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Aloha Alii Beach 4 Turtles
Aloha Turtles rest provides shelter From Preditor and in this case The Possible Water Spouts Enjoy Leave a Like if you like Hugs From my 💓to your 💓 and Prayers
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Aloha Waianae Mountains Range 🔥
Aloha Friends Fire started this morning Moved up the Valley to Angels Towing Charlie and I spoke last week about the last time his cars stacked against the Mountains exploded he said 500 car completely damaged he said the state have j only 25 days to remove the really only 5 days before this one he hsd mrkted metal from the engines dripping down the mountain and this time all.of them exploded will they give me a better Pat down at the airport for using these words here? this is much larger 08/04/18 So far Waianae Valley road it's on that west side of the road The Homeless have moved there gear tents If it jumps Kaupuni Hutch the it hit Kaupuni Park which is very dry every thing is dry I had to come in due to the Toxic it was exciting is that why people start this Actually the Grass guy had to harvest before the storm for the last 15 years truely my neighbor was smoking and you know that smell his license plates are in one if the film hugs from my 💓to your 💓 yes it's the same color From the Black smoke oil rubber White Smoke represent house or shelter brown Smoke is Trees and Brush East Side of Waianae Valley Road Home and Water Shead could be treatened that's where Two Helicopter are using Ocean water to extinguish Our Friends had to evacuate By Waianae Elementary School they went to town, I just heard a larger Boom Just now it's 3:45pm filmed at 2:45 Pm By Kathy Paaaina Photography Title Please Share with KHON News unable Too bless your heart I do thing a Ambulance was going down Waianae Valley Road We have Church members Who live on that side Prays Please Hugs and prayers from me 2 U from Hawaii Oahu Waianae Mountains
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Aloha Freedom Tour Westside Oahu
Waianae" Mountain Range Altitude Attitude"© Title "Enjoy warmth of Aloha" Kapolei "Floating Flowers Art" © by Kathy Paaaina Photography Aloha Art by Locals Collection G+ f There are Several Ceramic Tile Mosaics at Kapolei Commons See my Photography on Google Maps hugs from my 💓to your 💓 Ranch and 🌈 was a plus, I am a horse whisper Cowgirl, Makua Cave went all the way to through the mountains, In Ancient Hawaiiain days, North West end a hiking trail called Waianae Crystal Canyon, Navy man come out of the very Narrow path one day at this cave, where it looks like it ends ,would love to explore more myself with friends My Mail Box Kanena Sunset this is one of the most beautiful places during Summer months, I'm a Photographer are you? The Leeward side has many Secluded Beaches Floating Flowers ©By Kathy Paaaina Art Photography and Titles Fountain in front of Kapolei Common Theaters.The flower is growing on the vine enjoy warmth of Aloha
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Aloha Freedom Tours
Aloha Visitors that's what we call the people who come to visit our Island and Aloha is a way of showing love for them they can spend$10,000 saved all their life time You get to enjoy Freedom tours I took these photos at Schofield Army Base it's on the other side of the mountain where I live, thank you bless your hearts hugs from me to you from Hawaii Oahu
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Aloha Freedom Tour Laie
Aloha Dear Friends The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint Temple. My Favorite Place on Earth, " The House of the Lord" Visitors Center and Grounds Where Families are Sealed for All Eternity Laie Hawaii Island of Oahu Most visitors go to Polynesian Culture Center near BYU
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Aloha Enjoy Warmth of Aloha
Family Beach Fun Sun Day Pokai Bay Enjoy Suns Rays Hugs and friendships
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Aloha Sunday Fire Fighting Before The Storm Removing Mango Tree
Aloha Friends the saw was stuck up in the tree fires and then the Helicopter dropped a few drops on my head I'll try and post the other one about the Yellow Coperter and the set up at the park but my phone program would not Make tonight's amazing King Tides and awesome sunset prehsod I should use my PC if I do I won't stop this will become my new Job why does UTUBE Eantu phone number are they part of Google they should have it don't you think sorry about the run on sentences I don't believe in English share and give a Timbs up what's that and subscribe if you think I have a future just jokin truely another question why can men be so plumb and have double chin but women can't hugs your 💓 is like mine there are no Girl hearts and boy hearts yes I'm funny how about you?
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Aloha Flowers are Forever Collection
Aloha You are special Orchid and Flowers are My Favorite perfection Wonders of Heavenly Parents Love for our Spirits which where begotten by them To Earth we came which Was prepared for us all I prefer my other program I'm learning to have a lovely Time sharing Oahu with you I will create more My Photography Just for you Hugs and prayers from me 2 U from Hawaii Oahu
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March 22, 2018
Aloha Visitors to my YouTube channel these birds I've never seen them in the 36 years I've lived here and they're screwing back and forth along the the lava that's form this beautiful island of a Oahu we live on the west side and it's just down the mountain from where I live this Beach is called Tumble Land this is where Elizabeth Taylor wore the first Puka shell day in 1978 you're seeing it to the west side and then to your east side is where the birds are oh it was so much fun I wished you could come and enjoy the warmth of Aloha hugs for me to you
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Aloha Freedom Tours Waikiki
Aquarius Submarine what a wonderful trip on Aquarius submarine take a ship out then you go on a boat to get to the submarine and you look back at Waikiki and it's so tiny compared to how big The Pacific Ocean is, Hugs from our Ohana means Family from God's Creation
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Aloha Koi Pond Reflection
Moanalua Gardens Honolulu enjoy warmth of Aloha
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Aloha West Side to Kaina Point
Aloha Freedom Tours movies hugs From Hawaii Oahu West coast Waianae Pokai Bay Haliau to Boat Harbor Makaha Beach Streams smooth rock Beach Kaina point and ranch enjoy the warmth of Hawaii
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November 29, 2016
Aloha Tent City I wish I knew how to share more I do love clouds someone change the music I'm really glad they did I was really pretty and the valley that you're looking at was the main vent and Caldera for the island of Oahu These canals are built for rain running down into the ocean and when it's high tide tide can back up into the valleys or island is the island that has the most water islands of Hawaii Islands most of Polynesian or the one water right now this tent city has been standing through three hurricanes A Good Example of how the Homeless can be sheltered
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Aloha Happy Birthday Women of the World
Aloha anyone that has birthday This is for you bless you 💓 The Lord Loves you
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Aloha Canoe Racing Westside Waianae Coast Hawaii Oahu
Aloha what are tags hey this is all new to me bless your hearts which are the same color of mine your 💓 are the same color beam me up Scotty our friend daughter Told us all about it in church she was the one telling a the older women paddlers to behave and all those shout she a very quiet 15 year old I knew these kids since they where wee little anyway the parents and family all camp over night and some of the family's think I'm a Tourist because I'm white and have to be careful not to film children because a lady tried to beat me up and take my phone thank goodness for my Vitex Dream Earth Machine which give me a reason or be in a Mustang of which I have own 1957 and that's another story tune in for the next story find it in discription if you want to give me money forget it I don't know how to get your money just know this it's all Good need you thumbs up what's that oh and subscription freedom Tours is free I have my own busy maybe you'll be happy knowing you are loved by Heavenly Parents and Jesus and me
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