new specialist at Royal Derby Hospital found a tiny womb missed on previous scans. 'It was only a few millimetres, but it was a start,' said Mrs Haynes, from Bedford. 'He was optimistic it would grow. I still couldn't conceive naturally but I could have the option of IVF.' The first step was a course of hormone tablets to give her the right levels of progesterone and oestrogen, which would stop her suffering osteoporosis and create an environment in which her womb could grow. In 2011, Mrs Haynes was told her womb was ready for IVF – but was dealt another blow when she was told her local NHS trust would not fund it. Determined not to give up, the couple paid £10,500 – more than half their savings – for IVF treatment and flights to a clinic in Cyprus in April. 'I was so nervous. We only had one shot and couldn't afford to go through it all again,' Mrs Haynes said. 'I desperately wanted to be a mother and knew if there were no viable eggs or the implantation wasn't successful, I'd be distraught.' Doctors told her she had only a 60 per cent chance of pregnancy – so when two tests came back positive, she was ecstatic. And when Mrs Haynes went for her six-week scan, it was a shock to discover both eggs had taken and she was expecting non-identical twins. 'I couldn't believe it', she said. 'I freaked out, but I was over the moon at the same time. I had the chance to have a complete family.' Mr Haynes, also 28, added: 'I felt numb with excitement. It was two for the price of one.' Nine years after hearing the crushing news that she would never be a mother, Mrs Haynes gave birth to Avery and Darcey. She said: 'Becoming a mother was the single most amazing moment of my life. When I held the babies in my arms for the first time, I was overwhelmed.'
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Musician Kcee Flaunts His House, Calls It FiveStarMansion
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com Nigerian celebrities have come to the knowledge of channeling their earnings on assets and not intangible things as it was in the past. Musician, Limpopo Crooner, Kcee is a landlord. He has a beautiful house and he has never stopped showing it off. Report has it that the musician spent so much in building the house which he calls FiveStarMansion. Kcee who sees no reason why he shouldn’t show it off keeps flooding his Instagram page with photos taken in different parts of the house. Amazingly, his fans on instagram have not been complaining about the show off, but instead they tell him to show them more, and most of them even say they dream of visiting the ‘FiveStarMansion’. Check out part of the house, the outside view, its environs, all after the cut, and you might just agree Kcee is one of the artistes that has the best homes in Nigeria. It would be recalled that just recently, the music star was embarrassed in America.
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Osita Iheme was special guest at Rukky Sanda’s birthday party (Photos)
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com Over the weekend, some of the leading actors converged for a bash. They were all guests at Rukky Sanda’s birthday party including Tonto Dikeh and Osita Iheme (Porpo) who was the special guest for the celebrations. It was fun and smiles all around. Check them out below:
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46-Year-Old Korean Mom Proves Weight Loss and Fitness Really Do Turn Back the Clock
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com It’s hard to believe the woman in the photo below is actually 46-year-old and a mother of two. Jung Da Yeon is known as momjjang ajumma in her native land of South Korea which means “mom with a striking figure”, and it’s easy to see why. But Jung Da Yeon didn’t always look like this. In 2003, after going through two pregnancies, she weighed 70 kilograms and looked like a normal housewife. According to most media reports, she just woke up one day and decided to do something about her dissatisfaction with her figure and weight, and I don’t mean not looking in the mirror for a very long time but strict dieting and physical exercise. However, Jung told the Wall Street Journal she was actually motivated to lose weight to relieve back pain, and that the perfect figure was only a side-effect. She managed to lose 20 kilograms in just three months, and after posting some photos of her new self, the ambitious mother triggered what came to be known as South Korea’s “momjjang syndrome”. Housewives all around the country followed her example and started working out in an attempt to achieve the same toned physique. Before she knew it, Jung Da Yeon was making appearances on television, launching weight-loss books and videos, and building her very own fitness empire. The 46-year-old’s fame spread beyond Korea’s borders to Japan, where she launched an exercise-themed video game for the Nintendo Wii and opened an education center to train Figure-robics specialists. Jung Da Yeon says she had so much success with her weight-loss and physical exercise program not only because of the way she looks at her age, but also because her routines are more tailored to Asians. The fitness guru believes Western women want to be more curvy and muscular, while Asians just want to be slim and fit without building too much muscle mass. Today, this inspirational fitness guru not only looks like a million bucks, but is also a self made millionaire, thanks to the success of her business endeavors and a spotless public image. Although Jung Da Yeon is very popular in Japan as well, she does have some stiff competition there in Masako Mizutani, the so-called “lady of eternal youth”.
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Why We Can’t Cheat On Each Other – Mercy Johnson & Hubby Share Their Amazing Love Story
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode Mercy Johnson and her husband,Odianosen Okojie share their amazing love story ,how they met, their bond and why they would never cheat on each other..The tell it all in this new interview with Punch How did you meet each other? Odi: I met Mercy for the first time in 2008 on a flight from France. We both flew Business Class and I asked for her number but she refused. She was very down-to-earth even as a celebrity. I know how a lot of them behave but she is different. Being very focused and a go-getter, I did everything I could just to have her including her number after I set my eyes on her. Mercy: After the flight episode, he came around to Surulere where I was getting my hair done at a saloon. Somehow, he had gotten my number and we spoke. We talked and later had dinner. Was it a case of love at first sight for both of you? Odi: Yes, it was. I realised in no time that she is homely and everyone who comes in contact with her just loves her. Mercy: I love his personality and I am in love with everything about him. He knew I was an actress but he didn’t know I was that popular. I remember the very first day I got to his house, he asked someone to buy some condiments for me to prepare soup for him. Then, I said, ‘You must be joking, my name is Mercy Johnson’ and all he said was, ‘I know.’ That simple action drew me closer to him. On How He Proposed Mercy: During a conversation, he suggested that we take our relationship to the next level. While we were dating, I knew we would get married because he became a part of my life and we were very passionate about each other. There was a day we attended a wedding and he said, ‘I think our wedding cake should have a tint of this colour.’ Any jitters when you were going to meet his parents for the first time? Mercy: I met his parents on our third date and his mum liked me— she is a fan of my movies. Were you prepared for the attention that comes with being married to a celebrity when you decided to marry her?
Lagos Govt.  Cautions T.B Joshua On Ebola Victims
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com The general overseer of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Temitope Joshua was paid a visit by the Lagos State Government and some federal delegates on Sunday at his church. According to reports, the visit led by Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Jide Idris, was to alert the church and its members on the seriousness of the deadly Ebola virus and also to make sure that no Ebola victim from the affected countries gained access into the church. Dr. Idris said, “We have our strategies that we intend to share with you. Again, we need to know the resources you have here because whether it is one or two cases, if they are allowed to get out, it is a major problem. We are here to work together on how to contain this disease.” The commissioner said they decided to pay SCOAN a visit because it was a popular an international Christian centre whose congregation comprised people from all over the world, including the countries of the West African sub-Region which had already been infected by the Ebola disease. The director, Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Abdulsalami Nasidi was also among the delegates. Prof. Nasidi stressed on how important it was to inform TB Joshua of the deadliness of the Ebola Virus, and ensure that it did not escape into the country. In response, the prophet promised to cooperate with the government in eradiating traces of the virus in Nigeria and also promised to suspend some of his major Church healing programmes for a few weeks. He said: “I am ready to work with you. I love my country and I will be ready to work with you. Even if it is a rumour, there is need to secure our environment to ensure that it is safe.”
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Former Millionaire In China Goes Into Debt Rescuing Hundreds Of Stray Dogs - Wang Yan
In order to save hundreds of dogs from the slaughterhouse, a former Changchun millionaire has gone broke founding an animal rescue center that helps to find local strays a loving home. 29-year-old Wang Yan, from Gelong town in Jilin province, once had a net worth of several million yuan. But he has since given it all away, in a journey that started one day in 2012 when his beloved pet pooch went missing. “I went looking everywhere, but all to no avail,” he remembers. “Finally someone let me go into the slaughterhouse to try my luck there.” According to Sina News, Wang hung around the slaughterhouse for a week, but was unable to find his lost dog. Instead, he found scenes of bloody slaughter that he was unable to shake from his mind. After that experience, Wang used his fortune to buy the slaughterhouse and establish an animal shelter inside an abandoned steel factory. Over time, he gradually built up the shelter, finding more and more homes for strays. “Right now, we only have 215 dogs,” he said. “The most we’ve had at one time is 1,000, many of them have been adopted.” Wang has gone into serious debt providing supplies to keep the shelter going, and he says he is worried about the winter to come. “I do not accept monetary donations,” he explained. “I only hope that kind-hearted people will be able to donate a few supplies to help build a home from these 200 dogs.” Stray dogs are often a big problem in smaller Chinese cities. Earlier this year, the local government of a district in Shandong province made headlines around China by issuing a pet ban that threatened to kill all dogs, even if the animals were licensed. One city in Yunnan slaughtered 5,000 dogs following a rabies outbreak that killed 5 people. Even if dogs are saved from the slaughterhouse, it still doesn’t come close to guaranteeing their survival.
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Vietnamese Artist Carves Bamboo Roots into Beautiful Statuettes
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com For the past seven years, Vietnamese artist Huynh Phuong Do, from Hoi An, has been making a name for himself by carving beautiful portraits of Buddhist deities and historical figures out of bamboo stumps and roots. Huynh Phuong Do relaunched his artistic career completely by accident. He had been carving wood since he was 15-years-old, but living in Hoi An, famously known as Vietnam’s Bamboo Village, it was hard for him to stand out among dozens of other talented craftsmen and sculptors. But one day, seven years ago, floods in the upper reaches of the Thu Bon River brought bamboo stumps to the river bank in front of his house. The debris stirred something in Do’s mind, and he took a few stumps to make sculptures out of them. Little did he know this was the beginning of a very successful business. Today, Huynh Phuong Do has his own sculpture showroom, and his works can be found in over 20 Hoi An souvenir shops. He spends all his days contemplating bamboo roots, thinking of ways to give them a realistic human appearance, and struggles to make between 200 and 300 pieces a month to keep up with demand from tourists. These days, bamboo roots aren’t washed up to Do’s doorstep anymore, so he has to go search for them in the nearby forests, often using bulldozers and diggers to pull them out of the ground. He then washes and dries them before starting the carving process. The artist says he has little difficulty turning seemingly worthless stumps into unique works of art that captivate both locals and tourists, thanks to the years he spent as an apprentice with the elders of elders of Kim Bong, another Vietnamese village famous for its wood carvings. Apart from popular figures like Bodhidharma, Lohan, Guan Yu or Zhang Fei, the talented sculptor is also able to carve clients’ faces into his bamboo roots, a skill that has won over many customers. Each of Huynh Phuong Do works is unique, thanks to the intricate root shapes of the bamboo stumps he works with. The roots are actually the main appeal of his art, as he uses them as beards, eyebrows and hair.
Girl Finds Identical ‘Twin’ On Facebook. Even Her Father Can’t Tell Them Apart – Shannon Lonergan
An Irish woman is the latest woman to discover she has a doppelganger who looks so like her her own father struggled to tell them apart. Shannon Lonergan, 21, from County Kerry, Ireland, discovered her lookalike online on the website Twin Strangers after being contacted by Sara Nordstrom, 17, from Sweden. The pair both share the same blonde hair and facial features which Shannon said ‘frightened’ her when she met Sara, and even her father did a double take at how similar Sara looked when they met up in Dublin. Both women look incredibly similar and noticed they had the same lips and pout and even next to each other there is a very strong resemblanceThe pair hugged when they met and quickly found lots to bond over. Although Sara was shyer than Shannon, it wasn’t long before they acted like they had known each other for years. Shannon Lonergan, 21, from Ireland (left) and Sara Nordstrom, 17, from Sweden (right), the two identical women met each other on Twin Strangers) Watch the shocking moment two women who look identical meet each other for the first time. Sara Nordstr^m, 17, from Sweden met with her doppelg¿nger Shannon Lonergan, 21, from Dublin decided to meet after finding each other on TwinStangers.com. The pair could not believe their eyes when they met for the first time - after Sara claimed even her friends would mistake pictures of Shannon for her.
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Muna Obiekwe’s sister blasts his colleagues for not helping her brother
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com Death is very painful and because he died young and very sudden, Muna still remains in the mind and hearts of many fans. After all that has been said, Muna Obiekwe’s sister Chinwe Obiewe has finally spoken, condemning his colleagues who couldn’t even help out with his funeral if indeed the claim to have loved him: “He was sick from last year October. It wasn’t a normal kidney failure. It was high BP that prompted his kidney failure. It did not give us time to do the transplant because it was his two kidneys that failed. Assuming it was a normal kidney failure, it’s supposed to be one kidney. My uncles were planning to come back to Nigeria and operate on him and do the transplant then he died on Sunday (Jan. 18th). Through out the one year he was sick, we were going for the dialysis. Anybody can have high BP because of stress. It doesn’t mean family problem should prompt high BP, it comes with stress. He was taking his medicine but because he was always on set, in different locations, he didn’t have much time to drink his medicine properly. Muna is from a home. He’s a private person. That he didn’t bring out what was wrong with him to the internet is because he’s a man and my family was ready to operate on him. You don’t have to come to internet and start telling people ‘my kidney failed. I need money to help myself. No. At times some problems come to you and you know this is a problem that can be sorted by your family. Had it been we were stranded, then we can start calling people to come and help us. That Muna didn’t tell people he was sick is because he’s a private person. I am going to say this to anyone who says Muna didn’t open up that he was sick – I’m going to use this thing – F*ck them! Now that he’s dead, those people that said assuming he’d said he was sick they would have helped, did they come to contribute to his burial? Did they come to check on the family? They did not! We tried to handle, but God knows best.”
FINALLY! Ini Edo’s Alleged New Lover Opens Up On Their Rumoured Relationship
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode About a month ago, reports surfaced that Nollywood actress Ini Edo had moved on after her failed marriage and was romantically involved with an actor named Mike Godson. Photos of Ini, in a cozy position with the actor, surfaced online, which sparked the rumours that she had found love again. Neither Ini nor Mike reacted to the report. Now that everyone has forgotten about it, Mike has decided to speak up. In a recent interview with City People, the actor opened up on his relationship with Ini Edo and why they have been spotted together in recent times. According to him, they are good friends and have a close relationship. He said: Quote “I respect her a lot because she has done so well for herself and I am not going to deny being her friend because she is having bad press or something. She is someone I respect so much and I admire her intelligence. I love very intelligent women. “Ini and I are very good friends, actually we’re very close. Ini Edo is someone I’m very free with. She’s someone I can share my problems with and tell things about me. She’s the only actress I have a very close relationship with. I have a lot of actresses as friends as well but the only one I am close to is Ini.” When asked about the cozy pictures that were circulating online, he replied: “they were taken on the set of a yet-to-be-released movie.” The news of Ini Edo’s divorce surfaced sometime last year, leaving many shocked and wondering what really went wrong. Reports later surfaced that the divorce was because her husband was requesting that his name be written in the documents of Ini Edo’s new house as the owner, and this did not go down well with the beautiful actress. In the first week of January, reports surfaced that Ini’s estranged husband, Philip Ehiagwina, was in a relationship with a Nigerian lady based in Ghana, and was set to remarry. He however denied the report.
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T.B  Joshua Has A Message For Ebola Victims
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com As panic over the outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease continues to rise, Prophet T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), has asked those infected with the disease to remain in their countries. T.B Joshua’s directive came on the heels of a sensitization visit to the Church by the Lagos State Ministry of Health and the Federal Government over the deadly virus called Ebola as part of plans to combat the inflow of the deadly disease into the country. Following the visit, the Prophet took to his official Facebook page to warn Ebola victims to obey the law of the land and remain in their country. Below is his post on Facebook: MESSAGE FROM TB JOSHUA: What makes you a good citizen makes you a good Christian. There is a general law in every country that binds against Ebola victims from crossing borders. Obey the law of your land and it shall be well with you. Obey the law of the land by not crossing the borders of your nation with Ebola virus. Joshua, the general overseer of SCOAN is known for his claims of using divine powers to heal all kinds of diseases and disabilities, prompting sick people from all over Africa and the world to throng the church. Also, many foreigners who are majorly from countries of the West African sub-Region, which had already been infected by the Ebola disease, worship at the Synagogue church. There was a reported case of Ebola in Nigeria, following the death of a Liberian man, Patrick Sawyer in a Lagos hospital, soon after, a pastor, Ituah Ighodalo, the Founder of Trinity House had shared a message on Facebook about a Pastor who cured Ebola in the name of Jesus. This sparked outrage as many misquoted him as saying he had a cure for the deadly disease. He has since come out to clarify his post which according to him was merely a message of hope and faith to remind people that with God all things are possible. Meanwhile, it was revealed yesterday by the Health Minister, Onyebuchi Chukwu, that a doctor in Lagos who treated the late Liberian man had contracted the deadly Ebola disease.
Nadia Buari and her mother; the unbreakable twins
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com It’s so adorable how much they share so much together. Nadia Buari travels with her mother to almost all her trips. They shop together, have fun together, and barely leave each other’s side on a daily basis. Yesterday, Nadia released this new picture in which she’s nestled on her mother’s shoulder, illustrating yet again the very close relationship they share together. Like it?
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Meet The 10 Year Old Maths Genius University Student Who Is Aiming For First Class
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode She is only 10, a Maths genius who has become one of UK's youngest university students to start a degree. She aims to get a First Class honours degree in two years and is already setting her sights on a PHD Esther Okade, from Walsall, is finding time between playing with her dolls to study a maths degree with the Open University. The numbers whizz became an undergraduate three weeks ago and is already nailing the subject - scoring 100 percent on a recent test. The home-schooled youngster's incredible grasp of calculations seemingly runs in the family as her six-year-old brother Isaiah is already taking an A-level in maths. Eshter's mother, Efe, who home schools her, said: "She is doing so well. She took a test recently and scored 100 per cent." Eventually Eshter, who loves watching Disney hit Frozen when she's not studying, wants to run her own bank. Efe said applying to the university was "an interesting process because of her age." She said: "We even had to talk to the Vice Chancellor. After they interviewed her they realised that this has been her idea from the beginning. "From the age of seven Esther has wanted to go to university. But I was afraid it was too soon. "She would say, 'Mum, when am I starting?', and go on and on and on. "Finally, after three years she told me, 'Mum I think it is about time I started university now." Esther applied in August, and after a phone interview, an essay and a maths exam, she finally got the news in December that she had been accepted onto the course. "She was flying," said Efe. "She was so happy." "She is doing so well. She took a test recently and scored 100 per cent. "Esther talks about running her own bank one day," added Efe. "She has a lot of plans, and talks a lot about finances. "She says she wants to be a millionaire. "Isaiah is following in his sister's footsteps. He is doing Calculus and advanced algebra. "Even when he was in my tummy Esther was already teaching him."
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BALLER! Genevieve Nnaji Buys $4 Million Mansion In Accra, Ghana
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode Nigeria’s actress Genevieve Nnaji has purchased a new mansion in Accra, Ghana. The new edifice valued at $4 Million dollars by property experts is around the Achimota area of Ghana. She prefers the area to East Legon for reasons best known to her. The property, which is being guarded by a security company, is her private property which she will occupy anytime she is in Ghana. She joins the likes of many Nigerian big boys and top government officials who are buying property aggressively in Ghana. It must be recalled that Genevieve isn’t new to Ghana and its people as she used to live there during her ‘ban days’. It was during that time that she released couple of singles.
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Britain's Biggest: Mother Becomes Pregnant With Baby Number 19 - Sue Radford
READ MORE: http://tinyurl.com/heb3rzr Sue and Noel Radford (pictured with their children and some of their grandchildren) celebrated the birth of daughter Hallie (pictured in her mother’s arms) in June, but now Mrs Radford, 40, from Morcambe, Lancashire, is pregnant again, with the baby due in July. The Radfords, who run a successful bakery business and do not claim any state benefits said the pregnancy had been a surprise, but they are excited to add to their huge brood.
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Majid Michel loses his mother Paulina Olympio
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode Nollywood’s in a state of mourning. Majid Michel mother passed away last Friday, October 10 in Accra after she collapsed and was rushed to the Ghana Canada Hospital in East Legon, Accra-Ghana. The cause of her death is unclear, but her remains have been deposited at a funeral home in Laterbiorkoshie in Accra-Ghana. Majid half brother Mico paid this glowing tribute to their 63 year old mum: “In my heart you live forever! Mom I know you are in a better place now. As we all give thanks to the day you walked into our lives we knew our family would never have been this strong without you there to guide us and love us the way you did. You were always there for me in fact all of us nothing was too small or too big for u. Personally I know the strength and love you gave me in my hardest moments. you NEVER gave up on me. Never judged me even when I made mistakes. but in Love you gave me advice and always told me that no matter the situation you were always there for me and you would say “even if monkey no fine im mother love am. Such was your love for all your children and beyond. The pride in your eyes as you introduced us all as your children to everyone. Indeed an ANGEL has gone home. We will miss you but NEVER forget you as long as we live. You are an inspiration to us all. Who will call me YAW now! That infectious smile you always had beaming across from your face. Aunt Polina……As I always called you. From Your son Mico with love,” Mico Michel posted. Forever love .an Angel gone home. Auntie Paulina.” Paulina Olympio was survived by two children – Majid and Isabella. Majid Michel is currently in Paris France and would definitely need all the support from family and friends to deal with the loss of his mother who meant so much to him after he returns back to Ghana. Nollywood mourns…
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AMAZING: Man Renovating His House Discovers A Complete Ancient Underground City
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com A 50-year-old man identified as Mustapha Bozdemir decided to renovate his simple one-story structure he inherited five years ago in the Melikgazi district from a dead relative only to discover a mysterious room which led to a massive subterranean tunnel system with cave-like rooms underneath the house. Further findings revealed that what Bozdemir, who is a native of Anatolia region in Turkey had discovered was an ancient Derinkuyu underground city in Turkey carved from the rock in Cappadocia thousands of years ago. The underground building included a well hidden entrances, air ventilation shafts, wells, and a connecting passageways which has remain hidden for centuries. It also has facilities such as residential quarters, several shops, communal rooms, tombs, a wide storage, livestock, and even a well built school with a study room. According to reports, the city is large enough to house over 20,000 men, women, and children.Photos Of The Underground City
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INCREDIBLE! Meet Ramesh Babu, The Billionaire Barber Who Drives Rolls Royce PHOTOS
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com Bangalore: In the business world, it is often said that if you have some foresight, are honest and can work hard, then nothing can stop you from earning decent amount of money or getting rich. The story of Ramesh Babu from Bangalore is a glaring example of how you can surge ahead in this cut-throat competitive business environment while doing things that you love. Bangalore resident Ramesh Babu, is a star in his own league who runs the business of cutting and styling hair. He is an ordinary businessman, with an extraordinary wealth. He is a billionaire and owns a rent-a-car fleet of 67 alternative cars. If you want a “good haircut”, Ramesh Babu can give you one for Rs 65. That is, if he hasn’t already driven off in his Rs 3-crore Rolls Royce Ghost. Babu, after all, is no ordinary barber. He is a billionaire barber who owns a rent-a-car fleet of 60 cars. He is also the subject of an upcoming film, likely to be released in three languages. “Somehow, things have clicked for me,” says the 41-year-old. Thirty-two years ago, everything seemed to be going wrong. His father had just died, leaving the family his barber shop. His mother leased the shop for Rs 5 a day and took up work as a domestic help to make ends meet. “I remember the day my father passed away, leaving our family and his barbershop,” he says, recalling his mother’s struggle to bring up three kids on her own. As he grew older, Babu couldn’t decide whether to continue studying or start working. His mother made the decision for him. He completed his schooling at St Patrick’s High School and then finished his high secondary in St Joseph’s College of Commerce. In 1991, he decided to run his father’s salon. The salon, named Inner Space, was in a shopping complex by the school where he studied. It soon became a trendy styling outlet for youngsters. Within three years, Babu had enough spare cash to buy a Maruti Omni people carrier for personal use. Then someone gave him the tip that changed his life. One of his mother’s employers advised him to lease the Omni to Intel, the company she worked with. “It all began from there and, by 2004, I had six cars all engaged in the same business,” Babu says. After he lost the Intel assignment in 2004, Babu floated Ramesh Tours and Travels and scouted for clients. To tap high-end clients, he invested in a Mercedes E Class luxury sedan that cost him Rs 38 lakh. Three more Mercedes cars and four BMWs were added to the fleet, which is, however, dominated by 48 Toyota Innovas. His clients have included actors Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Aishwarya Rai. The Rolls Royce, a recent addition, came with a bank loan for which he is paying Rs 7 lakh every month. When not leased out, Babu drives the white beauty to work. At Rs 50,000 a day, his Rolls Royce is rarely hired, but Babu is a contented man. “I can at least drive this dream car and take my mother and family out on drives,” he says. Babu owes his success to doing what he thought was best. “Whatever I did, I did well, that’s all I can say,” he smiles. His bank balance and social status have changed for good, but Babu — now married with three children, two girls and a boy — has stuck to working at the salon without fail. “That’s my bread and butter,” he says about Inner Space. An early riser, he checks his fleet before reaching the salon at 8 in the morning. “Whatever I have achieved, there’s nothing like giving a good haircut,” he says. An avid football fan, who counts former India and Mohun Bagan player Babu Mani among his friends, Babu can’t hide his disbelief that a film is being made on him. “Now someone wants to make a movie on me,” he says. Director Suresh Reddy is likely to cast southern actor Ramesh Arvind, who has an uncanny resemblance to Babu. Sources: IndiaTv
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Haters Called This Woman’s Weight Loss ‘Fake’, Until She Revealed This Shocking Photos – Doni Shanel
Haters Called This Woman’s Weight Loss ‘Fake’, Until She Revealed This Shocking Photos – Doni Shanel
Artist Creates Amazing Tree Troll Inspired by Her Father
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com Seattle-based artist Kim Beaton enlisted the help of 25 volunteers to build an awe-inspiring 12-foot-tall tree troll exclusively out of non-toxic materials. The kind face of this forest giant was inspired by her late father, a lumberjack from Montana. In 2006, Kim Beaton and a team of volunteers spent 15 days creating a unique tree troll out of papier mache, wood, metal plates and other non-toxic materials. Although the entire sculpture looks unbelievably realistic, it’s friendly face and beautiful blue eyes immediately grab the viewer’s attention. Trolls are not exactly known as friendly creatures, but Beaton’s is special. The artist explains: ”[My father] had died a few months prior at 80 years old. On June 2nd, at 3am, I woke from a dream with a clear vision burning in my mind. The image of my dad, old, withered and ancient, transformed into one of the great trees, sitting quietly in a forest. I leaped from my bed, grabbed some clay and sculpted like my mind was on fire. In 40 minutes I had a rough sculpture that said what it needed to. The next morning I began making phone calls, telling my friends that in 6 days time we would begin on a new large piece. The next 6 days, I got materials and made more calls. On June 8th we began, and 15 days later we were done. I have never in my life been so driven to finish a piece.” The Tree Troll, as everyone calls this incredible sculpture, traveled around Seattle for about two years, making appearances at fairs, markets and parades, and capturing the imagination of audiences both young and old. After seeing him and the reactions of spectators at the Fremont Solstice Parade, the Bellagio Casino decided to buy it, and nowadays the tree troll is put on display in a climate-controlled environment for 2 1/2 months of the year, around Thanksgiving. About a quarter million people get to admire him during that time. Source: Kim Beaton Studios via My Modern Metropolis
Prophet Who Predicted Ebola Outbreak Speaks Again – Prophet Joshua Iginla
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com The General Overseer of Abuja-based Cham­pion Royal As­sembly Church, prophet Joshua Iginla, claimed in a recent interview that the world had not seen the worst Ebola yet. It is believed that Iginla predicted the outbreak of the deadly tropical disease on December 31, 2013, saying that some virus would hit the world soon. Ebola epidemic started in West Africa in February and has killed more than 1,500 people since. With every single death the number of people isolated and new cases recorded increases dramatically and the World Health Organization (WHO) warns that the number of people infected might exceed 20,000. While the scientist from all over the world work days and night to develop the cure, there is currently no approved Ebola drug. Speaking with Encomium, the clergyman, who is also CEO of Champions Television, pointed out the further devastating consequences of the Ebola outbreak and said what should be done: “Even men of God are going to be victims of this. Prophetically, God showed me and I was afraid and I am sorry to say that. I remember when I predicted it in 2013, people went on social media to criticise me. There is a spiritual undertone to the issue. There is a link between the witchcraft coven and the marine world that lures people into hell and this is what I’m seeing. I am not mincing words. God revealed it to me which I have said that there would be something like a vaccine or hope that would come and it would be discovered by a group of scientists led by a white scientist with a bald head and this research will bring about 10 per cent hope. However, there is hope if spiritual leaders can complement the work of the scientists. As they are putting their heads together, we should also assemble to pray for the world. The way out is for us to adhere to measures put in place to prevent it and most important, turn to God.” It is worth mentioning that the US National Institutes of Health Thursday announced the start of Ebola drug testing on humans in September. Alongside with testing they will start producing up to 10,000 doses of the vaccine to make it quickly available if it proves effective. Meanwhile the developers of another anti-Ebola drug, ZMapp, have completed the testing on lab monkeys infected with the virus. According to the results, all the monkeys were successfully cured. The unapproved ZMapp has already been administered to several people worldwide, with some of them having recovered. Specifically it is believed to have saved the lives of 2 American health workers, who had contacted the disease in Liberia. It would be recalled that Joshua Ingila predicted the knock-out of Brazil from the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the win of Germany in the tournament. This and several other accurate predictions have caused quite a stir in several quarters. SOURCES: Ecomium Magazine, Naij news
Wizkid Is Seriously Crushing On Rihanna
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com Wizkid is no stranger to having female fans scrambling for his touch, smile, love and autograph. But is the young singer scrambling for Rihanna’s attention and affection instead? The “Tease Me” singer once gushed about the Bajan beauty calling him ‘Amazing’ during his recent visit to the US and later, allgedly joined the “Diamond” hit-maker in a studio for a still-to-be-released collaboration. Once again, Wizkid has posted another Rihanna-crush-related photo [black & white image] on his Instagram perhaps declaring how beautiful she is in what looks like a black nightgown and a bold necklace. The singer captioned his post with nothing but a heart sign. Is Wizzy seriously but privately seeking for RiRi’s attention and should his model girlfriend, Tania Omotayo be worried? The singer was also recently seen cozying up with a mystery girl in Atlanta days ago which caused fans to ask if he’s called off his relationship with Tania. What do you think is going on with Wizkid and Tania?
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Too Bad! Flavour not ready to marry Sandra Okagbue, see her growing baby bump
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com Flavour N’Abiana may be expecting his first child with model and former face of Delta Soap Sandra Okagbue but he may not be ready for married life just yet…if the reports are to be believed. Last week we reported that the pop star was expecting a baby this month with the model and that they would be tying the knot soon as a result of their baby joy. However reports snrached that the Ada ada singer is not ready to wife Sandra right now. A source close to Flavour was quoted with saying The last thing on Flavour’s mind right now is marriage. She said he’s responsible for the pregnancy and Flavour has accepted it but as for marriage, don’t hold your breath. Gone are the days when people got married just because the woman gets pregnant..this is 2014 baby!!! Meanwhile check out Sandra’s growing baby bump below:
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200 Year Old Mummified Monk Not Dead, Just Meditating, Buddhism Expert Claims
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode A mysterious mummified monk found almost perfectly preserved in a lotus position last month is causing controversy after a well-known Buddhism expert claimed he isn’t actually dead but in a deep meditative trance. Interestingly, the monk came to the attention of the authorities after a man was attempting to sell him on the black market in the Songinokhairkhan province of Mongolia. Mongolian police have arrested the man, and the mummy is now being guarded at the National Center of Forensic Expertise at Ulaanbaatar. They believe that the man might have stolen the mummy from another part of the country – a cave in the Kobdsk region – and then hid it in his home. Scientists are currently conducting forensic examinations on the 200-year-old mummy that was found wrapped in cattle skins. They are trying to determine how the body was so well-preserved, although they do suspect that the nation’s cold weather could have played a part. Dr. Barry Kerzin, a physician to the Dalai Lama, told the Siberian Times that the monk isn’t actually dead, but in a rare state of meditation known as ‘tukdam’. He explained that if a person manages to achieve the state and remain in it for more than three weeks, the body starts to shrink very, very slowly. In the end, all that will remain of the person are the hair, nails and clothes. “Usually in this case, people who live next to the monk see a rainbow that glows in the sky for several days. This means that he has found a ‘rainbow body’. This is the highest state close to the state of Buddha.” “If the meditator can continue to stay in this meditative state, he can become a Buddha. Reaching such a high spiritual level the meditator will also help others, and all the people around will feel a deep sense of joy,” he added. The identity of the monk has not yet been established, but he is speculated to be the teacher of Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov, who was also found mummified. Itigilov, who was from neighbouring Buryatia in the then Soviet Union, apparently told his disciples in 1927 that he was going to die, and that they should exhume his body in 30 years. When he was dug up as per his instructions, legend has it that Itigilov’s body was found intact and perfectly preserved. Fearing interference by the Soviet authorities, the followers buried him once more. He remained that way until 2002, when he was dug up again and still found well preserved. His body was then placed in a Buddhist temple to be worshiped by his followers. Over the last 50 years, there are believed to have been at least 40 cases such cases in India, involving Tibetan monks. In fact, Dr. Kerzin said that he has had the privilege of taking care of some meditators in a tukdam state.
9 Unseen Photos Of Curvy Ruth Kadiri’s ‘Plenty’ B00ob
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com She is curvy, she is beautiful, she is Ruth Kadiri. Ruth Kadiri is a graduate of Yaba College of Technology and University of Lagos (UNILAG) where she studied Business Administration and Mass Communication respectively. The fleshy diva who first appeared in the movie ‘Boys Cut’ is one of the faces taking over in Nollywood, being an actress and scriptwriter rolled into one — and she is good at both fronts. But Wha’anda is only interested in Ruth’s medium-heavy boobs. She carries them on her curvy frame with the grace of a sexy mama and they seem to wink at you like ripe fruits on a tree. She knows she’s got them and she flaunts them without restraints. Have a peek in the 9 photos
Nuella Njubigbo thanks God for the divine gift of her baby
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com Tchidi Chikere and his wife are a very happy couple. They welcomed a bouncing baby girl last week and Tchidi shared his enormous joy about it. And now, Nuella has released her first picture holding the baby with this message of gratitude: “Thank you My Lord, My God, My everything for this divine gift.. Only you did this for us and all glory goes back to you Lord. Welcome my sunshine!” Congratulations to the happy new mother.
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Mercy Johnson Welcomes Bouncing Baby Boy
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson has just welcomed a bouncing baby boy at St Joseph hospital, University of Maryland, Baltimore in the US. Her husband and mum are there with her. Her management, Big Sam media confirmed the news. Mercy got married to her hubby, Prince Odi Okojie in 2012 and has a daughter, Purity Okojie.
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P-Square's Baby Sister Delivers Bouncing Baby Boy
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode Mary Okoye, the sister of Peter and Paul Okoye, better known as P-Square, is now a mother. Mary and her husband, Emma Mordi welcomed their first child, a baby boy on Saturday, February 21, 2015. Mary Okoye and her Nollywood actor hubby got married on Saturday, August 6, 2014 in Asaba, Delta State.
Founding Member Of Christ Embassy Church, Cyla Simpson, Defends Anita Oyakhilome
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com Following the news of the divorce proceedings between Chris and Anita Oyakhilome, there have been various reports by church members of the Christ Embassy International. The latest is from a founding church member, Cyla Simpson who took to the controversial “Where is Rev Anita Oyakhilome’ Facebook page to talk about Anita Oyakhilome. “I am writing this to everyone with a heavy heart. It is heart wrenching to see the way people are referring to Rev Anita and how uncultured people are while talking. You don’t need to be derogatory or condescending to express yourself no matter your level as a christian. First I would join true Christians around the world to appeal to Rev Anita but would say listen to God rather than man. I want to appeal to everyone to please pause and think deep because whatever a man sow, he shall surely reap. This is like beating a child like Ibo elders will say and still take the tears from the child. Take a step aside and think. Is there a woman who will give up her home on flimsy excuse, if no why are we so callous and insensitive in this matter. I am a married woman and so are many reading this, or you have a mother, a sister or daughter. If you are happy for them to go through whatever brought Rev Anita to this level please continue with your judgmental approach towards her. And the God of truth will visit everyone with same except if there was no cause. Amen!!! I have read some accusing her of money and power motivation. PLEASE LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE PASTOR ANITA I KNOW AS MOST OF YOU YOUNG ONES IN NIGERIA DO NOT HAVE MUCH OF AN ENCOUNTER WITH HER. Rev Anita has been my pastor for about 13 years now. I am one of the founding members of her church and I have seen her grow a church from using all any available venue while planting more churches in faith sending her best member out to start a new church, from two churches in England has grown to churches in almost every borough and cities. Rev Anita will see anyone and everyone regardless of your status. If she ever kept you waiting, she will apologize profusely throughout the meeting and make it good to you. Rev Anita without an office will still counsel us even in her car on Wednesday night after church yet she has 1hour 30mins drive back home with 2 young girls. For so long she was driving a volkswagon golf until 2005 that we bought her a BMW X3 and she still refused to drive it for many months until she was begged to use it so that we can be blessed. She used the same car until 2010/2011 and the replacement she had then is still what she used till her last day in church last year. We begged her to come around for us to celebrate her birthday but she will still go into hiding. On her return, the little song we will do for her, she will return it to Rev Chris in thanksgiving. Any money you give her she sends it straight to church account or Loveworld TV. If we ever raise money for her birthday she ask us to go and use it for evangelism or send it to Loveworld TV. When you give her any material thing, regardless of the shop you purchased it, she will use it for you to see and thank you as long as she sees you for the gift.
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1,000-Year-Old Mummy Found Inside Buddha Statue, CT Scan Reveals
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode A Buddha Statue dating back 1,000 years from China has disclosed some surprises, after being given an in-depth medical examination, which include an endoscopy and CT scans. According to the Meander Medical Center (MMC) in Amersfoort in Netherlands, where it was scanned, it has the mummified body of the Buddhist master Liuquan of the Chinese Meditation School. The Drents Museum in Assen, Netherlands that showcased the statue a year ago as part of its “Mummy World” exhibition, stated that the monk lived approximately the year 1100. A few scans showing the mummy were taken before the exhibition, and a second round of scanning was performed in September after the exhibition was removed. The research team was led by Erik Bruijn, a specialist in Buddhist art and culture and a guest curator at the Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, and included radiologist Ben Heggleman and gastrointestinal and liver expert Raynald Vermeijden. The endoscopy disclosed that in the abdominal cavity where there had formerly been organs, there were rather scraps of paper printed with ancient Chinese characters and an unknown material. The scientists as well took bone for DNA tests. The Drents Museum states that it suspects this mummy could be a self-mummification case. That was a Buddhist monks practice in Asia, which included a strict diet, which included poison, to the point of near to the stage of near starvation so as to enhance the body’s preservation. When they were close to death, they were buried alive. The mummy is currently in Budapest and is being exhibited at the National Museum of Natural History as part of the Mummy World exhibition. The exhibition will then go to Luxemburg in May 2015, says the Drents Museum.
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Nigerian mum gives birth to white baby in odds that baffled midwives
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com 32 year old Nigerian Catherine Howarth was convinced she had been given the wrong child when midwives presented her with her new baby shortly after she gave birth at a Milton Keynes Hospital on June 1st. She was stunned because the little boy named Jonah was completely white. And even though baby Jonah has a white father, doctors say the chances of him being completely white too were an incredible one in a million. And it wasn’t only baby Jonah’s parents who were stunned, so were the midwives. Nigerian mum gives birth to white baby in odds that baffled midwives Nigerian mum gives birth to white baby in odds that baffled midwives “The midwife looked at me and looked back down at Jonah and then at me again and couldn’t believe it. The doctors confirmed it was extremely rare.”Catherine. Her husband Richard Howarth, 34, was equally astonished. “When I first set eyes on my baby boy Jonah, it was a feeling of pure delight and relief that he was healthy and strong. His complexion was very pale due to the umbilical cord being wrapped around his neck when he was being delivered. “After a few hours his colour came to his cheeks. Catherine and I noticed his complexion was very similar to mine and were surprised it was as light. The midwives and doctors told us he’ll most likely remain this colour.” Doctors have said Jonah is not an albino. “We have been told that I must have been carrying a recessive gene. My parents were from Nigeria and, for as far back as anyone can remember, my family have all been black. But at some point there must have been a white gene in my family that has remained dormant for years and years – until now. The doctors said they had researched the chances of this happening and discovered that it was very, very rare. They had only found two similar cases, both in America, that had been reported in recent times.” Catherine said Catherine and Richard say they plan to have more children but have been told the chances of them also being born white are highly unlikely.
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Chicago Teen Dies Trying To Protect His Twin Brother- Demario and Demarcio Bailey
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode A weekend armed robbery claimed the life of a 15-year-old Chicago teen who was walking to his high school to play basketball with his twin brother. Demario and Demarcio Bailey were walking to an Englewood High School basketball game when four robbers ambushed the 15-year-old twins on a street corner Saturday afternoon. “Get off my brother,” Demario cried out as the young men shook up their pockets and demanded their jackets, according to the Chicago Tribune. As the Bailey boys struggled with the attackers, one suspect pulled out a gun and fired. Three days shy of their 16th birthday, one gunshot wound to the chest killed Demario. The shot sent the accomplices and Demarcio running. He looked back only to see his brother’s body lying face down under a viaduct. “He didn’t see anybody other than Demario on the ground,” his grandmother, Bernice Fitzpatrick, 62, told the Tribune, describing them both as honorable boys. “They were raised to stick together.” Chicago cops have taken several suspects into custody including a 17-year-old now charged with murder, robbery and attempted robbery with a firearm. The shooting happened just after their family gave the teen boys permission to be out on their own together more often. The boy’s death sparked a dramatic statement from Johnson College Prep, where Demaro attended school, which called for martial law to handle the tragic shooting. “I know I speak for every educator who continuously deals with this type of tragedy in saying we are sick and tired of being sick and tired. The apologies are not enough, and after all the fanfare is over, someone still has to put their baby in the ground,” Principal Garland Thomas-McDavid wrote. “I believe I speak for every mother who lives on the South Side of this city in saying we don’t mind if it takes (martial) law to get this in order. Demario did not deserve to die three days from his 16th birthday.” The Bailey’s mother collapsed at the scene after Demario’s body was taken away. According to family members, she had sheltered the boys for most of their lives, driving them to most places but as their 16th birthday approached she lifted began to allow them more freedom. Demario would have been 16th on Tuesday.
Girl Rescued after Boyfriend in Search of Riches Held Her in Deep Pit for 8 Months
READ MORE: http://tinyurl.com/jtueahu According to news reports online, the girl (in both photos) was kept in a pit by her boyfriend in search of riches for 8 months. The girl She was reportedly fed only two times a week by her boyfriend. This allegedly happen in Tanzania and she survived.
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Japanese Man Completes 40,000Km Walk Around the World
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com Masahito Yoshida, 32, recently returned to Shanghai, the city where he started his epic walk around the world, four and a half years ago. He walked a total of 40,000 kilometers across four continents carrying with him a two-wheeled cart full of baggage. On New Year’s Eve, in 2009, Masahito Yoshida, an average Joe from the city of Tottori, Japan, set out from Shanghai to explore the world on foot. He had always wanted to travel and see all the wonders of the globe, but knew that doing it by plane or train, he would miss the small, sometimes isolated towns of the world, and the people that live in them. So he decided to walk instead. His first destination was Cape Roca, on the Portuguese coast, where he arrived in August of 2010, after covering 16,000 kilometers through central Asia and Europe. He then hopped on a plane to America, where he spent another year walking 6,000 km from Atlantic City, New Jersey to Vancouver, Canada. By the end of 2011 he exhausted most of his travel funds, so he started taking part-time jobs to finance the rest of his trip. From Canada, he flew to Melbourne, Southern Australia, and made his way north, to Darwin, then Singapore and back to Shanghai, China. During his memorable journey, Masahito worn off seven pairs of walking shoes. “There were times when I felt my life was in danger, but the journey also gave me the chance to experience people’s kindness,” Yoshida told Chinese reporters, on his triumphant return. ”I realized that there are certain things in life you just can’t achieve without taking risks.” Covering tens of kilometers a day, through the wild country, or on the side of busy roads wasn’t easy, but even after suffering a stroke in Vietnam, he continued to walk 30 kilometers daily, because his visa was about to expire. Now, after spending a few days in Shanghai, Masahito is ready to drag his 50-kg cart for an extra 500 km to Taiwan, before returning to Japan in August. The first thing he wants to do when he gets home is walk his dog. Then he plans to save up some money for a new walking adventure. The 32-year-old globetrotter already knows what his new challenge will be. ”My next goal is to walk from the southern tip of South America to the North Pole,” he said. ”Eventually, I’d like to cover every continent on Earth.” Sources: Mainichi News, Japan Daily
Awww, Jude Okoye and wife Ify, welcome daughter (photo)
Jude 'Engees' Okoye, the older brother and manager of P-Square has welcomed a baby girl with his wife, Ify. Ify gave birth at 7.29pm at Northside Hospital Atlanta, Georgia, yesterday Saturday Nov. 29th. Mother and daughter are doing great. The little bundle of joy has been named Princess Emma Adanna Okoye. Big big congrats to them. Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com
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Meet Nigeria’s Oldest Woman Alive At 191 Years - Mama Efisho
Read More: http://nollygrio.com It’s amazing that while the world keeps loosing its children and youths to war, epidemics and disaster, we still have old ones who continue to get older. To have a woman as old as 191 years still living in this part of the country is really one of a kind. We came across the pictures of a woman named Mama Efisho, who at 191 years old, could be the oldest living woman In Nigeria. Mr. Avuefeyen, who is Mama Efisho’s great grand son revealed this to an online reporter claiming that the woman is about two centuries old. WhEN questioned on the veracity of this claim, Mr. Avufeyen claimed that she witnessed the birth of his grandfather. If his claims are true then, Mama Efisho is most likely Nigeria’s oldest woman alive that we know of. Though mama is not be able to walk and do other things without assistance, looking at the picture, she seems to be very healthy and doing rather well. Mama Efiso ‘lives in Ellu (Edhemoko, Akaluba Street, Ellu in INLG) Delta State.’
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Mercy Johnson Okojie Releases Family Pics With Husband, Daughter & New Born Son
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode how cute are these photos? Mercy Johnson Okojie just released new family photos with her husband, daughter Purity and one month old son, Henry. See the beautiful photos
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Bob Manuel Eulogizes Wife on Their 15th Wedding Anniversary!!!!
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode In a clime where celebrities rarely keep their marriages, Veteran Nollywood actor and special assistant to the Anambra State governor, Bob Manuel Udokwu and his wife, Cassandra, are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary today. The entertainer who has featured in many hit movies and also hosted the earliest edition of popular TV show, Gulder Ultimate Search, wrote this sweet tribute to his loving wife. "Today,19th of February,2015 is the 15th anniversary of my wedding!Being a top personality in the entertainment industry where practitioners are often vulnerable to distractions,I consider myself lucky in my marital life. My wife Casandra takes most of credit for the stability & success of our union. "She is not only a home maker but a friend, lover, wife, mother, partner, adviser, confidant and many more positive attributes rolled into one! "We both determined to make our marriage work and show good example to those coming behind. We dialogue & show mutual respect to each other. We are grateful to God that in spite of all the challenges we often face, it’s been working wonderfully well for us. "So rejoice with us as we use the success of our marriage as point of contact to ask God to mend all broken marriages & heal wounded hearts through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen! God bless your homes!!"
You Can’t Divorce Me – Tiwa Savage Tells Hubby Teebillz
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com Songstress and Mavin first lady, Tiwa Savage Balogun, has said her husband Tunji Balogun aka Teebillz can’t divorce her neither can he return her to her parents. The ‘Eminado’ crooner took to social media to share the photo below. She captioned it: “Which means you MrBillz @teebillz323 cannot return me to my parents or exchange me.” Tiwa Savage and her hubby got married in April in Dubai, in a beautiful and elaborate wedding ceremony attended by family, friends and other top celebrities in the music industry. Tiwa born February 5, 1980, has been in the news a lot lately. She had been criticised for the outfit she wore to the BET Awards which held in July, Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles. She was also recently accused of descending on a member of staff of the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company who she said was “rude” to her.
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Grieving Widower Builds Taj Mahal Replica in Memory of His Late Wife- Faizul Hasan Kadari
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com Faizul Hasan Kadari, a retired post-master from India, has put his entire life savings into building a replica of the world famous Taj Mahal in memory of his beloved wife who died in 2011. The original Taj Mahal was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in honor of his wife Mumtaz in 1631, and is regarded as one of the world’s greatest monuments to love and grief. But who would have thought Shah Jahan’s gesture would ever be replicated, and by a retired postal worker, of all people? Faizul Hasan Kadari might not have had the riches of the old emperor, but the promise made to his dying wife Tajammuli Begum was enough to fuel his ambition and build his own version of the Taj Mahal. He took a team of local workers to the walled city of Agra to see the original masterpiece and asked them to build a smaller replica, without all the intricate carvings and decorations, which would have been impossible to imitate anyway. To fund his project, Kadari sold his land, his wife’s jewels and used up all the savings from his pension. On her dying bed, Tajammuli Begum told her husband they would be forgotten because they had no children to carry on their name, but Faizul promised to build a grand mausoleum in her name so that the world would remember them for many years. Ironically, the 77-year-old retired post-master had always believed emperor Shah Jahan’s extravagant monument to love was an insult to the common man, but after losing his wife, he realized the intensity of love and pain made money seem meaningless. Since they had no children, Faizul Hasan Kadari had no problem selling everything they had to fulfill the promise he made to his wife. It cost 900,000 rupees ($15,000) to erect the small Taj Mahal on a 5,000-square-feet piece of land outside of his home, in Bulandshahr, but he requires more money to see it completed. Funds are drying up, but Faizul refuses to take money from anyone, and plans on using his monthly pension from now on. Completing his own Taj Mahal is all Faizul is thinking about right now, and hopes to be buried next to his beloved wife when the time comes.
Chinese Human Snail Carries His Home on His Back Wherever He Goes- Liu Lingchao
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com 38-year-old Liu Lingchao is a real-life human snail who carries his 60-kg-heavy house on his back wherever he goes. Made of bamboo poles and plastic sheets, the portable home provides shelter on Liu’s long travels through China. Liu Lingchao makes a living selling plastic bottle and metal cans he picks up from the streets of various Chinese cities. The man from Rong’an, Guangdong Province, built his first mobile home five years ago, as a way to save money on his long journeys, and for protection against rain and cold weather. Liu found life as a snail to his liking, and has since then worn out three bamboo huts. His newest one is 1.5 meters wide and and 2.2 meters tall, offering him just enough room for a modest bedding and his travel necessities. Its 60 kg weight is not exactly easy for one man to carry, so Liu really is moving at the pace of a snail along China’s roads, but it beats having to look for shelter wherever he goes, and says the fact that he can settle down virtually anywhere he wants is worth the effort. The human snail left Wuzhou City several months ago, and is now just 20 miles away from completing an epic 270-mile walk and returning to his home town. The Chinese are really resourceful when it comes to housing. Three years ago, we wrote about Daihai Fei, a young designer who built himself a sustainable egg house insulated with a layer of stitched bags. Then there was the story of the young couple living in a small cargo truck, or the family who made a public toilet their home. Source: China News
Live Like a Genuine Convict at Latvia’s Prison Hotel
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com Latvia’s Karosta Prison was used as a Nazi and Soviet military prison for most of the 20th century. Hundreds of prisoners are said to have died here, many of them shot in the head. Nowadays the nightmarish facility has been transformed in a prison-themed hotel where guests can sign an agreement to be treated like actual inmates. Located in the city of Liepaja, Karosta Prison is one of Latvia’s most unique tourist attractions. Visitors can take tours of the old prison facility and learn the gruesome history of this place, visit the prison museum and even book a stay in one of the old cells. Karosta is certainly not the only prison converted to a hotel in the world, but it sets itself apart by allowing visitors to experience authentic prison life in Communist Era conditions. It might sound like a gimmick to attract tourists, but a stay at Karosta Prison is actually no walk in the park. To make sure there are no complaints, the hotel requires guests to sign an agreement acknowledging they are to be treated like prisoners by the trained staff. That includes sleeping in a cell on an old mattress laid over wooden boards, eating prison food served through the barred doors, getting verbally abused by the guards and following orders to the letter. Failure to comply to the strict code of conduct is punished through physical exercise and cleaning work around the prison. The Karosta Prison website reminds wannabe prisoners that going through this experience can be considered brutal, but that it is entirely their choice. And if the treatment they are subjected to isn’t enough to scare guests away, the staff is more than happy to tell them stories about paranormal activity on the prison grounds. Light bulbs screwing out of their sockets, cell doors opening by themselves, the sound of chains echoing from the halls and the disturbing cold of a presence not of this earth are just some of the things guards talk about during tours. Karosta Prison was actually featured on an episode of the SciFi Channel’s Ghost Hunters International, and they claimed it was one of the most active locations they had ever visited. If such things as ghosts actually exist, you’d find few better places to look for them than Karosta. Originally built as an infirmary in 1900, this place was used as a military prison by both the Soviet and Nazi regimes. During World War II, the Nazis sentenced Latvian deserters to death here, and executed them in the yard. To give you an idea of how the inmates felt about this place, the solitary confinement room features a cryptic message above the door: ‘izeja no elles’, Latvian for ‘exit from hell’. Enjoy your stay! The Karosta Prison Hotel is open every year, from May 1st to October 30th. For out of season tours, visitors have to call in advance. Photos © Karosta Prison
9 Yr Old girl who Eats, Sleeps and Plays with 30 Reptiles including an ANACONDA - Krista Guarino
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode Little Krista Guarino is an expert snake handler despite being just NINE years-old. The brave schoolgirl lives with a staggering 30 reptiles, including anacondas and a 12ft python at her home in Michigan, America. She eats, sleeps and plays with the creatures – some of which are twice her size – and held her first snake when she was just TWO. The plucky schoolgirl has even been bitten a few times but none of the snakes are venomous and Krista claims the bites don’t even hurt! She said: “I’m never afraid of snakes, not even a little bit. I’m crazy for them.” Krista, the eldest of three children, was first introduced to the animals by dad Jamie, 33, who is a snake specialist. He said: “Snake was one of her first ever words. “I knew when she was very little that they were going to be her passion. “From an early age she wasn’t like a normal kid – she wasn’t afraid of snakes at all. “She just wants to go up and grab them and pet them and play with them.” During the summer holidays Krista helps Jamie out at their local reptile house and shows no fear when playing with, training or handling any snake. She even helps to feed the ALLIGATORS. The father and daughter team also enjoy weekends searching for rattlesnakes – one of the most dangerous species in the world. And they upload their hair-raising videos of all their adventures to their SnakeHuntersTV channel on YouTube. Krista has already set her sights on opening her own reptile zoo when she’s older because she wants to change perceptions about snakes. She added: “Some people are afraid of snakes and they want to kill them but I think they’re really cool and interesting. “One day I want to own every kind of reptile in the world.”
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The Amazing Orchid That Looks Like a Monkey’s Face
Legal Notice: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode More Amazing News: http://www.gistonthis.com It’s not very hard to guess how the Monkey Orchid got its name, but ever since photos of it started circulating on the internet about a year ago, people have had a hard time believing such a flower actually exists. As photoshoped as it may look, the Monkey Orchid actually exists, and yes, it really does match the grinning face of a very small monkey. The scientific name of this very rare flower is Dracula simia, with the first part hinting at the resemblance between its two long spurs to the fangs of Bram Stoker’s famous vampire count, and the second meaning “monkey” in Latin. It only grows in the mountainous regions of Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, at an elevation of between 1,000 and 2,000 meters above sea level, but there are a few lucky collectors who have managed to grow it in “captivity”. The Monkey orchid is not season specific, and in its natural habitat it can flower at any time. As if its striking resemblance to a monkey’s face wasn’t astounding enough, this flower actually smells a lot like a ripe orange, as well. Which is kind of ironic, because with a face like that you’d expect it to smell like bananas, right?
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