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Cherokee Bowmaker Richard Fields
Richard Fields learned how to make a traditional Cherokee bow from his cousin. He now passes on his knowledge, teaching others the craft.
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Joshua Wheeler, Delta Force Master Sergeant
Joshua Wheeler was a prestigious Delta Force Master Sergeant, a proud Cherokee Nation citizen, and the first American soldier to be killed in combat with ISIS.
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Cooking the Cherokee Way with Betty Jo Smith
As a child, she learned to cook from the Cherokee women around her. Watch Cherokee National Treasure Betty Jo Smith prepare traditional foods and share a meal - and her kitchen secrets - with the next generation.
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Wild Onions, A Cherokee Foraging Tradition
Foraging for wild onions is more than just a tradition for many Cherokees. It's a way to connect with nature, spend time with loved ones and pass on important parts of our culture to new generations.
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The True Story of Ned Christie
Ned Christie is known to many as an Indian Outlaw who was hunted and murdered for allegedly killing a US Deputy Marshal. But many Cherokees see him as a patriot who was wrongly accused. Cherokee historians, descendants and storyteller Robert Lewis recount the details of the Ned Christie story for Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People.
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Cooking Kanuchi, A Cherokee Tradition
Cherokee National Treasure Edith Knight knows a lot about cooking. She shares the story of her youth, growing up and falling in love in the Cherokee Nation and her recipe for the traditional favorite: kanuchi.
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Haley Ganzel, A Trick Riding Legacy
Rodeo performer Haley Ganzel talks about growing up in a horse's saddle, overcoming tremendous odds and how trick riding became her passion in life.
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Life On The Edge With Ryan Dirteater
We go on the road with professional bull rider and Cherokee Nation citizen Ryan Dirteater and learn his true passion is in Cherokee County, Oklahoma.
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Diligwa, A Living Cherokee History
Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People explores Diligwa, one of the Cherokee Nation's most popular tourist attractions. Diligwa is a replica of a 1700s era Cherokee village, located in Park Hill, Oklahoma, near Tahlequah. We explore the history of the village and hear what it's like to share our tribe's culture through a snapshot in time.
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Tommy Wildcat, Sharing Cherokee Culture
Tommy Wildcat's life work is sharing Cherokee culture and history. We talk about what drives him to create a better understanding of the Cherokee people.
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Let's Talk Cherokee: Season 2, Episode 1
Learn to speak key words and phrases in the Cherokee language with speaker John Ross and Cherokee Nation immersion school students. This month, learn how to say "January", "bear", and "snow".
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Let's Talk Cherokee: Season 1, Episode 1
Learn to speak key phrases in the Cherokee language with Dr. Candessa Tehee. This month, learn how to say "Where are you going?", "I am going home", and "I am going to work".
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The Foreman Family, Roping Strong
There's a family in Oaks, Oklahoma, best known to its neighbors for two things: love for community and rodeo. OsiyoTV joins the Foreman family for a little roping action as they reveal the family history that brought them here and show us the fun in keeping their clan together.
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Crosslin Smith, The Old Ways
He's a Cherokee traditionalist and a bearer of knowledge and culture. Amid a backdrop of the elements important to traditional medicine and ceremonies, Crosslin Smith tells us about “the old ways” and shares a part of his life's story.
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Let's Talk Cherokee, Season 4 Episode 1
Learn to identify and speak the sounds of the Cherokee syllabary in these Cherokee language lessons. In this lesson learn the Cherokee words for "water," "aunt," "pumpkin," "groundhog," "white," and "locust," with Lawrence Panther and Cherokee Nation Immersion School students.
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Setting Records With High School Quarterback Mason Fine
Record-breaking Locust Grove High School quarterback and Cherokee Nation citizen Mason Fine is a standout on and off the field.
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Traditional Cherokee Food With An Urban Twist
Urban Chef Bradley Dry forages for ingredients and offers up traditional Cherokee dishes in a downtown Tulsa restaurant.
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Cherokee Almanac: The Cherokee Nation vs Georgia
Learn about key players in the historic Supreme Court case that shaped the Cherokee Nation.
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Let's Talk Cherokee, Season 4 Episode 2
Learn to identify and speak the sounds of the Cherokee syllabary in these Cherokee language lessons. In this lesson learn the Cherokee words for "bread," "duck," "pie" "dog," "oil," "acorn," and "turkey" with Lawrence Panther and Cherokee Nation Immersion School students.
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OsiyoTV Web Exclusive: Robert Lewis Tells a Story
Hear Cherokee National Treasure Robert Lewis tell a story of how turtle discovered his strength.
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Jason Christie, Fishing For A Living
Cherokee Nation citizen and professional angler Jason Christie takes us out on Lake Tenkiller and tells us how he turned his passion into his career.
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Cherokee Almanac: Sequoyah's Cabin
One of the most well known Cherokees is Sequoyah, the inventor of the Cherokee written language. In this Cherokee Almanac, OsiyoTV visits his historical cabin near present-day Sallisaw, Oklahoma, to reveal more of what you may not know about his life.
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The Girty Family: Singing Cherokee Heritage
For generations, the Girty family has shared and passed down Cherokee songs.
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Cherokee Almanac: Stand Watie's Ceasefire
Archivists at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah discover a handwritten ceasefire agreement that essentially ended the American Civil War.
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Liz Thomas: Never Too Old to Play
Meet Liz Thomas​: slackliner, aerial acrobat, and all-around free-spirited Cherokee daredevil.
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Let's Talk Cherokee: Season 1,  Episode 2
Learn to speak key phrases in the Cherokee language with Dr. Candessa Tehee. This month, learn how to say "What is your name?" and "My name is____".
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Listening To Our Elders
Cherokee elder Mack Vann never learned to speak fluent English. He has a message for younger generations.
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Wyatt Sheets, Living The Legacy
Wrestling is is his blood. Following in his father's footsteps, four time state champion Wyatt Sheets looks to further his family legacy. Category
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Martha Berry, Leading a Beadwork Revival
Martha Berry has played a vital role in reviving the practice of Southeastern-style beadwork that was nearly lost after the Trail of Tears. Learn how her journey in search of knowledge and artistry helped lead to a renaissance of Cherokee and Southeastern beadwork.
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Basket Weaver Bessie Russell
Cherokee National Treasure Bessie Russell has been weaving baskets for forty years; she's now passing on her art to the next generation.
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Cherokee Almanac: The Treaty of New Echota and Land Patent
OsiyoTV takes a look back at two very important documents that shaped the Cherokee Nation as we know it today.
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OsiyoTV Web Exclusive: The Hunter, a Traditional Cherokee Story
Cherokee language instructor Ed Fields tells a story of a Cherokee hunter. The same story, spoken in Cherokee, is featured in Ed's OsiyoTV segment.
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Wes Welker: Undrafted and Incomparable
He was an unlikely recruit who is now one of the NFL's star receivers. Cherokee Nation citizen Wes Welker talks football, family, and his newest hobby - horse racing.
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Osiyo, Voices of the Cherokee People: Season 1, Episode 1
Episode 1: Exploring Jennifer Loren's Cherokee Heritage, the artwork of Roy Boney, Jr. and the story of legendary Cherokee Ned Christie. Hosted by Cherokee Nation citizen and Emmy-winning journalist Jennifer Loren. Produced and directed by Jeremy Charles and Sterlin Harjo.
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Let's Talk Cherokee, Season 3 Episode 6
Learn to speak key words and phrases in the Cherokee language with speaker Anna Sixkiller and Cherokee Nation Immersion School students. This month, learn how to say "I like you", "You are my friend", "I love you", and "Do you want to have coffee?".
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Cherokee Almanac: Battle of Honey Springs
The Battle of Honey Springs was the largest battle of the Civil War in Indian Territory. Called "The Gettysburg of the West," it was highly impactful on the war, west of the Mississippi River.
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Let's Talk Cherokee, Season 2 Episode 5
Learn key phrases in the Cherokee language with speaker John Ross and Cherokee immersion school students. This month, learn the Cherokee words for “May”, “wolf”, and “night”.
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Bison Revival
Last year the Cherokee Nation relocated several Badlands bison to Oklahoma and today the herd is flourishing. Cherokee Nation herdsmen give us an up-close view of the newest bison calves and tell us what it means to be conserving a species that helped so many Native Americans.
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Sam Claphan: OU Sooner Football Legend and NFL Player
Sam Claphan was a football great who played for the Oklahoma Sooners during the Barry Switzer dynasty and ultimately in the NFL. But that’s not what defined this so-called gentle giant from Stilwell, Oklahoma.
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Running Coast to Coast: Andy Payne and the 1928 Transcontinental Footrace
Andy Payne, a Cherokee farm boy, was the unlikely winner of a cross-country race from Los Angeles to New York City in 1928.
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Tackling Game Day with Mason Fine
In 2015, OsiyoTV met football prodigy and star student Mason Fine during his senior year at Locust Grove High School. Then, he was dreaming of playing for a division one college team. Now, we’ve caught up with Mason - living his dream as starting quarterback for the University of North Texas' Mean Green football team.
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Let's Talk Cherokee: Season 2 Episode 4
Learn to speak key words and phrases in the Cherokee language with speaker John Ross and Cherokee Nation immersion school students. This month, learn how to say "April", "buzzard" and "sun".
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Cherokee National Treasures: In Their Own Words
The Cherokee National Treasure award is a distinction bestowed upon Cherokee Nation citizens who have demonstrated their commitment to preserving traditional arts and cultural ways. Meet a few of these National Treasures in this video from OsiyoTV.
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Speaking Through Generations
Betty Frogg is a Cherokee National Treasure, a basket weaver, a practitioner of traditional arts and a native Cherokee speaker. As a child Betty was always encouraged to speak in Cherokee, and now teaches students at the Cherokee Nation Immersion School to do the same.
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Cherokee Almanac: John Rollin Ridge
Learn about the remarkable life of John Rollin Ridge, a newspaper man and poet who made his home in California, where he became the first Native American novelist.
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Cherokee Almanac: State of Sequoyah
Many may not know Oklahoma was actually first proposed as two states – the state of Oklahoma and the all-Indian state of Sequoyah. Learn how the proposal was made and why it ultimately failed, and also how the people behind the Sequoyah statehood movement left a permanent mark on Oklahoma.
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Gary Davis: From Rapper to CEO
Growing up in Oklahoma, Gary “Litefoot” Davis was told repeatedly “you can’t do that” when it came to his dreams. Instead of giving up, he instead used that cynicism as fuel to become a successful musician, actor, author and entrepreneur.
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Jane Osti, Our Pottery Our People
Cherokee potter Jane Osti digs native clay and creates award-winning pottery. Listen to why she says it's important to pass her skill set along to younger generations.
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Lorene Drywater's Buffalo Grass Dolls
Cherokee National Treasure Lorene Drywater has been making buffalo grass dolls since she was a child. Here, she shares her process from harvesting the grass to dressing the dolls in handmade clothes.
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