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Staring Contest
We will win the ultimate staring contest against you.! EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. :D
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The Nia & Antares Show - Racism
We got bored on the way to Beta Convention in February in Greensboro so we decided to make a special episode. Nothing that is said on this video is meant to offend anyone! Don't take anything seriously.
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Mrs. Warden's Room
We were bored while working on something. Yeah.
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Crooked Mustache
Taylor grows crooked facial hair :O
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7th Grade Halloween
Rylee and Abby talking about their Halloween night from 7th grade, They're making fun of Tristan, a guy they used to be in love with,
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Search for the Purple Monkey
We three (Abigael, Rylee, and Taylor) being silly and attempting to make a silent movie. (:
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2010-2011 NBMS Beta Club Video
The video shown at the Beta Induction earlier in April. Good job Beta Club! GO VOLUNTEERING!
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Top 10 Things to do When You're Bored
We were bored. So we came up with some things to do, and made it into a video!
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Jon.. Hot or Not? (:
My friend Jonathan messing around. Hahaha.
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New Fashion Statement
A guest on the Abnormal Trends show, Taylor shows off her new abnormality!
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Cheer Mix Beta Dance
Our group dance that we performed for state competition, although the end got cut off. We were so nervous! We choreographed this dance ourselves and picked out costumes.
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Royal Corn
Princess Abigael finds her long lost sister Taylor and discovers corn. Rylee is the princess' personal wizard and guardian.
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