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ECM Motor repair by replacing inrush current limiter
Inrush current limiters are simply thermistors that measure 1 ohm when cold and drop to close to zero ohms when hot. This prevent surge currant from damaging the electronics in an ECM motor drive circuit when charging the capacitor bank. When the limiter is bad, it will appear to be burnt. This video shows how to replace the part on the board.
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R22 conversion comparisons.  What is the best substitute?
This video shows that R407c is the closest match to R22 for residential air conditioning. Capacity is the same and no changes are required at the metering device. However, at least 20% POE oil is required to return the existing mineral oil back to the compressor and prevent oil logging in the evaporator. Here is the link: https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/documents/Choosing_Right_R22_Retrofit.pdf
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Liquid Snoop for finding gas leaks
This is my favorite method for leak checking gas lines. The snoop applicator applies liquid soap bubbles with out creating any bubbles,. It is very fast for finding large and small leaks.
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What is a refrigerant compensator
Some brands use refrigerant compensators to hold extra refrigerant when a heat pump is in heating mode. Ideally, the total volume of the condenser coil and evaporator should be the same. However, many high efficiency condenser coils hold much more refrigerant than the evaporator can hold. The size of the compensator will balance the refrigerant charge in heating mode.
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H10 Pro vs SRL8 in real world 1 lb/yr R410a leak
I was hoping the H10 Pro would work well on HFC based R410a refrigerant. This video shows that the Fieldpiece SRL8 is still the best leak detector for finding R410a leaks quickly. I have a report showing sensitivity of all the HVAC leak detectors in parts per million for R22, R134a and R410a refrigerant. To verify that the leak detectors are running at peak performance, purchase the HFC leak standard bottle part number 69386 from Yellow jacket. The CFC leak standard bottle part number RLD-H10-603R from Johnson Controls or 3015-0864 leak detection vial from Bacharach.
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How to turn off the Decoverly IV fireplace for summer
This video shows how to turn off the fireplace in the summer. Turning off the pilot will save about $100 per year in natural gas.
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R407c Conversion 3 Month Update
This video shows that the oil is properly returning to the compressor and that refrigerant flow is the same as R22. R407c is the closest HFC refrigerant to R22 for pressures and superheat. The only requirement is that POE oil is required for proper oil return. Please see my previous video on the R22 to R407c conversion to see how this system was converted. https://youtu.be/bOK4wQjnxHE
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Copper to Aluminum solder repair with AL-822 solder.
I have been waiting for an aluminum to copper repair job to show how well the Lucas Milhaupt FLUX CORED AL822 solder works on copper to aluminum solder joints. As you can see in the video, repairing leaks on aluminum evaporator coils is easy with this solder.
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Burnout Compressor change (R410a) with acid cleanup
This video shows changing a burnt R410 2 ton Trane compressor from start to finish. I also diagnose the likely cause of the burnout from the leaking evaporator and low refrigerant charge. Cleanup is done with HH type filter dryers on the liquid and suction lines. The video also shows the evaporator replacement.
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How to Work in an Attic in the Middle of Summer
Just grab some cool air from downstairs and shoot it up to the space you are working in the attic. I can work in a 120 deg F attic all day with cool air blowing on me. The flex duct is un-insulated 10 inch. The blower is just a 4 ton with a 3/4 hp motor and 1/4 inch chicken wire to keep the fingers out.
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Converting a R22 system to R407c
R407c looks like the closest overall match to R22 refrigerant. It is very inexpensive. It has the same capacity. And most importantly, it matches the suction and discharge pressures well enough that metering changes aren't necessary. This video shows how to convert a R22 system to R407c. At least 20% polyolester oil is required in the system to have proper oil return to the compressor. Here is the 3 month update video. https://youtu.be/uKkmCIGFD8Q
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Wood furnace installation with ductwork and chimney
Shows the installation of a wood furnace in a barn. The chimney is triple wall in 4 foot sections.
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2 year results of compressor burn out clean up with small suction filter
This video shows how effective the small "baby" suction filters are at cleaning a burn out compressor replacement. You just have to install a easy fit suction filter along with a new liquid filter and the new compressor oil will stay factory clear even on a burnt out system.
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How to Read a Run Capacitor in Circuit under Full Load
This video shows how to read a run capacitor under full load without having to pull any wires. Care should be taken, because of high voltage. A simple reactance formula of 2,652 * Amps / Volts shows the uf value of the capacitor. This is useful when a unit has to stay on line or if the wire terminals are too rusty to allow removing the wires.
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Low SEER rating of the evaporator coil can destroy a 14-16 SEER heat pump
Split system heat pumps need to have similar volume for refrigerant in the condenser and evaporator coil. Many 14 and higher SEER heat pump condenser units won't work with 13 SEER evaporator coil in the heating cycle. The heat pressure will rise unacceptably high when there isn't enough available tube space in the evaporator to hold the liquid refrigerant. Using matched system components is the best option. Warranty can be void if a lower SEER evaporator coil results in the loss of a heat pump compressor.
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Co2 for drain cleaning
40 cubic feet of nitrogen is $20. 160 cubic feet of CO2 is $24. This video shows how standard paint ball CO2 tanks are great for HVAC drain cleaning. The refill station can be put inside the van for quick refill of the 24 ounce tank.
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Checking Heat Pump Refrigerant Charge with an IR Imager
This videos shows a quick check of an evaporator coil using a thermal camera. Heat pumps have the evaporator outside during heating operation. So, you can check the freon level with a quick scan of the coil.
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Tanked 42000 BTU water heater install at Decoverly
Shows a 42,000 BTU direct vent tanked water heater installation at Decoverly IV. The Bradford White 50 gallon water is only 20 inches wide and easily fits into the 22 inch closet.
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R422B Conversion with Capacity Measurement
This videos shows a R422B conversion from start to finish. I measure capacity at the end and predict a 5% reduction in capacity. The oriface drill sizes are available from: www.mcmaster.com Search Drill bit and buy all the bits from 0.030" to 0.090" Here is the piston chart that works on 13 SEER and lower. April Air Evaporators Tonnage R-22 R-410A 1.5 Ton 0.053 0.047 2 Ton 0.059 0.053 2.5 Ton 0.071 0.059 3 Ton 0.076 0.071 3.5 Ton 0.080 0.076 4 Ton 0.082 0.080 5 Ton 0.090 0.090 Aspen Coil Tonnage R22 R410a 12,000 0.041 N/A 18,000 0.055 0.049 24,000 0.059 0.055 30,000 0.068 0.059 36,000 0.074 0.068 42,000 0.080 0.074 48,000 0.084 0.080 60,000 0.092 0.089
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Testo 316-4 Leak Detector Quick Comparison
This video shows a quick test of the Testo 316-4 leak detector. I compare it to the Fieldpiece SRL-8. Sensitivity appears to be very good on HFC based refrigerants such as R410a. The HFC reference leak is part number 69386 from Yellow Jacket.
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Thermal camera showing evaporator refrigerant level
This video shows how to check the refrigerant level with a thermal camera. I used to use a single point thermal thermometer. However, the thermal image is so much faster and can identify refrigerant charge much more precisely. It can also identify refrigerant circuit issues. The camera is the New SEEK Thermal hand held. It retails for less than $350.
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Helpful tip for making the Fieldpiece SRL8 more stable
Shows how to make the SRL8 a little more stable around metal components. Without the tap around the probe, the leak detector will false trigger whenever it is rubbed against coil fins.
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2 Speed Compressor Replacement with Single Speed
This video shows how to converts a Bryant 2 speed 187ANA condenser with a bad compressor to single speed unit to save money on the compressor replacement. The bad compressor was Bristol T81J285CBCA. The replacement compressor is Copeland ZP29K5E-PFV-830.
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How to reduce return air noise with duct liner
This video shows how to reduce the noise on a simple return air plenum. Lining the duct with fiberglass duct liner stops reflection of sound and quiets the return air outlet.
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Diagnosing a damaged scroll compressor with very low capacity
It is very rare for a scroll compressor to lose capacity. I made this video, because this is the first scroll compressor that I have seen with partial capacity. I show how to diagnose the low capacity and examine how the relief valve inside the compressor is the problem.
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Triple R Bypass Filter Performance Testing on a Gasoline Engine
I PULLED THE BYPASS SYSTEM AFTER 70,000 MILES OF TESTING: https://youtu.be/TCk8gzZGq2A Previous particle count testing on a cartridge Amsoil Bypass filter system showed inconclusive results on cleaning the oil. The video shows the installation of a cellulose depth filter which is also 2 micron, but might deliver cleaner oil. I don't thing a higher quality filter exists for cleaning oil. Parts list: Triple R AL-50 bypass filter. (discontinued) However, other brands have a similar type filter that uses the same filter element. Filter Element M-Series TR-20330 (2 micron) McMaster 4112T62 Compact High-Pressure Brass Ball Valve with T-Handle, 1/4 NPT Female McMaster 9459K321 Hydraulic Hose, SAE 100R1-At, 1/4" ID, 9/16" OD McMaster 52305K21 Screw-on Hydraulic Hose Fitting, Parker 42 Series, for 1/4" Hose ID, 1/4 NPTF Male
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How to make a unit platform quiet
Raised units can be made more quiet by putting them on treated 2/6 wood between the platforms. The wood absorbs the sound and vibration nicely.
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How to diagnose and fix water blow by leaks on Evaporators
Just lean the unit to the drain and you will have better drainage. This is a Goodman ASPT air handler.
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Accurate air flow measurement with a heated wire ananometer
See my other video on a fast way to measure airflow using the furnace fan curve. This is the follow up video on accurately measuring system airflow with a fieldpiece heated wire ananometer. The system is 4 tons. Ideal airflow is 1,600. But, 1,450 cfm is still acceptable.
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Reduce Air Noise on a Loud Return Air Vent
This video shows how to reduce the air noise on a undersized return air vent. The technique only applies to vibrating louvers.
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How to reduce return air noise 10dB
This video shows how to reduce return air noise with flex duct. It also shows how to make a return air vent quieter by reducing the turbulence across the louvers.
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Commercial/Residential Steam Heating Boiler Heat Exchanger Failure
This job was a straight forward heat exchanger change out on a 350,000 btu steam heating boiler. The cause of the 14 year old failure was clearly from water side oxygen corrosion. The evidence is the heavy pitting on the condensate line and cast iron heat exchanger. High temperature and makeup water oxygen greatly accelerate rust pitting. The main cause of this failure is water leaks. However, maintaining proper pH and Nitrite levels are also very helpful for system longevity.
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How to wrap ductwork with bubble wrap insulation
This video shows how to insulate sheet metal duct work with R8.0 bubble wrap insulation. The insulation is called Big Bubble by Reflectix. I show how to make the wrap last for 50 years without unraveling. The key is silver colored 3 inch wide rfoil metalized duct tape. When the duct work is exposed to attic heat, the tape should be covered with UL 181m water based mastic. Reflectix says to use 181p aluminum tape. But, I think the rfoil duct tape with mastic is better. Here is the link to the insulation: http://reflectixinc.com/basepage.asp?Page=HVAC+Duct+Insulation+-+R-8.0&pageIndex=784
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How to make ductwork quiet
This video shows how to reduce the sound on an air handler installation using some duct liner on otherwise unlined sheet metal duct work.
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Brazing with CO2 as the inert gas
Carbon Dioxide is perfectly fine to use for brazing. The breakdown temperature is over 2000 deg F, so it says inert while soldering at 1300 deg F. The CO2 displaces the oxygen and leaves the solder joints slag free. Also, the CO2 tanks are much lighter than nitrogen and have less pressure, but more volume because the gas is stored in a liquid state rather than pure gas. Please watch videos on how to fill a paint ball cylinder for the correct way to weigh in while filling. Also, safety glasses and gloves should always be worn to prevent injury.
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Hybrid Propane Furnace with Heat Pump and No Balance Point
If natural gas is available, don't bother with this hybrid. This is just a good alternative when Propane is available. Natural gas is less expensive to run that a heat pump. This Hybrid system runs like a standard electric only heat pump with AUX heat. However, to prevent high head pressure on the heat pump, the compressor is locked out immediately when the heat energizes (W wire). The compressor stays locked out when the supply air entering the evaporator coil reaches 105 deg F. The compressor will turn back on when the entering evaporator air drops below 90 deg F. This allows the furnace to cool down before the heat pump is energized. 1) The thermostat always runs the heat pump as priority. The Propane heat is only run in Emergency Heat mode, or when below set point. 2) The W from the heat pump must be left unconnected. 3) Relay “R” fits inside the Ranco thermostat control. It is a 24VAC SPDT fan relay part number 90293Q 4) Ranco Thermostat is part number ETC112000 (24 VAC) 5) Ranco setup is 90 deg, 15 differential, C1 for Cooling.
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Heat Pump Condenser Sound Reduction (with dBA readings)
This video shows how to go from the noisiest condenser unit to the quietest one. Most of the sound reduction is simply from the Brinmar Sound Blanket. I highly recommend it if you want a quiet compressor. http://brinmar.com/usd/sound_blankets.html
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Fuel oil heat pump hybrid installation and control
This video shows how to do a fuel oil heat pump hybrid installation. Control is done as a normal heat pump without the need for a balance point. Stage 1 is electric heat pump. Stage 2 is fuel oil The key is a relay and thermostat lockout for the heat pump whenever the inlet air temperature is warmer than 90 deg F. Here is the link to the Hybrid wiring and setup document: http://i778.photobucket.com/albums/yy62/nathangwoz/Hybrid%20Operation_zps8hnsjl14.png
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Why to change the sensor on an SRL8 leak detector
I have purchased and tested ALL the HVAC refrigerant leak detectors. The SRL8 is the most sensitive for HFC refrigerants such as R410a and R134. This videos shows why the sensor needs to be changed at least once per year on the Fieldpiece SRL8 leak detector. The HFC leak standard bottle is part number 69386 from Yellow jacket
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Why old Evaporators shouldn't be repaired even with Sealant
This videos shows how repairing a 20 year old evaporator only creates more leaks. It also shows how Cliplite Super Seal fails to seal a large crack in an evaporator tube pipe. I end up replacing the evaporator in the end anyway.
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How to tape duct board
How to attach a unit to 20 year old duct board. White mastic with fiberglass tape works very well.
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How Run Capacitors Fail   A look inside them
This video shows how an air conditioner run capacitor fails. I open up the capacitor and compare a bad one to a good one.
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Natural Gas Conversion from Oil Heat
Using natural gas is the most economical way to heat a house. This video shows a complete conversion from fuel oil to natural gas. I show the system replacement, gas line installation, gas meter installation and system operation.
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Preventing Corrosion on Aluminum Evaporators
This videos shows how to make an aluminum evaporator coil last longer by raising it out of the condensate water line.
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Oil bypass filter results on a Nissan NV200 gasoline engine
I PULLED THE BYPASS SYSTEM AFTER 70,000 MILES OF TESTING: https://youtu.be/TCk8gzZGq2A Update Video on Test Results: https://youtu.be/2A_AWOvKZMU This video shows a 6 month oil bypass test in a new Nissan NV200 cargo van. The test was using Valvoline Full Synthetic 5w30 oil for 10,000 miles. The bypass filter is an Amsoil EABP90 with a 2 micron rating. The main oil filter an Amsoil EA15K12 rated at 20 microns. The test shows very good oil color for the entire 10,000 miles. This verifies that the carbon soot is being properly removed from the oil and that a large bypass filter can compensate for a very small full flow filter to keep the engine oil clean. Update 4/14/2016 at 27,000 miles: It looks like I'm not going to get 20,000 miles per oil change with the Amsoil and the Bypass system. The additive package in the oil become sufficiently low at 10,000 miles. So, I will be changing the oil at 7,000 miles. I have been paying extra for the particle counting in the oil reports. I will post the reports after a few more oil changes. UPDATE: I wasn't able to show any significant difference in particle count with or without the bypass filter. In my opinion, a good quality (top of the line) thick felt main filter is fine. My engine only has 60,000 miles on it now. It might be possible that soot will increase as the engine ages. So, to sum up: Just use good quality motor oil and a good quality filter. You will be fine.
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Quick way to measure system air flow using fan curve
This video shows a quick way to measure airflow using static pressure across the furnace and the fan curve (chart) in the product data. The manometer is a Testo 510
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Dehydrating Wet Service Valve Caps
If a service valve cap is installed loose, it can suck in alot of moisture on the suction line. This video shows how to remove the moisture and seal the cap with nylog grease. Please be careful not to heat the service valve more than 300 deg F, or you can create a very dangerous loss of refrigerant and oil vapor fire ball.
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Changing a Filter Dryer inside a Goodman Condenser Unit
This video shows a quick way to change a filter dryer in a Goodman condenser unit. Safety Warning: Always verify that there isn't any pressure inside the dryer after pumping it down. Open the rotalock fitting next to the dryer in a heat pump. Or, remove the valve core next to the dryer on an a/c only system.
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Robershaw Pilot ReLight Kit at Decoverly IV
Shows how the pilot relight kit can prevent the wind from blowing out the pilots on the direct vent water heaters.
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How to use a magnet and compass for floor drilling locating
This video shows how to locate drill holes before drilling them with a magnet and a compass. The compass will always point to the magnet and look different from nails or metal in the floor. This can work thru non metallic objects up to 6 inches deep.
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