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BIG FAT WEIRD NOTICE : For YouTube And Amino
Am sorry my peaches and petals. Imma watch Saiki.K Too Cure My OC Remake Disorder Anxiety AKA OCRDA :3 peach out uwu
Views: 34 Sakura’s Peaches
Royale High Christmas Update [SEEING SANTA]: PastelPockyGaming
Yay this is my second gift I got from Santa!!! Reindeer ride! Woohoo! Game:Roblox Game On Roblox: Royale High Recording: Screen Recording (On IPad)
Views: 158 Sakura’s Peaches
Christmas Update Royale High [SEEING SANTA 2]: PastelPockyGaming
WOW this is my second time seeing Santa! I got earmuffs! Yipeee!!! Game:Roblox Game In Roblox: Royale High Recording: Screen Recording (On IPad)
Views: 208 Sakura’s Peaches
Happy New Years Update: CyberNova Pacifier Quest [Roblox Royale High]
This Quest, The answer to cyber’s favourite planet is Jupiter (because that’s her daughters name) and you get a baby pacifier!
Views: 67 Sakura’s Peaches
HAPPY NEW YEARS! : Royale High BALL DROP A.K.A. CONFETTI SHOWER :3 *read description*
I Sorry If Most people couldn’t hear me. *was screaming at the top of my lungs*, I had my roblox music volume at max and I forgot to lower it XD BUT HAPPY NEW YEARS! I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST FOR THIS NEW YEAR IN 2019! I hope all of you *most of you* had an amazing 2018!!! And I also hope everyone has a wonderful 2019!
Views: 39 Sakura’s Peaches
Happy New Years Update: Bunny Slippers Quest [Roblox Royale High]
This Quest Is From Ashleyostiy by the way, and her bunny is on top of the snowman head (the one beside the carriage)
Views: 26 Sakura’s Peaches
My New Intro〜
Song :3: https://youtu.be/1vHm9CWCDxs ♡ App Used: VideoShow (Then I just put some really cute gifts UwU) Hope you liked it!♤
Views: 49 Sakura’s Peaches
Gacha Life Edit Of My New Oc (Practicing shading)
I am practicing my shading and highlights so please feel free to post feedback in the comments! I’d really like that thanks my peaches and petals ❤️🌸
Views: 25 Sakura’s Peaches
Happy New Years Update: Horns Quest And Flower Crown Quest [Roblox RoyaleHigh]
The Flower Crown Is On The Movie Theatre Thing That Has Sleds Below It.
Views: 12 Sakura’s Peaches
My New Youtube Outro〜
made with VideoShow, kinemaster, and flipaclip._...... Song Used: https://youtu.be/pwQvYU8QrrE Backround: https://images6.alphacoders.com/805/805656.jpg ♤♤♤♤♤♤
Views: 32 Sakura’s Peaches
Roblox Trailer:A Whole New Woooooorrrrrrrld
Apps Used: LOTS of editing on splice, & kinemaster, also Used quik.
Views: 11 Sakura’s Peaches
Happy New Years Update: Ring Quest [Roblox Royale High] *read description*
This Quest is from Leah Ashe and Sanna , the first note is in the Christmas house near the Christmas tree, the second note is near call meh bob (near the cheerleading outfits) and the third leads you to the fountain and the ring is close to your feet , you get Leah Ashe’s fuzzy bear ears.
Views: 21 Sakura’s Peaches
My OC Sings Me: Happy Birthday
My birthday is actually December 30, but I forgot to post this XD sorry if it’s a bit my first Gacha life video. Background Music Link: https://youtu.be/SysGcYb7nvo
Views: 22 Sakura’s Peaches
My First Animation On FlipaClip
;-; It’s Bad And Short But It Took Me 3 Days *Animation Logic*
Views: 25 Sakura’s Peaches
| Gacha Life Edit | : For Mini Flim 🌸”Appearance”💇🏽‍♀️
Song - King Again / King Apps Used - Gacha Life, Ibis Paint X, & KineMaster Note - I Re-Uploaded because the last video was a bit low on HD 🙄
Views: 21 Sakura’s Peaches
Happy (Late) Valentine’s Day! Drawing Sakura♤
Apps Used: Ibis Paintx Time: Half A Day about 5 to 6 hours Happy Valentine’s Day Single Pringle’s and Couples! ♡
Views: 46 Sakura’s Peaches
🌸”Appearance”💇🏽‍♀️ | ♡Gacha Life Mini Film♡
Song - Breathe App Used - KineMaster & Gacha Life
Views: 24 Sakura’s Peaches
My First VICTORY ROYALE :D : NFL rumble w/ 3 kills XD
Apps Used: Fortnite of course & KineMaster
Views: 12 Sakura’s Peaches

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