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The Best and Easiest 3M Hard Hat Assembly
It’s simple to put together! Subscribe and thumbs up! 3M Hard Hat Hard Hat Assembly
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ASMR!  Walmart Beauty Box Unboxing!
My 1st ever ASMR Walmart Beauty Box. Give feedback! Like...Comment...Subscribe...Thank you! Serious Business Inquiries: [email protected] If you took the time to read this type “Only $5!” #walmartbeautybox #unboxing #walmartbox Walmart beauty box unboxing walmartbox
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MarzitaB Contest Winner - Cheryl Boone - FreeTress Flexi-lock Pre Loop Crochet Braid Hair
FreeTress Pre-Loop Flexi-Lock Water Wave Crochet Braid Synthetic Hair Contest Win from MarzitaB ! MarzitaB http://youtu.be/4Ae3JDEp4hw Instagram: CherryBoo65
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(Request) Cuban Style Lechon! Part 1
Hi there! I forgot the temperature to bake it, 300 degrees for the total cooking time! You’ll love this and for a family of 4 it can last for two days...maybe. Lol Excuse my stuffiness, allergies...ugh. Leave a comment on what you would like for me to cook next. I just might surprise you and cook your favorite. :) There will be a Part 2 tomorrow and a contest! You’ll have to watch part 2 to find out what you have to do to win! Recipe: 1 6-7 lb. Pernil/Pork Shoulder 1 1/2 Tbs La Flor Adobo con Sazon 20-30 Cloves Of Garlic 2-3 Cups Of Water 2 Foil Pans 1 Heavy Duty Foil Bake at 300 degrees for 6-7 hours. After, remove bones and veins. Shred meat in pan and reseal with the foil. Cook 1-2 hours. Remove foil and cook 1/2 hour more. Meat Lechon Cuba Food Pernil Pork Food BBQ Grill Summer Fun
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Old Faithful at Yellowstone - LAVA?!
What does it look like to you?!?! #oldfaithful #yellowstone #eruption #lava #magma
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MarzitaB FreeTress Water Wave 3x Pre Loop Flexi Lock Crochet Hair and Marc Anthony Hair Fiber REVIEW
Marc Anthony Thickening Hair Fibers FreeTress Water Wave Pre Loop Flexi Lock Crochet Braid Thinning balding hair MarzitaB Contest
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Bobby Boss CHYNA MLF306 New Video! Cherryboo65
BOBBY BOSS CHYNA MLF306 F4/30 Purchased from: http://www.ebonyline.com/bobbi-boss-synthetic-hair-premium-lace-front-wig-mlf306-chyna.html Wigs2waistlength Wigs 2 Waist Length has awesome videos and sales! Very inexpensive purchase and so worth it! Please subscribe and share to help me reach 1,000 followers for a giveaway! I used Maybelline Matte Foundation to fill in the part! I also used got2be for my edges! Paypal Me at: paypal.me/cherryboo65 To help fund more videos! Poshmark: Poshmark/closet/Cherryboo65 IG: Cherryboo65 Business inquiries: [email protected] Mukbang Bobby Boss Hair Cooking Contest wigs 1,000 New York City NYC NY
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10am and moon is still in the sky with the morning sun!
Moon still visible in the morning here in New York, with the sun!
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Astoria Transformer Explosion?
My area and we could hear the buzz and feel the light pulses. Was it just a transformer explosion!? #astoria #explosion
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7.5 Antarctica Earthquake
Wow! Not again!
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Sun and moon in sky in the afternoon
How can the sun and mon, from morning until sundown, remain in the sky together, at a triangulated position and the moon have a shadow cast on it? +Dutchsinse +Mochat
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Influenster Vox Box: Reese's Spread 1/2015 #influenster "The Unboxing"
This is me trying the new Reese's Spread for Influenster.com
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Influenster Apple & Eve VoxBox
#QuenchersAdventures #Purelyorganics
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Influenster Vox Box: Reese's Spread 1/2015 #influenster The Tasting
Influenster Vox Box: Reese's Spread 1/2015 #influenster This is our tasting of the product sent to us free of charge! It's a good combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Unlike the cups, which give me an allergic reaction , this is great! Yes, Theo's an "actor"!
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Fire Red Sky In NYC 2/6/2019
This red sky caught my eye. I mistook it for a fire by the neighboring building. #red #sky #nyc
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Tostada Cook Along! On Intstagram
Fun with the family on Instagram. Like Subscribe and comment! IG: Cherryboo65
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How to Butterfly a Chicken-Made Easy!
Chefs make it look like you need special knives and a Culinary Degree. Well, I had Julia Child as a child. Lol. This is my DIY! Butterfly Chicken Food Culinary Julia Child
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(Request) Cuban Style Lechon (Part 2)
The 6 hours have passed and as my grandson said “No restaurant makes it like yours grandma”. Yummm! Use the bones for habichuelas! If you need anymore info, let me know! Please like and subscribe! Follow me on: IG: CherryBoo65 Poshmark.com: CherryBoo65 (use my name for 5$ towards a purchase!) Cuba Cuban Lechon Pernil Food Meat
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Tutorial: Spaghetti Sauce w/ Ground Chicken
By request from an awesome subbie! Although this was made with ground chicken, turkey would be the same. Next meal is Gumbo! If you read this, comment: “What’s up TURKEY!” Lol. 🦃 Like, share, subscribe and please comment! IG: Cherryboo65 Serious Business inquiries: [email protected]
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