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Mystique Collection Insulated Lunch Bag - Your best choice!
The insulated lunch bags are part of the recently launched Jacki Design products! To showcase their quality, we've prepared a video comparing it to other products. Come and check it out! www.jackidesignintl.com
New Essential Collection   Expandable Tote Bag with wheels
The New Essential Collection has a very easy to use Expandable Tote Bag with wheels. Check it out on our website: www.jackidesignintl.com
Kids Lunch Bags
Check out these amazingly cute kids lunch bags. Learn more on www.jackidesignintl.com.
Miss Chérie Collection - Always in style with you!
This video showcases the beautiful Miss Chérie Collection. You can find out more at www.jackidesignintl.com
New Essential Collection - A fashion statement everyday!
The new Essential collection is here to amaze you! With new colors, design and functionality, this promises to be a blockbuster in the market! If you can't wait to see it, relax and press play. You can find more at: www.jackidesignintl.com.
Jacki Design Essential 3 Collection
Jacki Design welcomes its 3rd generation of the Essential collection. Please visit www.jackidesignintl.com for more information.
Miss Chantelle Collection
Sneak Peak to our Exclusive Customers
Essential Collection - Perfect for your everyday!
Every woman needs a basic item in their wardrobe. Jacki Design has created this collection with this in mind! With the Essential Collection, you have everything needed to shine everyday! Visit us at www.jackidesignintl.com
Contour Collection
Check out Jacki Design new Contour Collection. Find out more at www.jackidesignintl.com.
Chic Charm Travel Bag Sets
Chic Charm Travel Bag Sets are ideal for your travel. High quality and affordability in one product! Check it out on our website: www.jackidesignintl.com.
Bella Donna Collection
A classic chic style that never goes out of fashion. To learn more, visit www.jackidesignintl.com.
Jacki Design 2015-2016 New Collections Preview
Can't wait to see what we have available for 2015-2016? This video shows all of our newest collections. Come and check it out at www.jackidesignintl.com!
Mama & Me Collection
Being a mom is more than caring for a baby. It is a journey where a little piece of you is projected in that tiny being. Your traits, moods and even that funny face shows how much you are a mirror of each other. Jacki Design presents a collection that will make all mommies out there feel special. Check us out at www.jackidesignintl.com.
For Men Collection - Be the best self!
Our men's collection is an exquisite line of accessories for men. From toiletry bags, messenger bags to travel bags, we have everything that will suit your needs. Available in black, blue and brown colors. Visit us at www.jackidesignintl.com for more.
Chic Charm Travel Bag Sets - Travel inexpensively and in style!
Get ready for the holiday season with these inexpensive, practical travel bag sets from Chic Charm! Check it out on our website: www.jackidesignintl.com.
Tropicana Collection - Sunny, stylish and warmth!
Are you looking to bring a little bit of sun, fun and warmth into your life? Our Tropicana collection might be the perfect fit for you! Floral patterns available in Green, Orange and Pink for a variety of items ranging from Cosmetic Bags to Tote Bags. Come and check it out at www.jackidesignintl.com!
Felicità Collection
The Felicità collection from Jacki Design will mesmerize you. Designed with colorful stripes, Felicità surprises you with our signature products such as Cosmetic Bag Sets, Beauty Sets, Travel Bags, Tote Bags and many others. Visit us at www.jackidesignintl.com for more!
Jacki Design Vanity Mirrors
Check out Jacki Design's new Vanity Mirrors. Great for gift giving. www.jackidesignintl.com
Miss Chérie Collection - A Cosmetic Bag Gift Set you just can't miss
The all new Jacki Design Miss Cherie Collection Cosmetic Bag Gift Sets is finally here. With beautiful colors and a dazzling design, this cosmetic bag gift set will help you get organized while keeping it all beautiful. Don't miss this opportunity to get your own set. For more, visit: www.jackidesignintl.com

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