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rankin inlet hanger lighting from off to 100 watts @80 percent
More Great solutions for the Great White North ActiveLED installed in the newest and most advanced thanks to our ActiveLEDs, Hanger in Rankin Inlet.
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First First Air Airplane under ActiveLED light.
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Rv crash derby Greeley Stampede 2018
Rv crash derby Greeley Stampede 2018
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Intertech Plastics Inc.

Intertech Plastics Inc. With ActiveLED. Years of LIGHT LOTS FREE LIGHTING.
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Exponentially saving
ActiveRest Dimming
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Planned Obsolescence, an explanation and example.
[email protected] explains why LED lamps will not last forever.
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Brighton Colorado City Hall Bronco Orange and Blue
Brighton Bronco 2016
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Storm with wexing moon.
Storm with wexing moon
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Making palm Sunday palm crosses
Making palm crosses
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ActiveRest yes its different, but really good.
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G2 ActiveLED makes United Power Rebate Brighton Colorado city council video Nov 5 2013
We have four years behind us now of making Brighton a brighter place while we save them big time on their power bills. This video is a first as it is United Power of TriState and Touchstone Power making a big deal about our recent Cemetery, and Old City Hall retrofits the City did with our G2 & ActiveLEDs. Thanks Bob for seeing outside of the mainstream's box of planned obsolescence LEDs. We are excited about the 2014 budget we have been given. You see the Mayor receive the checks which means the City Council is seeing the payback for their investment in us. If you want to see our alternative to the mainstream LEDs come to Brighton Colorado, as it is our showcase of what is possible. When any technology is made by a company which is uncompromising its always better.
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Active LED 100 watt for Spradley Barr Ford replacing 1000 watt
replacing 1000 watts is easy with active led
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FirstAir gets ActiveLED via Caberra Systems & Arrow
The second airplane shows residue hesidue lol why our 5000cct is so good compared to the mainstream push to 4000cct wasting power and sacrificing quality light for their agenda
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Proof of why cheaper always cost us more.
Proof of why cheaper always cost us more.
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Why are my new LED lamps in Disco Mode
When you share a neutral we can get out of sync.
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Replace 1000s with 100s 1 to 1
G2 Active LED Caberra Ringdale Car Lot Lighting. Replaced 1000s with our 100s
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More snow ActiveLED Caberra Systems
Showing the way to light a Car Dealership
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BigR of Greeley ActiveLED 5 years
officially 5 years installed 0 light loss full color retention without any power increase active led proving the impossible possible
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The freight handling side before we measured the old lights using over 500 watts each.
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Showroom stuff
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CLP vs. Lamps
Our new CLP making light another way.
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rankin inlet ground maintenance room in hanger lights
More of Rankin inlet
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What the others are selling.
Why do we put up with this?
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One week Bog in a Box
Crystal Clear Bog in a Box.
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Clearing out the Green
Bog in a Box design is working
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SL50 involuntary crash test.
City of Longmont snow removal team accidentally knocked down the pole with our SL50 street and area light. Still working fine. Tim Gravert 970-690-7568 [email protected]
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Canopy Wiggins 2 1
We have a better way to light up the gas station and the truck stop. Our LightSpace management options imbedded in all of our ActiveLED systems gives the owner the ability to use their lights to enhance while they save more power than ever thought possible in this task. This is only where we start too. The systems are programmable with a simple IR interface which means we will have another video soon where the savings are even better than we show in this simple video. Instead of buying the another consumption platform from LSI or BETA/CREE as they leave in the light loss factored reasons why you will be doing what you always do with traditional lighting companies, Listen to their next excuse as to why you are buying more parts for their china made "FAB"ed in the USA systems just to keep the light on and at the original light density you need. Get off their business model and find the real potential that comes from our patented Zero Light Loss Factored systems. Tim Gravert [email protected]
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PowerMyne solutions Hybrid SW 1
Power station solar and wind from PowerMyne
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Half wall ISL service bay lights
More auto dealership installs. 200watts before and 60watts after creating twice the task light density.
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Fuel Canopy dimming
This is another one of our inventions that show the true potential of LED vs. the compromised versions our mainstream lighting giants are creating specs for. This canopy is programed to use less than 100watts total until a customer drives up to get fuel. Most mainstream IESNA experts say this can't work, but by how we do things it does. The light we make is as natural as you can make which makes them work great with your eyes and the camera. Unless you are looking you can't see the change. The results are happy customers and a step closer to NET ZERO.
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102 watts vs 100 watts G2ActiveLED vs Incandecent.
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Another video that shows you how much our ActiveLED controller method saves over everything else being made. This is why we can give you a LLF free removing lumen maintenance from the spec our IES sustaining members can only promote. By removing the traditional lighting industry's invention "planned obsolescence" we can finally give you real sustainability vs. the Green washed products pretending to be that. You can't blame them folks after all they are just lighting companies and lighting companies are built on consumption. They can't new technologies ever change them.
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Leading off-grid by being truly sustainable
Leading off-grid by being truly sustainable
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Amen first 3 hbs100 next to old 400watt hids
Amen first 3 hbs100 next to old 400watt hids
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1st Firstbank Greeley Colorado G2 ActiveLED
Replacing 100 watts with 6 watt systems and more.
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Solar lighting Brighton Colorado
Solar lighting Brighton Colorado
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Making sure your probes on your multi-meter are in right for DC voltage check.
Making sure your probes on your multi-meter are in right for DC voltage check.
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Can down lights consumable vs. Sustainable
CLP 6" next to 9 watt disposable GE lamp.
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It work's
Fixed the dryer
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What's inside a planned obsolescenc tube?
Looking deeper into the consumable LED
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When I am gone.
Cover of Three Doors Down Tune T Willy G
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Crabtree Parking Lot ActiveRest
Crabtree Brewery Gets ActiveLED-Rest
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Time Magazine featured Ringdale
We are doing this for real. Instead of a Re-made in the USA as all the others do we really make it all here. Not compromising has allowed us control of quality, and we create more skilled labor jobs here.
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Testing for a client cct adjustable fixtures
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What's in the stuff we buy?
Finding the compromise of industry.
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Taco ad for sale
Silly old dude tries to sell taco ad to taco bell.
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G2 ActiveLED Spradley Barr showcase Rafter cans
active l_e_d replace is 320 watt systems with 28 watt ActiveLED systems making more light
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Brighton City Hall Bright with G2 ActiveLED
G2 ActiveLED Brighton City Hall Colorado
Views: 68 Tim Gravert
2600 watts vs 204 watts
G2 active led installation spradley barr Greeley Colorado
Views: 229 Tim Gravert

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