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Miracle Gel
If you are reading this then you actually care.
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giving my cats cat nip
Hi y’all! Sorry I didn’t upload for like a month or so! I was so busy doing stuff and if y’all have any suggestions of what video I should do next, then please tell me in the comment section. Please Like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE and hit that notification bell. That’s it, see ya in the next video! Bye! Please Follow me at VSCO with the username, maezy-blackhawk. Also please subscribe to my friend , ToothPaste, so we can collaborate in the future
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Eyeball Disecetion
Give this video a thumbs up if you want to see more videos like this! Do you REALLY think i was going to disect a real eyeball? Thats just for a future video. MWAH HAH HAH HAH IF YOU ARE STILL READING THIS THEN COMMENT #notificationssquad I'll pin your comment!
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it snowed.
I like snow
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Say Something
I’m giving up on you. 🤪🦕 This is a collab with Tooth Paste
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My cat.
ITs noT a PRoblEm ANymoRE
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wreck this journal
If you want more wreck this journal then please like or comment so i know to do mare videos like this.
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