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The Beer Song
Music video of The Beer Song (artist unknown), by WCP Films (http://wcpfilms.com
Views: 10297 alexandr
A montage of clips from various WCP productions. Music by: William Cushman, Trevor Rabin
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Romeo and Juliet
Created as an English project for school, Alex Dunn, Daniel Hopkins and Julian Lord adapted a scene of Romeo and Juliet for the screen, setting it in the modern day. Music: Cristophe Heral, Rob Dougan, Tan Dun
Views: 1257 alexandr
Goal is a short film made as part of the 2006 10-10-10 Student Film Festival by WCP Films (wcpfilms.com). Written by Alex Dunn and directed by Andrew Dunn
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Arlington West 11/12/05
Lois Capps speaks during the Veteran's Day Memorial at Arlington West, honoring the casualties of the Iraq War.
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My Favorite Place
Written, directed, and edited by Alex Dunn for the 2006 Reflections contest.
Views: 60 alexandr
The New Fashion Statement
2005. A young man commits murder and encounters many strange things while on the run.
Views: 289 alexandr
The Point
2005. Inspired by a dream, The Point chronicles one man's journey into a world of intrigue and mystery.
Views: 82 alexandr
Dog Days
2005. Tired of their subservient status in society, dogs revolt and take over the earth.
Views: 88 alexandr
Bob the Samurai
An original story by Marwan El Abbadi, "Bob the Samurai" is about a man with a mop, a viking helmet, and a pair of rollerblades defying a nation, because he wants to. A sequel is already in the works...
Views: 641 alexandr
Treasure Seekers
2005. Starring Stuart Sherwin, Stuart Sherwin, Stuart Sherwin, and Stuart Sherwin.
Views: 904 alexandr
Water Hog
Made by Andrew and Alex Dunn for Goleta Water's 2006 water conservation PSA contest.
Views: 314 alexandr

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