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smile hd dog and toy
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pinkie pie and rarity shrink part 1
they shrink
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opening a GIANT reese's peanut butter cup
hey guys this is roo and kam from roo and kam's toys so i hope you enjoyed this video and i still can't get over how big they were! and sorry about 3:31 it's just technical difficluties cuz i died of crazyness well, i didn't relly die it's just they were bigger than everything!!! yeah but i hope you enjoyed! #candy
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pinkie pie and rarity shrink part 2
back to nomal
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twilight loses her wings and scootaloo flys part 2
in part 1 twilight loses her wings. will she say sorry to pinkie pie and get her wings back?
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my past is not today twilight and toy verison
it is very cold right now where i live, so i was figuring out what to do and i thought make a toy verison! hope you injoyed
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how to clean your goldfish tank (easy steps)
so this is how to clean your pet goldfish tank! it's very easy and a good way to do it.so i hope it's helpful and yeah also, i forgot to say for a chance to get a shout out comment #petfish and if you like guppie or star better. hard for me i love them both! i hope you like my fish and if you want to see more fish videos than like this video and subscribe. i LOVE people that subscribe. and also, i made part 2 on my room tour video don't miss it! and we will be doing kam's room tour soon so stay tuned for that. and love you all!!!
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coloring imagine ink mess free finger paint trolls
we are coloring my first finger paint! (that's not at school) and it's troll themed! it was so fun!
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