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This is for everyone in the world. Alot of people think that everybody hates them, thats not true. Just remember, there's always someone out there that cares about you.
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X run2 part1with classy girl 26
We both gang up to try and pass the evil but awsome x run.
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I was spying on my little cousin, his name is donnie and he screamed like a girl!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!
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My Fight~animation
I hope u enjoyed this video!!! Plz like and subscribble! :-)
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I own the artwork. I hope u loved my vid!! Plz like and subscribble! :-)
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Mob battles: creepers and blazes!!!!
Omg have you ever seen a nether portal that big!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Prison escape with classy girl 26 part one
I herolexin and my dearest sister, classy girl 26 play the so called game of prison escape. Plz like and subscribe!!!! :-)
Geometry dash meltdown
I have such a hard time with games like this!!!!
Mob battles: zombies!
I really never saw zombies drop carrots or potatoes before...
A castle worth defending!
Er mah gerd! When will people leave me alone so i can make my vids!?!?!?
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Animation inside info...i guess?
I hope u guys will be patient with the video i PROMISE will be out. I hope u will enjoy it when its done! :-)
A blood stained pony~chapter two
I hope you like the story. You should get watt pad and get this story to read for yourself. But you still get to decide wether he stays in pony ville or goes back home.
I totally wrecked rachael in this one! Dont forget to comment what her punishment challenge will be! :-)
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Celebration and thanks!!!! READ DISCRIPTION
Hey guys. Sparrow The Dark Soul here. I know you're probably wondering how this video has to do anything with thanks. But I'm thanking u all for the support u have givin me. I've been through some hard times and I just want u to know that I've made this to celebrate my channel. I hope u all enjoyed!!!! Plz like and subscribble! :-)
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Survival crafts new update!
My favorite part was the gun! I go hunting almost every day because of it, but not in real life, in survival craft. Well, i hope u enjoyed the video and plz like and subscribe!!!! =D
9wolf #2
Hope u ppl enjoyed! :-)
New pony series!!
In this video i announce that i will be making a series based off of fnaf of fnap. The characters that i so far abaslutely know that will be in the series is golden blits, withered blood beat, and toy blood beat. Hope u enjoyed!!
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Mob battles:Spiders and zombies!!!!
Was it a glitch or a simple mob??????? And you can answer that question in the comments!!!! :-)
I am still not even close to showig u guys the first ep, but i just thought i should let u guys know. Plz like and subscribble!!!! :-)
You lift me up~smule piano
I dont plan on making other videos like this its just i got really bored and i had nothin tondo so..... but if u would like i will make more vids like this.
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M.L.P charictar vid.
Ok, so this is all of their names. I will give you their names in the order that it shows on the video. Vamina Heart, Sparrow, Flameris Bright, Souless Night, Lauren Faust, Zorda Bone, Pinkimina Diane Pie, Saya Heart, Shayla Note, Snow Drop, Hyra Inkspell, Blood Scavenge, Pound Breaker, Lightning Strike, Sweet Shine, and Herobrine. And I'm verry sorry guys but I just found out that is not the actual order, but I'm not going to rewrite the whole thing so just guess wich ones they are. Plz like and subscribe! :-)
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My first wolf animaton!
Sorry that the picture was not all that good, but you try drawing on tablet with out a stylist. It is verry hard. Plz tell me if i did a good job in the comments! I literally worked 3 hours straight on this project just for you!!!! :-)
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Five Nights At Razors [trailer]
I created this all by myself. U think i did good? Remember, this is a trailer for a book on watt pad. I DO own five nights at razors, but this was inspired by five nights at pinkies. I hope you enjoyed the video. Don't for get to like and subscribble! :-) (Ps, I don't own the song that plays in the video) Song name: Viking arena
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Dimond parkour
Sorry that classy girl 26 wasn't playing with me. But I really like dimonds and stuff so I played on this map to show you how awsome it was. Well, i thought it was awsome at first, but then i played it and it wasnt even fun. But i still hate parkours!
My digital painting of sam gladiator!
U should subcribble to him! He is awesomely awesome with a hint of awesomeness! :-)
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Best artwork of brony pony sister #2!
All art work belongs to me and yes i may or may have not used a few body bases...... :P Song used: It Has Begun Sont artist(s): Starset
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My new OC for mlp
His name is shards! Amd he is brothers with sparrow and son of night mare moon! But i still dont have his story layed out yet, so dont judge....
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BronyPonySister speed paint | CCG
Hope u all enjoyed! Song 1: firework by katy perry Song 2: faded (dont know the song artist)
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My OC information
In this vid I show you all the new OC's I've made for my little pony and also give all the current information. And I couldn't come up with a name for the 2nd o e I showed you so if you could just comment what his name should be.
Craft to unlock with classy girl 26 part 1
Just frikin watch!!!!! Lol # :-) XD
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BronyPonySister speed paint | flames of Tartarus
Hope u all enjoyed!! Songs used: gasoline, little game, hide and seek, warriors, and sarcasm
Happy halloween
I know i was a little late coming out with a halloween vid, but it's still quite cool
Hunger games with classy girl 26
We shall battle for the death!!!!! Jk, we didn't finish till a week after and i didn't wamt to put a whole series on there, so I just tell you who won, racheal did. I know, I lost, but don't rub it in my face! Plz like and subscribe! :-)
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I will try to fix this, I promise.
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Reacting to snow drop
WARNING: you may cry the whole time through...
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Thankyou for inspiring me Markiplier!!
I just wanted to say thank you for all that you've done for all of your subs. You take alot of time into your videos and you get good things from it. Thankyou for being a good inspiration on me!! :-)
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Cool parkour?
This was not funny, so whoever is laughing, I WILL HUNT U DOWN!!!!!!
Sparrows voice
Hey guys! If you want you can make better coppies of this voice and if you dont know his story, then be sure to check out the story called the whisper written by gawian on watt pad! =)
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Slither.io challenge #2
Why it glitchen!?!?!?!?
Animation collection
Plz dont try to take credit for these animations! I have done them all myself. Sorry that im always saying plz dont take credit for it. Just plz dont. Everyone knows im talented at stuff like this and maybe u r too. But there is no reason to take credit for something so hard that I worked on. Hope u guys enjoyed! Plz like and subscribble! :-)
Im back!!!!!
Im back everyone and i hooe u enjoy!
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The saddest reaction video I've ever made
Im so sorry if i made u cry, all of you. Please dont hate me i know im a but hole...... im so so so sorry....
Avengers tower
In this video i journey through the one amd only avengers tower!!
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Try not to laugh challenge 1
Lol my fav one was where I was spinning in circles and then attacked the camra!! XD
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Other youtubers! | slither.io
Coment #mark, #jack, #pewds, if you like him. Idk why ppl dont mention other youtubers...
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My deviant art!
Hope u enjoyed! :-)
Nightcore - Controll
I do not own the original song but I do own this edit of the song. I also own the artwork. Hope u enjoyed! :-) Song name: Controll Song artist: Halsey
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Take a Hint~ nightcore
I don't own the original song but I do own the artwork and this edited version of the song. If u want a link, I'm verry sorry. I'm really dumb and never know how to do anything. So I'll just give you the name of the song. Name of song: take a hint P.S, i have no idea who sings this song but i give full credit to their song. Thx for making such an awesome song that I could edit and make a video to. Plz like and subscribble! :-)
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