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Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX+ TA NBL CW
Driver: Drake Car: s30 3'33"248
Views: 5775 Drake Nazar
Killing in the Name by The Snakecharmers (Rage Against the Machine Cover)
The song that started it all. The Snakecharmers live at Headstock Bar, Marikina (Philippines) This served as a part 2 of the song "Making of a Rebel by The Snakecharmers" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c7GRjk--hE&feature=youtu.be
Views: 96 Drake Nazar
Oo (Up Dharma Down Cover) by Kupunan ni Elmido.wmv
This band is the side project of Drake and Nes from the band "Penguins for Charity" I hope you guys enjoy.. Forgive me for the poor video quality.. :D
Views: 138 Drake Nazar
The Making of a Rebel by The Snakecharmers (original)
The band's first original composition performed live at Headstock Bar, Marikina (Philippines) December 7, 2011
Views: 175 Drake Nazar
Final Fantasy Fantasies
Just trying this thing out.. I had to get an existing conversation in twitter for the dialogues.. Thanks to Diana.. Je t'aime :D
Views: 22 Drake Nazar
peaceful enchantment
For that special girl..
Views: 28 Drake Nazar
Feathers by Drake (Coheed and Cambria Guitar Cover)
Drake the Snakecharmer of Penguins for Charity covers the song Feathers by Coheed and Cambria
Views: 102 Drake Nazar
Smooth Criminal - The Snakecharmers (Alien Ant Farm Cover)
Live at Headstock Bar Marikina, Philippines December 7, 2011 Failed attempt.. hahah
Views: 387 Drake Nazar
After music shenanigans
Views: 30 Drake Nazar
THE SNAKECHARMERS' New Song (well, it's a draft)
*READ THE DESCRIPTION* It's still a draft so don't gang up on me.. I kinda lost tempo since I forgot to open the metronome up.. Tuning is in Drop D Key is A phrygian but it's basically D MINOR Still thinking of the title and transitions..
Views: 22 Drake Nazar
Erotomania fail..
Fail guitar cover.. hahaha
Views: 41 Drake Nazar
On the Backs of Angels (Camera Test)
Sorry, my camera mic picks up so much noise especially my horrible playing. Guitar is an Ibanez RGR321EX with Dimbucker and 59n with no amp used.
Views: 37 Drake Nazar
[League of Legends] Drakeonyou plays Morgana in the Howling Abyss
Here's decent plays from a decent player. (I think)
Views: 32 Drake Nazar
[League of Legends] Drakeonyou plays Vayne
Here's another boring game
Views: 21 Drake Nazar
Snakecharmers' NEW song Version 1.1
Well, 2nd version of the song.. I hope it's better.. I'm still kinda loopy 'cause I just woke up so forgive me. .:D PS. I lost timing again at the end part..
Views: 18 Drake Nazar
Scarlet the Elusive
Watch this monster as it devours a very large tree...
Views: 22 Drake Nazar
Em Blues
Fail audio.. sorry.. ahaah.
Views: 28 Drake Nazar
Views: 17 Drake Nazar
Stolen - Dashboard Confessional (High School Video)
What would happen if you leave 2 high school drop outs, a webcam and a computer together?
Views: 168 Drake Nazar
This is awesome.. (On the Backs of Angels)
Views: 84 Drake Nazar
Shadows of Discordia I: The Skies of Arcadia
This is a song I'm currently making for my band Penguins for Charity Http://www.facebook.com/Penguins for Charity I couldn't make notations for it now 'cause it has (if I'm not mistaken) a compound tempo.. Probably a 25 - 50% rise in tempo but still I'm not sure..
Views: 108 Drake Nazar
Your ears will get hurt.. Noisiest recording ever on youtube..
This shows how noisy my camera is. AHHAHA
Views: 53 Drake Nazar

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