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Chemo and blood infection turned to sepsis!
Hopefully on the mend. Trying to feel good again. Good days and bad days still.
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Breast cancer : last day of radiation
Was a long 33 days total 6 weeks of radiation.
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Hair is falling out. Breast cancer sucks right now
Cut my hair shorter to help keep it in but it still started coming out in chunks by my second chemo session. Let it begin.
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Breast cancer journey
Got dehydrated which always makes me feel icky just getting some fluids at my chemo place.
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Getting head shaved
Hair falling out after 2nd chemo so time to chop off. Missed the beginning. Sorry, my friend thought it was recording but got the end at least. Was a little more emotional than I expected.
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Breast cancer Cat scan
Dr. Ordered a cat scan. Drinking the nasty drink and the injection of dye are the worse parts but after you get that drink down it goes pretty fast. Tried to recorded inside but having trouble with my microphone on my phone.
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