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Winter Preparedness Tip: How to Trickle Water to Keep Pipes from Freezing
Trickle your faucets to keep water flowing and prevent your pipes from freezing during cold weather. Chicago Department of Water Management Commissioner Randy Conner shows you how. If they do freeze, use a hair dryer or heating pad to thaw your pipes. Find more tips on CityofChicago.org.
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Chicago School of Shoemaking
We recently had the pleasure of visting the Chicago School of Shoemaking where Master Cobbler Sara McIntosh works and plays. From her quaint workshop in the city's Ravenswood neighborhood, she passes years of experience, craftsmanship and insight into this lost art. For more information visit: chicagoschoolofshoemaking.com
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Food Truck Licensing & Assessments
To help mobile food vehicle license applicants prepare for the Department of Public Health and, if applicable, Chicago Fire Department inspections, the city provides a FREE Mobile Food Vehicle Assessment prior to submitting an application. The MFV Assessment consists of a mobile food vehicle review by CDPH and CFD inspectors, who will provide applicants with an inspection report explaining the results of their compliance assessment. A Business Consultant from our department will be onsite to assist with the process, and coordinate any additional services. For more information visit: cityofchicago.org/SBC
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Made In Chicago - Drift Eyewear
A few years ago, Chris Mantz went looking for a pair of eyeglasses. His didn't find the frames he was looking for but instead stumbled upon something even better...inspiration. Using his engineering background, he made his first pair of eyeglasses and has since gone on to found DRIFT, a company that makes handcrafted, eco-friendly eyewear right here in Chicago.
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MANUAL CINEMA combines handmade shadow puppetry, cinematic motifs, and live sound manipulation to create immersive theatrical stories. Using overhead projectors, paper puppets, actors in silhouette, and a live band, Manual Cinema transforms the experience of attending the cinema and imbues it with liveness, ingenuity, and theatricality. You really have to see it to believe it! Watch Manual Cinema work their magic as they perform their mythic reinvention of the classic coming-of-age story, Lula del Ray, as part of the Chicago Children's Theatre's Later Stages series @ The Ruth Page Center for Arts May 30 @ 7:30 pm. For more information visit: manualcinema.com
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The Chicago Soap Company/Abbey Brown Soap Artisan
Organic, handmade soap so fresh and fragrant, you may actually consider eating it. While we don't recommend doing that, we do suggest you pay a visit to this awesome Chicago shop filled with natural Olive Oil soaps, soothing body oils and relaxing bathing essentials. Your skin deserves it. For more information visit: abbeybrown.com
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The Garfield-Clarendon Model Railroad Club
Founded in the Garfield Park Fieldhouse in 1947 and moved to Clarendon Park in 1963, the Garfield Central Railroad is a little known treasure of the Uptown neighborhood and contains one of the largest model railroads in the country. Members of the Club meet regularly in the basement of the Clarendon Park Fieldhouse to build and operate this railroad. Highlights of the design include approximately 1,400 feet of hand-laid track, reliable operations and a state-of-the-art signaling system. The railroad travels through the fictional towns of Summit, Georgetown, Bridgeport, and Williamsport, set in the Appalachian Mountains. For more information visit: garfieldcentral.org
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Made In Chicago - Chicago Comb Co.
Started by two longtime friends, Chicago Comb Co. is the culmination of years of thinking about art, manufacturing, and sustainable production. Their mission is simple- to create a grooming accessory company that redefines elegance with products that remain timeless. We followed the process of how their premiere comb, the stainless steel, laser cut, hand finished Model #1, was made...right here in Chicago. For more information visit chicagocomb.com
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New Chicago Fire Boat
The Chicago Fire Department recently dedicated its first new fire boat in over 60 years. Named in memory of Firefighter Christopher Wheatley, who was killed last year while fighting a fire, it is now the primary emergency watercraft for the Fire Department. The boat is 90 feet long, weighs 330 tons and has a top speed of 14.8 knots or 16 miles per hour. It will serve the City's 28 miles of lakefront, as well as the Chicago River, harbors and industry located along the water.
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Historic Pullman Community
In 1880, the President of the Pullman Palace Car Company, George M. Pullman, developed a model industrial town and named it Pullman, Illinois. Since it was annexed to the City of Chicago in 1889, the Pullman community has gone through several changes, but thanks to the Pullman Historical Society and the residents of Pullman, the community has been restored back to the quaint neighborhood it was build to be.
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Chicago Fire Fighter and Paramedic Graduation
At a recent ceremony at Navy Pier, a new class of Firefighters and Paramedics received congratulations from Mayor Emanuel and Fire Commissioner Santiago as they completed their training and became members of the Chicago Fire Department. We spoke to several graduates and instructors about their training and what it means to join the CFD.
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ReStore Chicago
Windy City Habitat for Humanity ReStore helps raise money for Habitat AND keeps good, reusable materials in use! The ReStore has discounted prices on donated and new building supplies, appliances, and furniture. The 29,000 sq. ft store located on 6040 N. Pulaski Ave. is always seeking donations and volunteers. For more information visit: windycityhabitat.org
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Torrence Ave. Railroad Bridge Move
A nearly 400-foot-long, 4.3-million-pound railroad truss bridge was rolled into place over Torrence Avenue near 130th Street on Saturday, August 25th, and is believed to be the largest truss bridge ever to be moved into the place after being assembled off site. For more info visit cityofchicago.org/CDOT Time lapse video courtesy Brian Fritz Photography
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New Malcolm X College & School of Health Sciences
Mayor Rahm Emanuel and City Colleges Chancellor Cheryl Hyman recently marked the grand opening of the new Malcolm X College & School of Health Sciences, the home of City Colleges’ College to Careers center for excellence in health care education. Designed with the input of employers – most notably, lead partner Rush University Medical Center, and located next door to the Illinois Medical District—the $251 million, 1 million square feet facility will prepare Chicagoans to seize the 84,000 health care jobs coming to the region over the next decade.
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Chicago's Urban Waterways
The history of Chicago, like the histories of many global cities, is written in our waterways. Join us as we explore how Chicago’s history and future are linked to Lake Michigan and Chicago’s great rivers.
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Richard Bennett Custom Tailors
Fifty years ago, there were numerous custom tailor shops sprinkled throughout Chicago. Today, finding one of these haberdasheries can be nearly impossible. Located in the city's financial district, Richard Bennett Custom Tailors & Shirtmakers is a modern retail store steeped in old world aesthetic. It's part showroom, part theater but all class. Owner Albert Karoll takes us inside this Chicago original. For more info visit: rbtailors.com
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Cermak/Blue Island Sustainable Streetscape
The Chicago Department of Transportation recently unveiled the "greenest street in America," the first phase of a two-mile stretch of Blue Island Avenue and Cermak Road in the Pilsen neighborhood that is an unprecedented demonstration of how cutting-edge sustainable design and "complete streets" principles can be implemented in the public right of way. For more information visit cityofchicago.org/CDOT
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Chicago Velo Campus
The Chicago Velo Campus is home to the first velodrome built in the city in a generation. A temporary track is in place, awaiting the installation of a more permanent one on this former U.S. Steel industrial site - just the latest example of the urban renewal currently underway on Chicago's Far South Side. For more information visit: chicagovelocampus.com
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Restorative practices in schools: Parent Peace Rooms
An overview of the COFI/POWER-PAC model of parent peace rooms, which are being expanded to 7 new CPS schools in 2015 through funding from the Illinois Justice Commission and based on a recommendation from the Mayor’s Commission for a Safer Chicago.
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The 606 Bridge Move
The bridge improvements related to construction on the Bloomingdale Trail, the centerpiece of The 606, included moving the bridge that previously spanned Ashland Avenue to Western Avenue. The 'new' bridge at Western replaced the one demolished a few weeks earlier. The bridge was moved on special equipment that can lift, rotate, and transport the entire structure.
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Mark Bradford at the MCA
Contemporary Artist, Mark Bradford's art reflects his study of communities. He uses materials that are seen and used everyday to project his message of community importance. His latest exhibition, The Bradford Project now graces the halls of Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art.
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Archibald Motley: Jazz Age Modernist
The FREE exhibition Archibald Motley: Jazz Age Modernist celebrates twentieth-century American artist Archibald J. Motley, Jr. (1891-1981) and reveals his continued impact on art history. While considered a major contributor to the Harlem Renaissance, Motley never lived in New York but rather played that role from Chicago – his home for most of his life. This full-scale survey of 42 remarkable paintings chronicles the African-American experience, including life in Chicago’s Bronzeville, and gives a radical interpretation of urban culture of the Jazz Age 1920s and 1930s. Spanning 40 years and representing various periods of his lifelong career, the exhibition also includes his noteworthy canvases of Jazz Age Paris and 1950s Mexico, as well as works that address slavery and racism. The exhibit runs through August 31, 2015.
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Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World's Fair
120 years after the 1893 World's Fair, the Field Museum is opening its hidden collections to display incredible artifacts and specimens that will bring to life one of the most spectacular events in the Windy City's history in Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World's Fair. Get a look at objects that have rarely—or never—been on display since they amazed fairgoers over a hundred years ago, including a meteorite so feared it was kept chained in a dungeon. Explore how the fair brought visitors closer than ever to unique wonders like exotic animals, international cultures, and strange new products from all over the world. Discover how the fair lives on even today, only at The Field Museum.
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Chicago Riverwalk Grand Opening 2015
​​The Chicago Riverwalk is a continuous walkway along the south bank of the Main Branch of the Chicago River and beneath the iconic movable bridges. It begins at Lake Shore Drive and continues to LaSalle Street. The portion between State Street and LaSalle has been under construction since 2014 and is now open! Pedestrians can travel along the river from LaSalle Street to the Lake front. ADA access is at LaSalle and State Street. Future construction will link all the way west to Lake Street. Each block in the new construction has its own distinct identity and purpose and is thematically named after river typologies: The Marina (from State to Dearborn); The Cove (from Dearborn to Clark); The River Theater (from Clark to LaSalle); The Water Plaza (LaSalle to Wells); The Jetty (from Wells to Franklin) and The Boardwalk (from Franklin to Lake). The entire path will be completed by the end of 2016. A variety of vendors from LaSalle to Lake Shore Drive will provide dining, education and recreational activities along the riverwalk. Come see the exciting new line-up of Vendors for the 2015 summer season, open now through November 1, 2015.
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Make Way For People
The first of four seasonal open spaces for outdoor seating along commercial corridors opened to the public this week. Sponsored by neighborhood service providers, these new "People Spots" are designed to increase pedestrian volumes and promote local economic development. For more information visit cityofchicago.org/CDOT The pilot project is part of the "Make Way for People" initiative of the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) that aims to create public spaces that cultivate community and culture in Chicago's neighborhoods through placemaking.
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The Peterson Garden Project
The Peterson Garden Project is a not-for-profit organization looking to inspire everyone they meet to grown their own food and community. If you love the taste of a homegrown tomato, are curious about growing food yourself, and would like to make urban gardening the norm, not the exception — then they're looking for you! For more information visit petersongarden.org
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Inside, Below, and Above the Crown Fountain
Although many have marveled at its strange beauty, few people have every seen how the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park really works. We had the unique opportunity to tour the fountain from a perspective not many people have seen - from below, inside and above. Our guide, Park Operations Manager Neal Speers.
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Video Illustration of the Wells Street Bridge Reconstruction
The Chicago Department of Transportation is rebuilding the 90-year-old Wells Street Bridge over the Chicago River. This video is an illustration of the work that will be performed in early March 2013 to replace a large section of the south leaf of the movable bridge.
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Rogers Park/West Ridge Neighborhoods
Rogers Park and West Ridge are as diverse as Chicago gets. Multi-ethnic and culturally rich, the City's northern border neighborhoods are home to more than 126,000 Chicagoans.
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Loop Link Bus Rapid Transit
The City of Chicago's Department of Transportation recently began construction on the Loop Link Bus Rapid Transit system. The project will create bus-only lanes on two miles of streets on Washington, Madison, Canal and Clinton on a circuit from Union Station to Millennium Park. Loop Link will improve bus service to six bus lines by eliminating downtown bottlenecks on the most congested portion of the routes, speeding their passage through downtown by separating bus, bike and ordinary traffic lanes. By improving reliability downtown, service quality will increase on the entire route, benefiting neighborhoods throughout the City. Those six lines are the J14, 20, 56, 60 124 and 157. For more information visit: http://chicagolooplink.com/
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Resistance Pro Wrestling
We jump into the ring (literally!) with Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan to talk about Resistance Pro, a professional wrestling company he created with brothers Jacques and Gabe Baron. For more information visit resistancepro.com
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American Science and Surplus
Wow. That's all we could say when we first entered this store. The folks behind American Science & Surplus are fascinated by discovery and invention while being dedicated to having fun along the way. This Chicago gem offers an eclectic mix of industrial, military and educational items, with an emphasis on science and education. They supply a wide range of unusual and hard to find items (some say bizarre stuff) to the hobbiest, tinkerer, artist, experimenter, home educator, do-it-yourselfer, and bargain hunter. Visit them online at: sciplus.com OR even better, visit them in person: 5316 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL. 60630 Music "Sunday Market" by akaUNO (http://akauno.blogspot.com/)
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Chicago Sound - Los Cojolites
This episode of Chicago Sound features highlights from Los Cojolites' performance at Millennium Park's Downtown Sound music series. Los Cojolites are a band of modern soneros from Veracruz, Mexico. Founded in 1997 as a workshop in regional dance, poetry, and the music known as Son Jarocho, they eventually gelled into a recording unit. Their music continues a four-century tradition. Son Jarocho melds three influences into its music: Spanish (European), African, and indigenous Indian. The group's first album, El Conejo, appeared in 2001. Through relentless touring in Mexico, Europe, and the United States, they developed an international following and performed at numerous festivals and at the Kenny Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. They also placed a track in the film Frida (a cinematic adaptation of the biography of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo). Los Cojolites son una banda de soneros modernas de Veracruz , México. Fundada en 1997 como un taller de danza regional, poesía y música conocida como Son Jarocho, eventualmente formando en una agrupación musical. Su música continúa una tradición de cuatro siglos. Son Jarocho combina tres influencias en su música : español (europeo), africana y indígena de Mexico. El primer álbum del grupo, El Conejo, apareció en 2001. A través de giras implacable en México, Europa y los Estados Unidos, desarrollaron un seguimiento internacional y tocaron música en numerosos festivales y en el Centro de Kenny para las Artes Escénicas en Washington, DC. También colocado una pista en la película Frida (una adaptación cinematográfica de la biografía de la pintora mexicana Frida Kahlo).
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MeterSave is a new program offered by the City of Chicago Department of Water Management (DWM) to non-metered Chicago homeowners to voluntarily install meters to help them save water and save money.
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Edgewater Neighborhood
Edgewater was annexed into the City of Chicago in 1889 in anticipation of the Columbian Exposition. Join us as we tour this historic Chicago neighborhood.
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Ashland Bridge Move
Crews working around the clock recently completed the process of removing the bridge over Ashland Avenue as part of the Bloomindale Trail construction project. The current bridge was moved into what will become the expanded Walsh Park on the north side of Bloomingdale Avenue. There, the bridge will be cleaned of paint, assessed for structural integrity, and freshly painted. Barring unforeseen issues, the bridge will then be moved into place at Western Avenue the weekend of April 18-20. The kind of adaptive reuse seen in the Ashland/Western bridge replacement is one the hallmarks of The 606 project, which is focused on being both environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient. The 'new' bridge at Western will replace the one demolished in March, and will provide uninterrupted travel along the Bloomingdale Trail, the centerpiece of The 606 rails-to-trails project. For more information visit: the606.org
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Naturalization Oath Ceremony
Mayor Rahm Emanuel commemorated Presidents' Day by hosting a Naturalization Ceremony at Chicago's City Hall. The ceremony paid tribute to the values and ideals put forth by our nation's forefathers.
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New CTA Buses
Mayor Emanuel recently joined Chicago Transit Authority officials to provide a first glimpse of the newest CTA buses that will be hitting Chicago streets beginning this spring, The new buses, manufactured by Nova Bus, will give Chicagoans smoother, more reliable bus trips, part of the Mayor and CTA's major bus modernization program announced in 2012 to provide customers with an almost entirely new bus fleet within the next few years. For more information visit: cityofchicago.org OR transitchicago.com
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Back of the Yards Campus/Public Building Commission
The Public Building Commission (PBC) was honored recently with a Keep Chicago Beautiful 2014 Cultural Restoration Vision Award for its Back of the Yards Campus: Chicago Public High School and Chicago Public Library Branch project and its outstanding contribution to the city's environment and the community it serves. The award is given each year by the non-profit organization Keep Chicago Beautiful, an affiliate of Keep Illinois Beautiful, whose mission is to improve the environment through education, public awareness and community involvement. For more information visit: pbcchicago.com
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Dr. Seuss & The Art of Invention at MSI
The Museum of Science and Industry's newest special exhibit, There's Fun to Be Done! Dr. Seuss & The Art of Invention, examines the singular imaginative force behind a bevy of fanciful people, places, creatures and things beloved by generations.
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Chicago Water Taxi
Want to see the city from an entirely new perspective? Hop on a Chicago Water Taxi..the best $2 you'll ever spend. For more info visit chicagowatertaxi.com
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Made In Chicago - Argus Brewery
Hidden away in the historic Pullman District of Chicago, Argus Brewery continues the great tradition of locally brewed Chicago beer. Located at 113th and Front Avenue in one of only two surviving "Schlitz Row" Commercial Buildings, Argus was started by the father/son team of Robert and Patrick Jensen, who've worked hard the past few years to craft one of the best tasting beers around. For more information visit argusbrewery.com
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Chicago Youth Boxing Club Honored.
Members of Chicago Youth Boxing Club were honored for their accomplishments by the City of Chicago. "Chicago Youth Boxing Club is a non-profit organization in Little Village, Chicago. Our staff and board act as a family to local youth who face the challenges of inner-city Chicago. We provide professional boxing instruction in small group ratios, and educate our youth in work-readiness skills, nutrition, and aspire to integrate entire families into our programming."
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Protected Bike Lanes
The Chicago Department of Transportation is installing protected bike lanes in the City, the first of which is going up along Kinzie Street, west of the Loop. We talk to Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein about how he hopes the expansion will translate to more people riding bicycles in Chicago.
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FoundRe: Furnishings
We recently had the chance to visit Found:Re Furnishings in Wicker Park. The brainchild of Raun Meyn, FoundRe: specializes in handmade custom picture frames and furniture, all made using recycled and salvaged material found locally in and around Chicago. For more information visit foundrefurnishings.com
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The 58th Annual Chicago Air And Water Show – August 20 & 21
The 58th Annual Chicago Air and Water Show, presented by Shell and the City of Chicago, will return August 20 and 21 along the lakefront from Fullerton to Oak Street, with North Avenue Beach serving as show center from 10am to 3pm daily. Strong in tradition and one of the largest free admission events of its kind, the show headliners include the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and the U.S. Army Parachute Team Golden Knights. New this year, the U. S. Air Force F-35 will take part in the show for the first time. For more information about the 58th Annual Chicago Air and Water Show, please visit chicagoairandwatershow.us. To plan your trip to Chicago for the show, visit choosechicago.com.
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The Navy Pier Ferris Wheel
In the summer of 1893, the planet's first Ferris wheel was unveiled at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The legendary structure was designed by George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. as a direct response to the showstopper of the 1889 Exposition in Paris, the Eiffel Tower. Although not a true replica of the original, The Navy Pier Ferris Wheel was inspired by Ferris' original, and now stands as one of Chicago's most visible attractions.
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Customer Service Tips From a Chicago Taxicab Driver
Hear how Rashid provides top notch customer service while working as a Chicago taxicab driver and how his hard work pays off.
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Wells St Bridge Reconstruction
CDOT is rebuilding the historic Wells Street Bridge over the Chicago River. This video highlights the complicated engineering and construction work to replace the bridge sections that span over the water. For more info visit cityofchicago.org/cdot
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Beyond Swastika & Jim Crow at the DuSable Museum
By the time World War II began on September 1, 1939, Germany had purged itself of its Jewish professors, scientists, and scholars. Some of these academics, deprived of their livelihoods by the Nazis, found refuge in the United States. But in this new world, they faced an uncertain future. A few dozen refugee scholars unexpectedly found positions in historically black colleges in the American South. There, as recent escapees from persecution in Nazi Germany, they came face to face with the absurdities of a rigidly segregated Jim Crow society. In their new positions, they met, taught, and interacted with students who had grown up in, and struggled with, this racist environment. Beyond Swastika and Jim Crow explores the unlikely coming together of these two groups, each the object of exclusion and hatred, and examines the ongoing encounter between them as they navigated the challenges of life in the segregated South.
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