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Tenement Museum - Lower East Side, NY
Mike Gilliam’s visit to the Tenement Museum in the Lower East Side. The Tenement Museum preserves the history of immigration through the personal accounts of those who built lives in the Lower East Side. Visitors can view restored apartments from the 19th and 20th centuries, walk the historic neighborhood, and interact with residents to learn the stories of generations of immigrants who helped shape the American experience. The museum is available by guided tour only. Each tour focuses on a specific theme and takes visitors to a different area of the building or neighborhood. Show: Arts in the City Aired: July 2015 https://www.tenement.org/
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Ameriasians - Story of Kien Nguyen and Trista Goldberg
2015 marked the 40th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon, ending the Vietnam War. Many of the American soldiers who served in Vietnam left behind children they fathered. Some were abandoned in Vietnam, others were adopted here in the United States. What happened to these forgotten children? Correspondent Mike Gilliam provides an exclusive report and interviews Kien Nguyen, Author of “The Unwanted,” and Trista Goldberg, Founder of Operation Reunite, a non-profit organization that provides DNA tests to help reconnect birth parents to their Amerasian children. Show: Asian American Life Aired: November 2015
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Japanese Carpentry: Building without Nails and Miya Shoji
In a world furnished with mass-produced goods, Miya Shoji & Interiors, a small shop in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood goes against the grain by continuing the Japanese tradition of carpentry. Reporter Rayner Ramirez looks at the artists behind the woodwork. #miyashoji #japanesecraftsmen Show: Asian American Life Aired: March 2018
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Geena Rocero: Fashion Model and Transgender Advocate
Ernabel Demillo goes one-on-one with fashion model Geena Rocero, who has become a pioneer and advocate for transgenders. Wikipedia: Geena Rocero is a Filipino American supermodel, TED speaker, and transgender advocate based in New York City. Rocero is the founder of Gender Proud, an advocacy and aid organization that stands up for the right of transgender people worldwide to "self-identify with the fewest possible barriers". Show: Asian American Life Aired: October 2014, June 2015
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The Phantom of the Opera - Ali Ewoldt
The Phantom of The Opera is the longest running musical on Broadway. They’ve recently made headlines by casting the first Asian American actress in the leading role, long dominated by Caucasian actresses. Reporter Minnie Roh gets up and personal with Ali Ewoldt. Show: Asian American Life Aired: October 2016
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Reviving Nepal Bhasa - A Documentary - Final Trailer
You can now rent the movie or choose to buy/donate to Reviving Nepal Bhasa: http://revivingnepalbhasa.vhx.tv/ With your help, there will be more exciting content coming soon. Subhaye! Reviving Nepal Bhasa: Indigenous languages around the world are disappearing at an alarming rate. One such language is Nepal Bhasa, the language of Newars or the indigenous people of Nepal. Reviving Nepal Bhasa, a 30-min documentary, examines both the language and culture of the Newar people and its struggle to survive in our modern times. Directed and Produced by Sam Shakya Associate Producer and Director: Bimina Ranjit
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Native Fashion Now: Contemporary Native American Fashion
Magalie Laguerre Wilkinson checks out "Native Fashion Now" exhibit at Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian in downtown Manhattan. Show: Arts in the City Aired: February 2017
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Seabrook Farms - The Untold Story of Japanese Americans
Senior Producer Maria Yip Lord and Reporter Tinabeth Piña reports on the untold story of Japanese Americans who were recruited from internment camps to work as migrant workers on Seabrook Farm throughout World War II. Many of the Japanese American families stayed behind after the war and formed one of the largest ethnic communities in Cumberland County, New Jersey. #seabrookfarm
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Next Generation 3D Selfies!! - 3D-Printed Action Figures from DOOB 3D
Tinabeth Piña gets DOOBED and learns how science and art come together to create 3D selfies. Aired: August 2017 Show: Arts in the City
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Tom Sachs: Tea Ceremony Exhibit at the Noguchi Museum
Donna Hanover takes us on a tour of the new Tom Sachs: Tea Ceremony Exhibit at the Noguchi Museum. She talks with the artist Tom Sachs, and Dakon Hart and Jenny Dixon from the Noguchi Museum. Show: Arts in the City Aired: June 2016
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Bulletproof Stockings - Hasidic Female Rock Band
Tinabeth Piña meets the women behind the Hasidic alternative rock band -- Bullet Proof Stockings! #female#hasidic#rock#band Show: Arts in the City Aired: April 2015 http://www.bulletproofstockings.com/
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Rick Guidotti - Redefining Beauty with Positive Exposure
A must-see story about a former fashion photographer who is re-defining what beauty is and transforming people’s lives.Carol Anne Riddell interviews Rick Guidotti, founder of Positive Exposure. Show: Arts in the City Aired: March 2018
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Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling
Carol Anne Riddell tells us what's special about the new Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art and Storytelling in Harlem. Show: Arts in the City Aired: July 2016
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Vaute Couture | First Vegan Outerwear
Correspondent Minnie Roh visits the world’s first vegan coat line which uses recycled and organic fibers for its winter line. It’s a revolutionary concept that could create a new standard in the fashion industry. Show: Asian American Life First Aired January 2018
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Christianity in Asian American Community | Eugene Cho of Quest Church
Reporter Kyung Yoon explores Christianity in Asian American communities with Lead Pastor Eugene Cho, Quest Church and Dr. Dale Irvin, NEW YORK THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY.
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A Year of Yes: Reimagining Feminism at the Brooklyn Museum
See why everyone is talking about “A Year of Yes: Reimagining Feminism” at the Brooklyn Museum. It features trailblazing art of Marilyn Minter, Beverly Buchanan, Georgia O'Keeffe plus many more artists. Host Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson interviews Catherine Morris, the curator of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art.
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Humanism and Ethical Culture
What is humanism, and how does it function in the modern world? With the help of Dr. David Orenstein, New York Society of Ethical Culture and Humanist UK, we try to answer those questions. #humanist #humanism #freethinkers #atheism
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Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life at The New York Botanical Garden
Donna Hanover’s visit to The New York Botanical Garden’s exhibition, Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life. Show: Arts in the City Aired: September 2015 http://www.nybg.org/frida/
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Toby Dawson: U.S. Men's Mogul Olympic Bronze Medalist
For an athlete, winning a medal at the Olympic game can be a life changer – no one knows this more than Toby Dawson, a U.S. Men’s Mogul Olympic Bronze Medalist at the 2006 winter games in Torino. His medal earned him an entirely new family and country that embraced him as one of their own. Reporter Minnie Roh shares a heartwarming story tracing Dawson’s journey from adopted son from Korea to USA Olympic ski medalist and hero. Show: Asian American Life Aired: January 2018
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What is Poke? | Find out with NYC's Sons of Thunder
All across America, there’s a growing appetite for Poke, a traditional Hawaiian dish made with raw fish. It’s become so popular on the East coast that they’re popping up in all over major cities. Reporter Paul Lin explores why Poke has become the trendiest dish of summer. #poke Show: Asian American Life Aired: July 2017
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The League of Kitchens - Yamini Joshi and South Indian Cooking
“The coolest foodie thing to do in New York is to learn from one of the best immigrant chefs in their home,” reports Condé Nast Traveler. AAL Host Ernabel Demillo whips up a quick Indian dinner in Queens with Yamini Joshi of The League of Kitchens. Yamini Joshi was also recently interviewed by Stephen Colbert! https://www.leagueofkitchens.com/instructors/indian-cooking-with-yamini Show: Asian American Life Aired: November 2014
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Pop Up Books
Artist Colette Fu creates one-of-a-kind works that combine photography, bookmaking and sculpture. She makes pop-up books! But what she does with them will change the way you think about this medium. Reporter Paul Lin explores her work! Colette Fu's Pop-up Books Show: Asian American Life Aired: November 2016
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Andrea Jung: Avon to Grameen America
Kyung Yoon talks to Andrea Jung, listed by Forbes as one of the most powerful women in the world, about leaving Avon to run a micro finance organization championing women’s causes. Show: Asian American Life Aired: May 2015 http://www.grameenamerica.org/
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Elderly Care - Caring for Aging Parents
Caring for aging parents is something most adult children worry about, but for Asian Americans cultural obligations exist that can lead to challenges, as Kyung Yoon reports. Show: Asian American Life Aired: December 2014
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Reviving Nepal Bhasa: How to do a Newar-style Birthday
In response to the question: how to revive a language and culture like Nepal Bhasa, we present to you our first of many mini-series on Newar culture featuring Kabina Singh and her son Samrat "How to do a Newah Birthday.” #revivingnepalbhasa #newari #culture #birthday #ritual #nepal #newar https://www.facebook.com/revivingnepalbhasamovie Support our non-profit work to make more videos! Please buy/rent the 30-min documentary film Reviving Nepal Bhasa at : http://revivingnepalbhasa.vhx.tv/
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Lifi - Photonics and The Future of High-Speed Internet
Ari Goldberg reports on professor Vinod Menon and his work with photonics and Li-Fi. Show: Arts in the CIty Aired: March 2016
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Dance Mandal
Charya Nritya came straight from the Kathmandu Valley to Portland via Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya, the main lineage holder outside Nepal. Traditionally practiced behind closed temple doors by the indigenous Newar Vajrayana priests of the valley known as Vajracharyas, the dance has spread through Prajwal’s vision. In Nepal in 1996, Prajwal created an organization, Dance Mandal, which has been benefiting many who may observe or practice it. After Prajwal and Dance Mandal moved to the U.S., the Portland temple, called Nritya Mandala Mahavihara was found in 2009.
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Broadway Fight Director Ron Peretti
Ever wonder how fight scenes are created in a Broadway show? Reporter Ari Goldberg took a class with an expert -- fight director Ron Piretti from The Barrow Group Theatre Company and School and learned a few tricks. #broadway #fight #choreography Show: Arts in the City Aired: May 2018
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Yuh-Line Niou - 1st Asian-American Assemblymember to represent NYC 65th District
Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou became the first Asian American to represent Manhattan and Chinatown. Host and Reporter Ernabel Demillo sat down with her to talk about her freshman year in the Assembly and her future plans. Show: Asian American Life Aired: November 2017
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Troma - 40 Years of Disrupting Media
Tinabeth Pina goes inside the world of one of longest-running independent film production and distributer Troma Entertainment, the creators of Toxic Avengers. Show: Arts in the City Aired: September 2016
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Museum Restaurants - Untitled & Café Serai
Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson visits two delicious museum restaurants: Untitled (at the Whitney Museum) & Cafe Serai at Rubin Museum of Art.
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Kimchi - The Staple Korean Food
It’s time for Kimchi, a staple Korean food that’s served 3 times a day. So how did this traditional spicy pickled cabbage become all the rage with foodies? Minnie Roh has the answers and highlights the new foodie trends, as well as traditional methods of preparing this favorite dish. Show: Asian American Life Aired: January 2016
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Ice Sculptures | Okamoto Studios
Some of you may get invited to a holiday party where you’ll see a grand ice carving gracing the room. But have you ever stopped to think about the artist behind the sculpture? Reporter Minnie Roh talks to one of the most prolific ice carvers in the world, and shows you how he’s taken this age old craft and elevated it into a true art form. Show: Asian American Life Aired: December 2017
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One Day's Wages - A Movement to Alleviate Poverty
One Day's Wages is a grassroots movement of People, Stories, and Actions to alleviate extreme global poverty. Watch the Founder & Executive Director Eugene Cho sharing about this incredible organization!
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Loida Nicolas Lewis - Wife of Late Reginald F. Lewis
This month for Filipino American History Month, Reporter Ernabel Demillo looks at the life of philanthropist and community activist Loida Nicolas Lewis, the former CEO of a multi-billion dollar company. She’s one of a handful of women to run a Fortune 500 corporation. While she may be retired from the daily business of running a company, she’s still keeping busy with several new ventures.
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Asian Americans in Office
Asian Americans are the fastest growing immigrant population in the U.S., making up over 5% of the national population. But when we look at the number of Asian Americans in office, they are still in the minority. Show: Asian American Life Aired: September 2016
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Tereza Lee - The Dream Act and its original Dreamer
Meet Tereza Lee, the inspiration behind the DREAM Act! #Dreamers #Dreamact Show: Asian American Life Aired: April 2018
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Race Relations - The Peter Liang Story
Race Relations: Asian American and African American leaders speak out in the aftermath of NYPD Rookie Officer Peter Liang Trial. Minnie Roh reports on how this case has rekindled a national debate on race and justice. Show: Asian American Life Aired: May 2016
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Saving Endangered Languages
I produced this story, in collaboration with Endangered Language Alliance, to bring awareness on endangered languages. The Endangered Language Alliance is exactly that... a group looking at languages that are on the verge of disappearing forever. #endangeredlanguages #languagesofnyc
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Israeli Arts at 70 - Israeli Music - Anat Cohen, Ravid Kahalani
As part of CUNY TV's Special on Israeli Arts at 70 this segment features Anat Cohen, the top Jazz clarinetist in the world; Ravid Kahalani, founder and lead singer of Yemen Blues which combines Yemenite Jewish, Jazz and African music. #anatcohen #clarinetist #ravidkahalani #yemenblues #israel Show: Israeli Arts at 70 Aired: October 2018
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Movie Makeup - Zombie Transformation at BxC Studio
Movie makeup company BxC Studios transforms Andrew Falzon into a zombie. Show: Arts in the City Aired: November 2015 http://bxcstudios.com/
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Israeli Arts at 70 - Vertigo Dance Company
As part of CUNY TV's Special on Israeli Arts at 70 this segment features the internationally renowned Vertigo Dance Company, the first Israeli dance company ever to appear in London’s Royal Albert Hall. #vertigodancecompany #israel Show: Israeli Arts at 70 Aired: October 2018
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North Korean Defector
Since the division of Korea after World War II and the end of the Korean War (1950–1953), some North Koreans have managed to defect for political, ideological, religious and economic reasons. Here's Minnie Roh's exclusive report on how one North Korean survivor made it to freedom here in the US. Show: Asian American Life Aired: February 2015
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Something Rotten! - Meet the Stars of the Broadway Musical
Tinabeth Piña’s sits down with two of the stars of the Broadway musical Something Rotten! Brian d'arcy James and Christian Borle! Show: Arts in the City Aired: September 2015 http://rottenbroadway.com/
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Rolling Stones - Exhibitionism in New York
If you're The Rolling Stones fan, don’t miss Andrew Falzon's story about The Rolling Stones Exhibit now in NYC until March 12th. Check out the recreation of their recording studio, flat where it all started, clothes and much more. See what Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts have to say about this exhibit. Exhibitionism - The Rolling Stones Show: Arts in the City Aired: February 2017
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Extreme Kids and Crew
Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson visits Extreme Kids & Crew which empowers children with disabilities and their families through the arts, movement and play. Show: Arts in the City Aired: June 2016
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Korean American Community Foundation - Thank You Video
KACF Gala Video - Grantees and donors expressing the impact of helping the community with donations. Freelance Editing Project
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Deportation of Southeast Asian Refugees
Southeast Asians, many who came as refugees fleeing violence and genocide from the Vietnam War and the Khmer Rouge, are quietly being deported from the United States. Reporter Ernabel Demillo spoke to community activists in New York who are working to raise awareness and are calling to an end to the deportation of Southeast Asians. #immigration#deportation#southeastasian#mekongnyc Show: Asian American Life Aired: March 2019
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Tinabeth Pina tells us how it would be almost impossible to wrestle without Sir Isaac Newton’s 3 laws of motion. She talks to members of Beat the Streets, a wresting club that helps NYC kids fulfill their athletic and academic potential. Show: Science and U! Aired: June 2016
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Jeffery Rudell - Paper Artist
Raynor Ramirez visits paper artist Jeff Ruddell #jefferyrudell#paperartist#paper#flower Show: Arts in the City Aired: April 2019
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