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No animal suffered during the production, shots were taken under the supervision of specialists. https://patronite.pl/koziguar Koziguar - Erogenous Zones EP facebook.com/koziguar instagram.com/koziguar Music - Koziguar Director- Koziguar Script - Koziguar Cinematographer - Koziguar Production House - Jeżoton Entertaiment Executive producer - Koziguar Producer - Koziguar Choreographer - Koziguar Focus puller - Koziguar Offline editor - Koziguar Colour Grading - Koziguar Postproduction Manager - Koziguar Sound Design - Koziguar Graphic Designer - Oblesiaq Set Designer - Koziguar Costumes Design - Koziguar Stylization - Koziguar Make-up & Hair - Koziguar
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Koziguar - Rumena (Halloween Special)
Enjoy this song made from traditional Yugoslavian music sample! Love! Koziguar! patronite.pl/koziguar instagram.com/koziguar facebook.com/koziguar
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Koziguar - CWMNBTS (Erogenous Zones EP)
This song is Love, Love is Power, Power is in the mountains, Rupicapra rupicapra lives in the mountains https://patronite.pl/koziguar Koziguar - synthpop and house straight from Kato Follow Koziguar on social media: instagram.com/koziguar facebook.com/koziguar
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Koziguar - YABTFFM (Erogenous Zones EP)
Erogenous Zones EP https://patronite.pl/koziguar facebook.com/koziguar instagram.com/koziguar
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Koziguar - APSTT (Erogenous Zones EP)
Albino Python is Stronger than Typhoon https://patronite.pl/koziguar https://www.facebook.com/koziguar/
Views: 616 Kozi Guar
Koziguar - ILWYT (Erogenous Zones EP)
In Love With Your Touch https://patronite.pl/koziguar
Views: 355 Kozi Guar

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