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Skydiving in Michigan (6/12/16) -- Jason Blades
Went skydiving on June 12, 2016 with my mom and Darlene Clawson in Napoleon Michigan through Skydive Tecumseh. Awesome day!!! Clear, 75 degrees and could see as far as Lake Michigan and the MIS Track. Jumped at 18,000 feet which is the highest in Michigan. Gave us oxygen before we jumped!!
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Overall Look at Lincoln Assembly Line
This was Day 1 of production so only 1 line was set up. They will ramp up to additional lines.
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Step 2 -- Lincoln Video Mailer Assembly
This is where they complete the assembly of the video mailer itself along with the power cord holder.
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Step 1 -- Lincoln Video Mailer Assembly
This step takes the raw video unit and preps it for step 2, along with prepping the paper video case (which includes putting in the magnet safety feature that prevents the unit from turning on when closed).
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Step 4 -- Lincoln Final Assembly
This is the final assembly step where they check order of the internal components and, for the 3rd time, the video unit for battery charge and start up. The package is sealed and then put in a jig so the mailing label can be placed on the box centered.
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2017-18 Wings Ticket Draft Lottery
Recorded with VideoCam+ for iOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/videocam+-pause-edit-recording/id999787907
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Test video (Blades)
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Winnie's new fashion statement
Winnie's not too sure about these new socks. They are the non-slip kind to help on wood floors. She warmed up to them pretty quickly
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Revolutionary NEW approach to general healthcare
Plumb Health Clinic in Michigan.
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Test #2
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Step 3 -- Lincoln Mailing Box Assembly
This step assembles the protective mailing container and then the person inserts the cord and video unit. They then put a rubber band around the package to prevent it from popping open before final assembly.
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Hearing Aids
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2016 Wings Ticket Draft Lottery
As you know, with this being the last year at the Joe, I figured we give everyone an opportunity for the 1st overall, but weight it based on when I received money. See the attached video for the First Round results. SORRY FOR THE CAMERA WORK...you get what you pay for.
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Cannabis for pets
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