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painting a rainbow ice cream DIY sqishy w/ kambria /my friend
kambrias channel hughmoua
Views: 10 rylees Toys
pinkie pie and rarity shrink part 1
they shrink
Views: 70 rylees Toys
fan mail!!!!!!!!
Views: 13 rylees Toys
rarity trys to potty train her cat opel but falis!!!
rarity trys to teach opel how to go to the bathroom in a litter box but fails!!! then swetie bell comes in and teaches opel how to do it and did it! will rarity be proud of her? (watch this video to see)
Views: 6 rylees Toys
opening a GIANT reese's peanut butter cup
hey guys this is roo and kam from roo and kam's toys so i hope you enjoyed this video and i still can't get over how big they were! and sorry about 3:31 it's just technical difficluties cuz i died of crazyness well, i didn't relly die it's just they were bigger than everything!!! yeah but i hope you enjoyed! #candy
Views: 5 rylees Toys
flawless toy verison
Views: 4 rylees Toys
pinkie pie and rarity shrink part 2
back to nomal
Views: 43 rylees Toys
smile hd dog and toy
Views: 95 rylees Toys
twilight loses her wings and scootaloo flys part 1
scootaloo can fly now! but why does princess celestia and luna turn twilight back into a unicorn?
Views: 23 rylees Toys
putting together a 3d cow puzzle kids meal toy with my friend!!!
we are putting together my first 3d puzzle!!! and pinkie pie helped me film too it was fun!
Views: 19 rylees Toys

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