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Lesson11: Road to 1million $'s, make 40k with the STC and Laguerre Indicator
Make a 300% market gains confidently with the Laguerre and STC indicators.
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Road to 1million $'s : Stock trading tutorial with moving averages Lesson 7
I go into detail about moving averages and how this mathematical phenomena can be utilized to predict price action and stock movement.
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Lesson10: Road to 1million $'s Using BBands, K-Channel and Volume indicators
Intoduction to volume indicators, BBands, Kchannel and Volume indicators to place winning stock trades.
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Stock Trading Lesson 3: The math behind making 1million$'s trading stocks
I'm going to go into detail explaining my theory on stocks that go "nuclear" and experience explosive growth that make perfect trading positions to grow your principle into a million dollars.
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Stock Tutorial 9: Introduction to Bollinger Bands and Keltner Channel trading
Keltner Channel, Bollinger Bands, Moving Average, price consolidation, ranging markets, understanding stock trading, stock trading 101, stock trading tutorials
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Road to 1million $'s: MA example #2 and how to use the MA to short the markets
This is my second example on how to use the SMA to play a "buy low-sell high" and "shorting" strategies.
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StockTradingLesson1 - Behind The Scenes of a Trader
I discuss what trading environment I use and why I use them. I discuss why traders should consider using Linux Mint as their flagship trading platform, Tradingview, Finviz and Quantopian and other tools that I use to place winning trades.
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Road to 1million$'s Stock Trading Tutorials: Stay out of stocks with too much volatility
This video will illustrate a stock where someone can potentially be burned pretty hard by the inherent volatility of the stock price levels.
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The Road to 1million $'s : Stock Trading Tutorial #4
Today I show a good trade that I made on a company named KGC and how to think like a trader who wants to make a million
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Stock Trading Lesson 2 Intro to TradingView
Basic introduction to the Trading View platform to analyze data sets and make money
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Lesson12: Road to 1 million $'s, introduction to the Ethercoin exchange
Introduction to stock analysis, stock trading fundamentals, using stock indicators, learning how to trade stocks
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Road to 1million $'s: Stock trading tutorial #5
This video shows an example of profiting off of short term oil market volatility illustrating how one could make 9000$'s in a single month with the right trading system.
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