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Poemas Góticos de una adolescente alienada
* cuando yo dije 'ayer' quería decir 'aún' no está disponible. Perdonadme. Hola, este es el video de promoción de mi nuevo libro, espero que os guste! Visita mi website: http://www.wix.com/helengrilo/helenagrilo
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Gothic poems of an alienated teen
Hi! This is the promotional video of my new book, hope you like it ! Check-out my website: http://www.wix.com/helengrilo/helenagrilo
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Poemas Góticos de uma adolescente alienada
Olá, este é o vídeo promocional do meu novo livro, espero que gostem! Vejam o meu website: http://www.wix.com/helengrilo/helenagrilo
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Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes cover
Just me trying to cover a great song by Limp Bizkit :) Sorry about the lack of lyrics, I've once known them, but now I couldn't remember them.
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Poèmes Gothiques d'une adolescent aliéné
* Pardon pour les erreurs, mais mon français est encore pétit. Quand j'ai dit 'sabré' je voudrais dire 'slash'. Merci C'est le video promoteur de mon nouveau livre, j'espère que vous l'aimez! Regarde mon website ici: http://www.wix.com/helengrilo/helenagrilo
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My persian cat Mimi taking her first shower
Ignore my mom and my sister yelling xD
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'Danny' - my personal Happy Birthday song
This is a short song I wrote and composed today , to wish Danny Duncan from the band We the Kings a very happy birthday :) People love you Danny, never change ^^ The lyrics are just a joke, and were inspired in what some fans say about Danny (the vampire teeth) and in things he has said about himself (in London he told me that the fans were constantly asking for 2nd photos coz the first ones were never good). P.S. When I said 'which is', I meant 'who is', I'm sorry. Lyrics&chords: D Danny, G Has a vampire smile A Big funny eyes C Em D Makes us think he's a devilish mice C Danny, A D Always nice to the fans, G Makes the kings' carriage things C Go wild E,D,A,C,D,A G E Dannyy! Dannyy! C D A good first photo is something he never knew, G D Dannyy! Dannyy! C D Something he always wanted to do C D G But it's ok coz , the fans like that too
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Metallica - nothing else matters 1st guitar solo
My small cover of a BIG song :) well, only the introduction yet
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Special effects nuclear red review
Just a hair dye review killjoys :) After my roots grew i used Rusk with a 20% and it didn't work,my hair got orange, coz the 20% is too soft for the roots to light-up and too strong for the bleached rest of my hair, so it became orange with black roots. So now I'm gonna use Maji Contrast, with a 30% developer on the roots,and a 10% on the rest of the hair. Maji Contrast worked just fine. Nowadays I still use it but just for my roots (30% developer), and still use Special Effects for the rest of the hair (without any developer) :)
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Why I love My Chemical Romance
This video talks about my personal experience as a hardcore fan of MCR. I added some pics of my mcr tattoo and mcr looks, at the end. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK about my experience and tell me yours !
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