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Sufjan Stevens - Impossible Soul FULL VERSION (Live @ Brighton Dome) [14th May, '11]
Full song in Brighton :) Skip to 02.00 if you don't want to hear his little blurb about singing as a baritone... but I suggest you do give it a listen because he's hilarious. :D (I accidentally cut off the beginning, but basically he thanks DM Stith for opening all his shows.) Sorry for the very shaky cam, as you probably tell holding the camera up for 30 mins is very tiring... also, I'm sorry when the audio gets muffled a bit, accidentally covered the mic with my finger. :P
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Video Games Live 2007 (London) - One Winged Angel
Video Games Live 2007 in London. The London Philharmonic Orchestra and the London Chorus perform One Winged Angel (Final Fantasy 7).
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Patrick Wolf - A Boy Like Me (Live @ Koko London)
Patrick Wolf performs 'A Boy Like Me', his last song @ Koko London (4th Oct '06). I've been told he says, "I think I'm going to explode with excitement" at the beginning of the video. Thanks! :)
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Louis XIV - Pledge of Allegiance (Live)
Live @ London Scala, UK [28th Feb, '06]
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Patrick Wolf - Wind In The Wires (Live @ Koko London)
Patrick Wolf plays Wind In The Wires, his 2nd encore @ Koko London (4th Oct '06).
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Sufjan Stevens - Barn Owl, Night Killer / The Owl and the Tanager @ Royal Festival Hall
Sorry for the shaky cam, I was trying to cover the LCD screen to prevent the brightness from disturbing the people behind me... Can anyone tell me why this song has two different versions/names? What's the difference? Cheers! :) Live @ Royal Festival Hall, 12th May 2011
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MGMT - Electric Feel (Live @ Shepherd's Bush Empire, London)
MGMT playing Electric Feel, live @ Shepherd's Bush Empire, London [28th Nov '08].
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Patrick Wolf - Bluebells (Live @ London ICA)
Patrick performs Bluebells at the London ICA [26th Feb '07].
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Suck on my titties
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Sufjan Stevens - Impossible Soul @ Royal Festival Hall [12th May, '11]
This is not the whole song, I only managed to get it from the "stupid man" autotune bit until the party. :)
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Patrick Wolf - Theseus (Live @ Heaven, London)
So sorry if the sound goes muffled at some bits, I accidentally covered the mic with my hand at certain intervals. :(
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Patrick Wolf - Damaris (Live @ Heaven, London 2009)
From Patrick's forthcoming album Battle. :)
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Patrick Wolf - Vulture (Live @ Heaven, London)
Patrick Wolf plays his new song Vulture as his first encore at Heaven, London [Mar 12th, '09]. This will be the first single to be released off his new album 'The Bachelor'. :D
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Patrick Wolf - The Libertine (Live @ Heaven, London)
An old favourite from the 'Wind in the Wires' album. :D
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Patrick Wolf - Battle (Live @ Heaven, London)
Patrick Wolf plays his new song 'Battle', live @ Heaven, London [12th Mar '09]. This song is from Patrick's forthcoming album 'Battle'. :)
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Delays - Nearer than Heaven (Live @ Camden Barfly)
Delays play a secret gig at Camden Barfly, London on March 12th 2008.
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MGMT - Time to Pretend (Live @ Shepherd's Bush Empire, London)
MGMT playing Time to Pretend, live @ Shepherd's Bush Empire, London [28th Nov '08].
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Patrick Wolf - Hard Times (Live @ Heaven, London)
From Patrick's forthcoming album Battle. :)
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Delays - Lost In A Melody (Live @ Camden Barfly)
Delays play a secret gig at Camden Barfly, London on March 12th 2008.
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Death From Above 1979 - You're Lovely but You've Got Lots of Problems (Live @ HMV Forum)
DFA1979 at their reunion date in London! Live @ HMV Forum, 5th May 2011
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Death From Above 1979 - Losing Friends (Live @ HMV Forum) [5th May, '11]
Losing Friends, finally played after 6 years (or was it longer? I think that's what Sebastien said)!
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Patrick Wolf - Ramble and Joni Mitchell 'All I Want' teaser
Live @ Heaven, London [March 12th, 2009]. Sorry I only started recording halfway during his ramble! Basically, in the beginning Patrick reminisces how Heaven was the first venue he ever played when he was 14. His dad drove him there and waited for him outside till he was finished with the gig. Of course, Patrick lied to him saying this is for some sort of youth social group but he guessed his dad obviously knew he was lying at the time and thanks him. :) Patrick also goes on to praise the lyrical genius of Joni Mitchell's Blue album and plays a little bit of 'All I Want'. This is just before he plays 'Theseus' (which I've also recorded and uploaded to Youtube).
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Patrick Wolf - Kriespiel/Oblivion (Live @ Electric Ballroom [1st June, '09])
Patrick Wolf opens with Kriespiel and Oblivion at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London. [1st June, '09]
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Mew - Comforting Sounds (Live @ Truck Festival) [24th & 25th July, '10]
The air was cold, the night was magical... that's all I can say... :)
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Bo Ningen climbing up the frame (Offset Festival 2010)
Monchan (drummer of Bo Ningen) climbs up the frame at Offset Festival 2010.
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Covent Garden cat
The cutest cat we've ever seen! Whenever anyone walks by his window, he'll start banging the window with his paws to try and get your attention. If you're ever on Drury Lane, go and say hello, I think he's lonely!
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She & Him - Lingering Still (Live @ ATP Festival 2010)
She & Him performing 'Lingering Still' @ ATP Festival 2010, curated by Matt Groening (May 7th - 9th 2010. Butlins, Minehead). Sorry for the poor quality in sound, I was using a different camera that's not so great with video recording at music venues. :/
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Sufjan Stevens - Chicago @ Royal Festival Hall [12th May, '11]
The last half of Chicago. It was a massive balloon party, y'all! Sufjan laughed a few times during this performance due to the many balloons popping. :) 3rd encore song. Live @ Royal Festival Hall, London
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Sufjan Stevens - Vesuvius @ Royal Festival Hall [12th May, '11]
Sufjan first talks about the process of his songwriting before launching into Vesuvius.
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Patrick Wolf - Accidents & Emergencies (Live @ Electric Ballroom) [1st June, '09]
Final encore! Check out the "special song" in the video responses. (I accidentally cut off the "special" bit after filming this...)
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