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Tribute to Gerard Way, his antics, Geegasms, Frerard, and Waycest
*WARNING*- As you can see from the title, this includes some pervy stuff. You don't like it, don't watch it. I really don't want any haters here. This is for the MCRmy and Killjoys that love this stuff. I'd like to specially mention that all images and clips came from many various places and I mean no copywrite infringement or anything. Also, songs featured are all by My Chemical Romance with the exception of Adam Lambert- For Your Entertainment and Papa Roach- I Almost Told You I Loved You. Hope you enjoy it!!
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My holiday wishes to the Fabulous Facebook Killjoys!!
I rambled about my love for the friends I've made on the Facebook MCR page for 11 minutes. Watch if you dare!! Mwah ha ha ha!!
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For Randy
To my dearest bro bro.
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