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IT BOYS! Guys Don't Like Me Lyrics
It Boys! Guys Don't Like Me can be downloaded with End Of The World along with Drive Away at http://itboysmusic.com/ you must have a Facebook to download the free EP (EDIT SEPTEMBER 5th) (THANK YOU FOR OVER 1,000 VIEWS!!!!!!!!) Matt - Vocals Duck - Drums/Vocals Judah - Guitar/ Vocals Jeffrey - Guitar Tommy - Bass
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Crown The Empire - Are You Coming With Me? (LIVE + INTRO) San Antonio Dec 3, 2016
Crown The Empire performing at the Alamo City Music Hall, formerly known as Backstage Live, in San Antonio, Texas while on the Retrograde Tour.
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J.W. Nixon High School Graduation (Class Of 2013)
This was taken at the near end of the graduation. I'm so proud of all the seniors that I do and do not know. I'm going to miss every single one of them-3
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Tour DeForce (Live at The Derby) 4/20 Hippie Fest 2013
Tour DeForce performs their new song. (coming out sometime in the fall) Love these guys!
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VLOG w/ Leslie: I GOT CAUGHT IN A TORNADO IN DALLAS | Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck |
We all went out to the Reunion Tower on Dec 26, 2015 as an extra Christmas present to my grandmother and I. The weather got a little crazy but we're okay now. Bit of hail, bit of thunder and rain, but we're okay. PRAYERS OUT TO THE FAMILIES EFFECTED FROM THE TORNADOES. Instagram: BrittMoreno Twitter: BrittDayshell Song: Ken Arai - Hypnotik (Parasyte OST)
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Vlog 3 | WE'RE MICE MOMMAS! | The Trip | The Babies | Grav3yardgirl References
So Angee and I planned on buying mice for a good while and Sunday, December 13, 2015 was the day! It was an interesting day! Hopefully later on we will be able to get them all larger cages and more toys and make more videos of them and of our friendship, along with senior year. Thanks again for watching guys! Facebook: Brittney Moreno Angee Ayala Snapchat: Brittdayshell Twitter: Brittdayshell Instagram:BrittMoreno Song: Ken Arai - Hypnotik (Parasyte OST) From my favorite anime of all time.
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For The Taking(Urban Fest 2012 Laredo Tx) July 8
My favorite local band For The Taking performing Big City Monopolies (I think xD)
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Hope you guys enjoyed this fggtry I call a vlog. I'm hoping to make these better. Hopefully everyone will enjoy these once I move up to San Antonio. Let me know what you all think. I'm open for questions, just ask me on tumblr, facebook, or twitter. Idea for a video? Let me know! Taken By Tides: https://www.facebook.com/TakenByTidesTX?ref=br_tf Tour Deforce: https://www.facebook.com/tourdeforceband Buried Under Texas: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Buried-Under-Texas/158617517500473 Hayden, Oh My: https://www.facebook.com/HaydenOhMy
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Hayden, Oh My (Cypress House Show 03/08/14)
Just a few clips from Hayden, Oh My's set at Karma Lounge. These guys are amazing live, defiantly an honor getting to see them in Laredo.
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Super Super Cute Puppy Video
I found the mom dog and she had 10 puppys on April 19,2009 tell me what you think =D My Aunt helped with the editing CONTENT OWNER: WMG TYPE: AUDIO CONTENT This is my first vid on youtube tell me what you thick this was a vid my aunt Leslie made with me to let ppl to adopt them. The song is called - I Need A Hero
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My boyfriend kissing my friend on the cheek xD poor Ricky
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Waterpark With My Aunt
So my aunt isn't the best at filming.
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Laredo Weather For Ya(Random Vlog #1)
via YouTube Capture
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7Up Challenge & Aftermath
Basically this is taking when the guys I finally got a second 2 L or 3 L bottle of seven up. I filmed. Edited. And talk... A lot. Here is the seven up challenge, or whatever you want to call it. ALL MUSIC RIGHTS ARE TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS!! First song: Dr.Shavargo pt3 - Attack Attack! (US) Second Song: Chelsea Smile - Bring Me The Horizon
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Wish We Were Older - Metro Station Lyrics
Srry for the beginning the sound just did that i don't really know why but it just did that. =( ===Content owner: Sony Music Entertainment====== I just did this for fun and on my July 4th video i said i wuz making a video of Metro Station . ====ALL THE RIGHTS GO TO THEIR OWNERS I DONT OWN THIS MUSIC==== I'm might make a video of All Time Low Sooner or later
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***WE ARE NOT ADVERTISING THIS PRODUCT. IT WAS A LAST MINUTE IDEA*** Angee and I planned a sleepover for the weekend, a massive storm hit and killed the internet for awhile, then we decided to make an unplanned video. My apologizes for being dead for so long (for those who watched/cared) but I'm back! ~AandB
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My neighbors puppies
Cute puppies:D
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Meet Bunnie: The Cat Burglar
Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 11 Bunnie, as cute as she is, is evil. We still love her. This is her breaking in to my old room awhile back. Enjoy.
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Some one running with my phone
Some one runnig with my phone!!!! Very Funny -------------------------- Britt
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Retards will be retards! (Adrian and Marco)
My friends Adrian and Marco. Adrian bleeds They both sing Hey There Delilah (and forget the words to it xD)
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The Medic Droid - The Killer Anna (New Version) lyrics
Entity: WMG Content Type: Sound Recording ---NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED---- ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE MEDIC DROID Since i have spring break i wanted to make this this was meant to be uploaded 3 days ago but 1st day: Went to go see the movie beastly 2nd day: Had to take my cat to get 3 shots and a microchip 3rd day: Cat was super sore and then my moms car needed an oil change then saw 'The Fighter' on DirectTVCine channel 160 4th day: Finished video :P and Uploaded it
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All Time Low - Outlines (Live San Antonio April 13 2013)
BackStage Live All Time Low performs Outlines-3 Sorry about the shakiness, people were pushing EVERYWHERE! I lost my shoe and almost died._. I even crowd surfed to Dear Maria!-3
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