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Ruby - Twenty One Pilots Instrumental Cover
So this is a cover I've always wanted to do, and it's finally done! So yeah, enjoy, this took two days of nonstop work on it.
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Gmod tutorial Part 2: Tool Gun stuff n' posing
Hello. Since this series sucked harder than Danny. I will remake this series. But I won't delete these videos. Just to look back and reflect on how much I sucked. Original desc: Hello guys! its me back again with the second part of How to make a *ahem* "decent" Gmod video! YAAAAAAAY!
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Drown Instrumental Cover
I had the idea to layer the drums in the song... thirty minutes after I hit export in iMovie. *shoots self* Here's my cover of Drown, it's one of my favorites. I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS TOOK ME FUCCING FOREVER
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Wanna know what I hate about the PPG remake? Everything. Fuck you, let me sleep
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Gmod smooth animation test
I've been working in Gmod and came up with this. Each one took 30 mins.
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ARTV Deleted Review
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Light saber test 2
I wanted to make a follow up video to my horrible light saber test. I used the video copilot lightsaber preset for after effects CS3-CC.
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Cinematic Camera test
This is a test with the Garry's Mod tool Cinematic Camera tool http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=198542384&searchtext=Cinematic+Camera+tool Here it is!
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Light saber test
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Knife game song (Do not try at home! I'm a trained idiot!)
Me doing the very famous knife game song
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The Pantaloon - A cover by Isa's Fun House
Original song by Twenty One Pilots Well here it is, the thing I've been working on for almost a week. I really haven't been motivated to do vfx or draw anything. So I started doing music instead. This doesn't sound the greatest, it's the first full song I've done. And if you ask, I have no idea why the picture looks so low-res Expect a cover of Johnny Boy (*Drown) in the near future ;-) (Also thank you all for 100 subscribers like "holy poopy!") ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tweeter: https://twitter.com/DoctorFuckWitt Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198086503165
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CJs MLG Adventure (warning lower volume to 20-40)
CJ is bored (literally) out of his closet. He wants to have the dankest adventure an MLG 360 noscoper can have.
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Sonic '06 part 1: Oh no!
Join me in my quest to beat Sonic The Hedgehog 2006! (disclaimer) I did no post audio editing on this and I sound like a fetus in this video. So I guess the bad sound mixing is a good thing?
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My reaction to every pun speedpaint
when I made this when ShadowTheWolf messaged me a horrible pun. But my internet lacked the speed. Apotos day remix-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihUm9KASXFU&list=FLrkcbUGUZhmt2qkJReLDNag&index=12 ShadowTheWolf128 (and her puns) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyz1mtLOZcseNWmQBMzWQmg
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Everybody hates Harry Potter in space
Harry shoots off a spell in space, somebody explodes him and shoots him. Sorry for the bad quality, there was a rendering problem
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40 subscriber speed art
Thank you guys so much for over 4,000 views and 40 subs! Music used- City Escape cover- natewantstobattle Endless Possibility- Bowling for soup
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Gmod tutorial part 4: Sony Vegas/finale!
Sony Vegas- http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/vegaspro Hope this Video helped you! Sorry for the black part.... I remember cutting it, But Vegas is a jerk
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Energy ball test
I made this all in Adobe After Effects CC. If you want this stock footage thing, download it and put it into the add or screen blending mode in any of these editors/ compositors: After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Final cut (any version), Hitfilm Pro 3, and Sony Vegas
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Sonic IK Rig animation test
An animation test & a Premiere Pro test
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Clips in Reverse
Just me doing clips in reverse... Sorry the Quality is bad, I used my Ipod touch
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My first stopmotion with Vegas. with Blue screen! I also had to color correct because it was kinda grey
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00 assasination
My friend Matthew tries to kill me...
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Stuffed Animalz!!!
Join Isaiah A.K.A nintendoboy3ify stop the evil stuffed animals that are trying to take over the world and interrupt his vlog!
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New Intro
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Anti-NFKRZ Association Trailer Video
Hello there. If you're like me, then you hate fat Russians ruining the internet as we know it. This specific fat Russian has gained notoriety past the realms of games like CS:GO for his weight, and inability to speak human english. We hope to see you sign the petition! https://www.change.org/p/any-person-with-common-fucking-sense-shut-down-the-nfkrzbangerz-channel
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Video for Jacob Sartorius's parents (:
IDK I've been cringing at good ol' Jacob Sartorius or how ever the fuck you spell it. So I just whipped this up in like... 2 minutes
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The first time I saw Jurrasic World
After loving the only 2 films in this successful franchise. I decided to see Jurrasic World. And by Gog. It was amazing. This was my reaction to seeing it...
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Source Filmmaker test
So I downloaded SFM and did some ACTUAL testing.
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Interview with the Shia LaBeouf
Watch me as I interview the one and only Shia LaBeouf
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Seventy Subscriber speedpaint
HEY GUYS! This shithead again. I'd just like to thank you guys (again) for seventy subscribers. It makes me feel like a special snowflake (: YouTube has gotten me through especially shitty days, and I only have you guys and my friends to thank. Music used (in order) Holding Onto You - Twenty One Pilots Kicking Ass and Taking Names - PAYDAY 2 OST Tom's Dog - The Living Tombstone
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I'm a Wizard part 2!
So I was testing out Adobe premiere, and I thought it wen't pretty good, except for the second one. The sad part is, it took me two days to figure out how to export it, and 20 minutes to do the actual editing
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Random Sonic Lost World Test
This video was fucking infuriated to edit. Edit: Are you fucking kidding me... The second video in a row that rendered wrong... Just... Just fuck my life.
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New Intro
My new intro. Copyright Sega and Microsoft
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The Fail......
This video is to test out the *ahem* "blur" affect. (Also Basicly my interpretation of https://www.youtube.com/user/Balenaproductions Sonic zombie series. ENJOY!
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Weird animation
Another video!
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Planet of the Pac-men part 1
Shulk wakes up on a mysterious planet inhabited by tons of pac man clone. Then he kills the original
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I'm a Wizard!
I kill a muggle!
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Sonic Adventure 2 part 1: DRUGGING ANIMALS!
This took a long time to render out, mostly because I recorded this at 60 FPS at 1080p. So hopefully it stays that way. at this actually took effort. I had to sound edit shiza boy
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Happy wheels! part1!I have A rope phobia
Hello people! Today I am playing happy wheels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yay.
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Sony Vegas!
This Video Shows off The power of Sony Vegas and just how AWESOME it is!
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The Last Soda: A really cool Brickfilm
This is a video of what happens when there is only one soda left in the middle of a party
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Isaiah 10
Hey guys. This is really old. But I kept it up for... I don't know why. My room has changed since then. I could do better effects since I don't have movie maker any more (thank god) anyway watch this if you dare. Original desc: In this short film ten year old Isaiah got a strange watch stuck on his wrist. He discovered it had AWESOME POWERS! If you want a part 2 ask in da comments below!
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How to make Gmod Vids part 1: The Basics!
Hello. Since this series sucked harder than Danny. I will remake this series. But I won't delete these videos. Just to look back and reflect on how much I sucked. Original desc: Hello my students! It is nintendoboy here! With my FIRST tutorrial. today I will tell you the very basic ways to make a Gmod video. P.s. don't just watch this video watch the others when I upload them so you can make "good" videos
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New intro
Its my new intro... I made it in about 5 minutes... I was rushing
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A dubstep music video
Made with and I pad 3, Garage Band, and Imovie
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My Photoshop creations!
Sorry that there's no music! But I hope you like my first few photoshop creations!
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Boring update
An update!
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An update!
I recommend this video to all!
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Update!!! Vlogs n' stuff
Hello everyone! You already probably know who I am. So I am starting a vlog Wednesday in San Juan!!!
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How to draw classic Sonic!
Today/ tonight I will teach you how to draw old/classic Sonic! Hope you like it!
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