Videos uploaded by user “wavedash”
World of Goo - The Red Carpet (OCD) - 0 moves 57 seconds [Former WR]
Vid of Marius, who holds the world record for least moves.
Views: 88005 wavedash
Re: 0-Death CG (Ganon vs Falco) (Magus) (slo-mo)
Same as before. But slo-mo.
Views: 6708 wavedash
0-Death CG (Ganon vs Falco) (Magus)
Magus (as Ganon) chain throwing a Falco to more than 100% damage, then killing him. Full DI by Falco.
Views: 18043 wavedash
Azen (Ness) vs Chu (Pikachu)
Found somewhere on the Smash Hub (DC++) Final Destination.
Views: 1041 wavedash
08. TAM - My Soul, Your Beats! ~Classic~ (Angel Beats!)
I do not own anything in this video. All credit goes to TAM, Visual Arts, and Key Sounds Label as the creators and publishers of this amazing song. http://tamusic.jp/?p=2766 Title: My Soul,Your Beats!~Classic~ Instrumental Album: keyCLASSIC Artist: TAM Circle: Visual Arts; Key Sounds Label Date: Dec 29, 2012 (C83)
Views: 1921 wavedash
Red vs. Blue Recovery One Part I
Views: 12917 wavedash
Red vs. Blue PSA "Rules of the Game"
YES, GRIFBALL IS AN ACTUAL GAME TYPE IN HALO 3 Released March 2007 by RoosterTeeth. "Ever wanted to know how to play Grifball but were too afraid to ask?"
Views: 94009 wavedash
Seak BtT Compilation
All videos by SDM (almost).
Views: 1654 wavedash
NOT MINE. Someone's thoughts about Mew2King (M2K), a pro Smasher. Not mine.
Views: 2588 wavedash
Nessby (Red Ness) vs Chata (Blue Ness) - (2 of 2)
Ness 4 t0p ti3rz. lol
Views: 154 wavedash
Rest vs Sheik's uair
Shows rest's speed and priority. COMBO BREAKERZ
Views: 152 wavedash
The Loch Ness Monster
NOT BY ME; The Loch Ness Monster, a rather BAD Ness combo video by "Groudon199." There are at least 5 different Ness smashers featured including: -MoFo -Wak -QueenDVS
Views: 5814 wavedash
MK U_B Lv. 2
Ending was quite meh. 22.98
Views: 63 wavedash
Luigi U_B Lv. 1
Lag. 32.66
Views: 98 wavedash

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