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J2_ jeep with rc4wd Axel and gcm j2 skeleton frame
I just got done with my jeep I have new rims and shock for it,but if any one know of some parts I can add please feel free to let me know and tell me what you guys think of it. should I lose the black bars on it ?
Views: 174 Sergio Enriquez
Rc4wd(Mystery box 2 )
If any on to buy let me know
Views: 970 Sergio Enriquez
Pro line jeep ( telluride)
Tier mount for the jeep
Views: 93 Sergio Enriquez
Honcho rc(Harley Davison)
All most done some more thing to go but it should be done in two weeks .
Views: 13 Sergio Enriquez
Jk up date ready for some comp part 1
Try to get the jk up to par.
Views: 97 Sergio Enriquez
(Telluride) turn it into a jeep.
They said that the telluride is not good for truck for crawling . but wait and see and you guys can be the judge of it.
Views: 12 Sergio Enriquez
Sunny day on the rock, (gcm Skelton jk)
Rock crawling
Views: 23 Sergio Enriquez
Rc J2 jeep
I need some help should I leave the 1.55 on my jeep or the 1.9 gcm rim the 1.9 go to me honcho but I think the honcho look nice with the 1.55 let me know ..what you guy think .
Views: 34 Sergio Enriquez
My jk part 2 I will start making  more videos and more video
I will,keep,doing some video,for my jk comp , until the next time keep build tiny truck.. Much love to the craw space,E.S.P and Gcm racing.
Views: 11 Sergio Enriquez
Jeep can Any one help me on how to wired my jeep?
I need help wiring my Jeep the battery and the motor in the servo together so I can have the ESC in speed controller in the back can anyone show me a video on how to or help me.
Views: 7 Sergio Enriquez
Honcho getting the works
Try to fix up my honcho with a new ford body and interior .I have some extra parts the I will trade if any one got some parts to trade just let me know.
Views: 5 Sergio Enriquez
Jk (rc4wd) axels on it
Trying to get a speed control and a motor with a esc but its in the work if any one has a suggestion on let me know
Views: 11 Sergio Enriquez
Gcm J2 frame & links. jeep on the crawl
Day out in the mountains .
Views: 24 Sergio Enriquez
The honcho scx 10
Sorry for the the mistakes its my first time shooting live.. I hope you like the two shoe film and one shut up side down,part 1
Views: 15 Sergio Enriquez
(Telluride)into a jeep part 3
All most done turning my telluride into a Rubicon jeep.
Views: 11 Sergio Enriquez
Honcho getting the works
If people want to trade parts let me know.
Views: 3 Sergio Enriquez
Honcho(dully hardly Davison) scx 10
Just got done with it a 3:00am but I will take it on the trail soon. Tell me what you guys think.
Views: 4 Sergio Enriquez
Telluride traxxes
Working on my truck just order a 81 ford bronco from pro line and a rock crawling motor for a 540 35t ..
Views: 10 Sergio Enriquez
Pro line jeep ( telluride)
I finally got done with my jeep it has new lights flat iron 2.2 and titan 2.2 with a r4wd motor also a Dynamite ESC , let me know if you gut like .f
Views: 63 Sergio Enriquez
(Telluride traxxs) need help on my motor ...
Fixing a telluride from traxxs.
Views: 14 Sergio Enriquez

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