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We Could Die Like This (acoustic VIP session) - The Wonder Years.
New Orleans, House of Blues, 04/02/2014. Sorry about the lighting; It was dark as hell in the venue, haha.
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Two Headed Boy Pt 2 (live) - Neutral Milk Hotel.
The Varsity Theatre. Baton Rouge, LA. 11/07/14. I know NMH didn't want people recording their shows, but I couldn't go the rest of my life without having some sort of proof I attended one of their shows. This is my favorite song from them and hits hard. I kept my phone in the pocket of my jacket as to not record what was happening on stage. I feel it's almost better this way, as you can really focus on the music here. Let's just say I'm glad I cry quietly, because I would've hated to have ruined this video with my gross sobbing.
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