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What I think the Warriors' cats look like - Thunderclan & Non-clan cats [1st Series]
Just some images of what I think the cats would look like. I'm so glad I didn't add music. It was distracting; kept trying to make it a PMV. Anyways, these sounds are all from England forests; so this is what our cats would've heard in their day-to-day lives. I'll credit them later. All files from Freesound. I deleted my video file and forgot to copy the sounds down like an idiot, but I think I remember them. The sound files from first to last (probably): Vonora - Sussex Woodland and Meadow Bord Sounds, Evening: http://freesound.org/people/Vonora/sounds/269559/ Vonora - Cuckoo & The Nightingale Duet: http://freesound.org/people/Vonora/sounds/269570/ Keith Selmes - An English Country Garden In July: http://freesound.org/people/Keith%20Selmes/sounds/329675/ squashy555 - pigeon: http://freesound.org/people/squashy555/sounds/319512/ All images are recklessly saved from google images. I don't know their sources. However, you might find them by searching their color. You might also find them by breed. I have Abyssinian, Maine Coons, Norwedgian Forest, Oriental Short Hairs, Persians, and a Scottish Fold in there; amongst other breeds.
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(Unedited) "Mild" Asperger’s
I might be filled with regrets later. Oh well. Ironically, my ADHD is showing more.
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Youtube & Tumblr: same sides one coin
I wish I had a long cool, relaly informational video with lots of editing to prove my point. But I don't. Guess the title is misleading, it'd fit that sort better. Anyways, a quick complaint while I work on other projects. My eyelid fluttering and my eyeballs rolling is a thing it's not going to go away.
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Song of Time on Antara
Remember to subscribe and comment below! The "Re" reed is warped. It doesn't always give the right sound, try as I might. The antara is the Quechua name for what is also called the siku, zampoña, or Andean panpipes. This instrument came from Peru and appears to be made out of the original, native reeds these ancient inatruments used to be made of; rather then bamboo or plastic. This was a gift from a white friend who vacationed in Peru. She bought it from a street shop outside of Cuzco. The colors are the same as Cuzco's flag. It serves a dual purpose in my life, however ; ) Most white people playing these sorts of instruments don't seem bothered by the cultural appropriation, but I am. So I'm mentioning it in the description. I may be indigenous, but I'm not Southern Native American, I'm Northern. Someday I hope to recieve a Plains Native American flute, so that I can support my tribe (Osage) and myself with it. Subscribe, like, and comment for more Zelda covers!
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Wapiti trying to cross the road
20150627_143950.mp4 Yes I call them wapiti, even though I'm American. This is a vacation video, so yes my dam and her "lover" talk. I'm not in this video, just cleaning out my phone. Not sure why it has her data, but it does. Like my marmot video, filmed in the Colorado mountains. Don't know which one, but I can ask if you people want me to.
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Marmot in Colorado
20150627_144741.mp4 Little marmot walking around. Hope you can't steal any info when they show the cards in the phone. Anyways, this is my dam's film, but the memory was in my phone somehow. Just cleaning out my phone, this video can be public, so yay!
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Once Upon a Time [Ft. Aubren] (Undertale: The Broadway Musical) [Demo] Ver 2
Tbh this song sounds like their school project. The music is a louder then the vocals, but I sung tolerably; and it's closer to how it's intended to be. Same method of recording as in Version 1.
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Your Best Friend (Undertale: The Broadway Musical) [Ft. Aubren] {Demo; Ver 1}
Lyrics are a work in progress. Had a healthy dose of annoyance to get my Flowey voice going! It's hard for me to do Flowey's voice in this singing style.
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Small Wapiti herd grazing next to people
20150627_154856.mp4 Can you here the little "whoop"'s in the beginning? : ) I think this is a different herd from my other wapiti video. Filmed in Colorado. Yes I'm American. No, I'm not on this vacation. If you want to know the exact area, ask so that I can ask the cameraperson.
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Injured Katydid roaming a patio
Poor thing has a bite taken out of it and it's wing-sheath gone. Last I saw it it was trying to climb my house wall. It's probably dead. I've seen this katydid in my yard a couple o' times before, it's sad to see it go. Right before I began filming, it was on the other side of the concrete crack detecting the distance between it and the rocks. It was cool to watch its gears turn in its little head. I tried to capture it on film, but the dog kept getting in the way. Oh well. (She found the critter in the first place. This vid is all thanks to her.) I had to pause the vid a couple of time because I only had ~2:36 left on my camera. Wanted to capture it climbing on me; and I had to pause it to do that.
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"Made Me Realize" I can play the Melodica
Gravity Falls OP on the Melodica. A non-professional play. Subscribe & like if you want more.
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Song of Time on Siku
As the title says. Please note that my siku is warped from mistreatment and perhaps humidity. So the "Re" reed is warped beyond playability.
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Undertale: The Musical [Demo] Once Upon a Time
Full title: "Undertale: The Broadway Musical [Demo] Once Upon a Time [Ft. Aubren] (Ver 1) LYRICS IN CLOSED CAPTIONS ---- Creation: Two android phones were used to play music and record music. All audio recorded on camera, song via youtube. Both the lyrics and voices are mine. Instrumental song ("Once Upon a Time") is by Toby Fox. I just wanted to get this out there, it's been sitting halfway written in my notebook since BEFORE everyone came out with there musical stuff. I'm so irritated that I didn't get to it first! Anyways, out of 9 tryouts, this was the only one where Asriel & Chara had clearly seperate voices. (Chara is supposed to be gender-neutral; I'm still learning.) I had some better sounding ones...but I stuck with character differentiation as the main principal. This also happened to be the last one done, my throat is tired xD.
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Mind over heart - Rap
A quick rap I made up to vent my frustration. As a Relationship Anarchist, I must define it by what it actually is. As the rap explains, we pay attention to eachother...in ways I don't particularly care about. I want to do business with him, he...doesn't. Even though _everytime I critique his work and he refines,_ he finds his final product is better. Ugh! I know I have other lyrics to do, this was a quick venting. The others takes time, though it is an excuse. Music: https://youtu.be/R8aW_dZHch0
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Google Drive Error: Repeated popups due to uploading
Posted to draw Google staff's attention. An error I've been having with Google Drive. May be virus related. Couldn't find many forums discussing it, and they weren't useful. Affects phone memory. Filmed with a Galaxy Note4 on a Galaxy S7 Edge (phone affected).
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