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The New Fashion Statement
2005. A young man commits murder and encounters many strange things while on the run.
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Its Not A Fashion Statement, Its A Deathwish- MCR
new pictures of My Chemical Romance to their song Its Not A Fashion Statment, Its A Deathwish
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Sadu    Fashion Statement
Sadu At New Delhi Loop Therapy
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My Chemical Romance - It's Not a Fashion Statement....
My Chemical Romance playing 'It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish' at Nassau Coliseum on February 23
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Steve Spurrier's Fashion Statement
South Carolina Head football coach defends his trailblazing fashion statement for CSTV's Going South. For more exclusive Going Big road crew coverage, log on to www.goingsouthfootball.com
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Chloe's fashion statement!
Chloe finds a new use for a dog lead!
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MCR - Its Not A Fashion Statement....
Oakland 3/15/07
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MCR - It's Not A Fashion Statement etc etc PITCHED VERSISION
The pitched version of MCR - It's not a fashion statement, its a fucking deathwish, made just for fun =)
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Fashion Statement
This is a series of pod/broadcasts filmed during the Spring 2007 semester at Kansas State University - Salina. The class was English 450: Literature and Society - The Image of American Indians in History, Song, and Film. The videos in this series are of class lectures, student discussions and reflections, and a field trip to a powwow. The professor is Dr. Leslie D. Hannah, Cherokee; the teaching assistant is Patrice Lewerenz, Ioway.
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Fashion Statement
Twinkie running around. This mare is for sale at Windhurst Farm. See windhurstfarm.com for more details.
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it's not a fashion statement....  my chemical romance
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_C98-StKzHI check out my new video from this song, its has no timming issues like this one. Hope you like it.
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A SENTENCE TO SILENCE - This Ain't a Fashion Statement
Thursday December 27th 2007 @ El Mocambo http://www.myspace.com/asentencetosilence
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SAARC Fashion Show
Contact info: [email protected] [email protected] AWWSOM Showcases Designs in New Dehli, India on December 7, 2007 Fashion has a new meaning for Mina in Afghanistan. Fashion for Mina is a way of teaching women and their families to live again, of nursing people back to work culture and more importantly, making women economically empowered. This to Mina is the biggest fashion statement of all: Empowerment. Over the years Mina Sherzoy has been trying to find a way to provide income for the poor and deprived widows of war. In addition to stimulating these women economically, she has helped also revive the handicrafts of Afghanistan which disappeared during the 30 years of war. AWWSOM was created as a shopping haven that reinvigorates the rich culture of Afghanistan. When you purchase from AWWSOM, you will directly empower an Afghan. As Mina attempts to breathe life into the age-old handicrafts and embroidery; she also gives them a modern restoration. Here is just a taste of the hundreds of unique and inspiring work of Afghan artisans.
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Cadillacs and Catwalks - Presented by The Auto Channel
The latest fashion accessory may surprise you. To most people, Cadillacs and catwalks may not mix. But to many fashionistas, the car you drive has become as important a fashion statement as your handbag or necktie.
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Cat Tunnel Fashion Statement
Sammy wears this Fall's newest look- the cat tunnel!
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Fashion Statement
Independent Short about Vampires.
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Fashion Statement Runway Show
Model: Kendra Mack, wearing Sham black jersey hooded dress with fur stole
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It's not a fashion statement, it's a fucking deathwish - MCR
It's not a fashion statement, it's a fucking deathwish - My Chemical Romance ft. Sims 2. To be continued by "Headfirst for Halos"...
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karen's fashion statement
fashion show in ada ohio
Views: 143 lwilhelm2000
NotYourCrime Fashions
NotYourCrime! BE BOLD,CONFIDENT, AND SEXY........ .........MAKING A FASHION STATEMENT http://www.cafepress.com/notyourcrime
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JDIGGS Yadidamean TV  "a fashion statement"
JDIGGS shows what real rappers dont wear
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Road Kill Rugs
A parody commercial about the newest fashion statement for bald men
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Fashion Hurtz Bullies
This is what happens when you cross the FH Bullies. Fashion No-gooders watch your back! Starring Fresh, Phever, & Reason Directed by Mathis of Level Eye Filmworks
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The Coolest Hipster Ever: Fashion
The Coolest Hipster Ever discusses his latest fashion statement.
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its not a fashion statement its a fucking deathwish backward
it was way too hard to get lyrics so its just 1 pic to the song its not a fashion statement its a fucking deathwish but its backwards!!! enjoy! All I did was make it go backwards, all credit goes to the creators/picture takers. Which is NOT me. :]
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Its not a fashion statement, its a deathwish
Its not a fashion statement, its a deathwish, live Dublin 2007
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Oct 4 2007 My Chemical Romance Fashion Statement @ Monterrey
Video de It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish!! como a la mitad de la cancion saca una bandera de mexico y se la cuelga en el cinto, feeble_ y yo nunca supimos si se la aventaron o la sako de ahi yo kreo keya la tenia =D weno pues gracias por suscribirse y firmar xD MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE ROCKS!
Views: 4536 chemicaldead
My Trip 9: The Pickup Fashion Statement.
Continuation of the series.
Views: 63 Alan Kelley
It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish
MCR, Monterrey, Mexico
Views: 160 Urías Peña
NZOSA07: David Cunliffe makes a fashion statement
David Cunliffe, Minister of Information Technology, realises the New Zealand Open Source Awards is no black-tie event
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it's not a fashion statement, it's a deathwish from MCR
Hope you like it :D
Views: 2150 GiancarloFR
MCR- It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish sims 2
It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish by My Chemical Romance. Made with Sims 2. The storyline is about how a friend betrayed the main character and told a secret that got him killed. Then the Victim comes back from the dead to kill his friend.
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Typecast - She Wont Understand
emo is a state of mind.. not a fashion statement
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Retro Fashion 70's 80's 90's Event in NYC Part 1
Every season CIRCA emerges in a new space and presents fresh vintage merchandise from the shop's massive collection, the USA premiere is set to kick-off in NYC. The pop-up shop is set to unveil on Saturday, June 2nd at Gabriel Urist's Worlds Fair from 12pm-8pm. Jesse Heifetz co-creator of CIRCA's said, "First rate vintage one-of-a-kinds from the 70's-90's will be offered for the seasoned collectors. Our customers enjoy and share our love for amazing constructed and affordable timeless vintage pieces." To highlight a few vintage faves, be sure to check for: "original Benetton apparel; luxe Christian Dior tops; Nike memorabilia; Yves Saint Laurent; Gucci collection (1960's -1989); Michael Cromer Munchen (MCM); Coco Chanel accessories; TROOP apparel; Ralph Lauren (early 1900's) and many other design notables. If you're a vintage lover, this is an event you won't want to miss, I'm def going to be at this one
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Loverboy's Mike Reno on CAFKA.TV
CAFKA.TV got the exclusive scoop when Loverboy rolled into town for an invite-only show in Kitchener. We sat down with lead singer Mike Reno to talk about Loverboy's new album, the stories behind two of their most memorable album covers, and those infamous red leather pants. Thanks Mike, you rock.
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Tattoos: from prison insignia to fashion fad
During Soviet times a tattoo was more likely to be a mark of shame than a fashion statement, as it often indicated that the wearer had served a prison sentence. But all that's changed now in Ukraine, where the Western fad for tattoos and other body art, has left its mark - literally.
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mcr "fashion statement" march 13
best song eVER
Views: 41 slownotstupid
Avril Lavigne - When ur gone
Please Read! Lol I got claimed of copyright for the song It's Not A Fashion Statement It's A Deathwish by My Chemical Romance .. so i took off the audio cause if i put on another one .. it wouldn't go with it. Maybe i will make a new video with the same song When you're gone by Avril Lavigne. If i have time :P I'm really busy these days. But now i'm free so i'm just relaxing, thinking of making a video before school starts. So don't put a comment about the audio ._.'
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Tribute to My Chemical Romance
Slide show of my chemical romance xD Song: It's not a fashion statement, it's a deathwish
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1984-85 Fashion
New message from JScotter: Please read and share. This is more of a statement of individual expression rather than fashion. This was almost 30 years ago, and yet the ignorance and lack of recognition toward individuality has existed since before then and continues today. It's absolutely OK to be yourself and express yourself the way you want, as long as it's legal and you are not hurting anyone or yourself. If you agree or like this message, please share this video on your social media pages. Kids show your parents. Parents show your kids. We are all unique. We are all different. Yet we are all the same. We are all individual humans. We are all part of the human race. We all want acceptance of ourselves and our individual expression. To love each and other for who we are is what makes us human. Hatred is arrogance and ignorance, combined. And that, my friends, cripples the world, whether in masses or one individual at a time. So, please share this as a testament to your unique individuality and the quest for your acceptance of and to all! Thank you to Vince Mancini at uproxx.com for discovering and re-posting this. Original post description: This is a documentary about fashion that I did in high school. I entered it into Diablo Valley College's Door Stop Awards contest for video production and took first place for "Best High School Documentary".
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Musical Blog: Depression is Not A Fashion Statement
These are just some personal thoughts on depression and Glasser's Choice Theory which is what we base our therapy on at the wilderness camp I am currently teaching at. ( but not for long, I am looking for a new job. Wish me luck.)
Views: 1077 woodlandpoet
MCR - Statement Live @ Copenaghen - 10/04
(4)It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish
Views: 322 C4R17O
The Game Hurricane II
The latest shoe from 310 and The Game. Get the shoes at www.SoHoLab.com 310 PREMIUM FOOTWEAR Named after the Los Angeles area code where 310 Motoring was established, this brand is all about lifestyle. Just as 310 Motoring helped to establish customized cars as a status symbol and fashion statement for the rich and famous, the brand has done the same with its line of 310 Premium Footwear. The companys interpretation of footwear, including boots, oxfords, sneakers, and even sandals, combines textiles and materials inspired by its customized cars. This luxury brand uses materials like rich leathers, burl wood, chrome, and carbon fiber to create a unique collection that is designed to capture the style and lifestyle of the upscale custom culture.
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My Chemical Romance - It's Not A Fashion @ Cardiff 25-03-07
My Chemical Romance - It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Death Wish @ Cardiff CIA 25-03-07
Views: 329 Darren Watkins
My Chemical Romance
MIGHTY MOUSE PRODUCTIONS a slide show dedication to MCR Bob,Frank,Gerard,Mikey,Ray Its not a fashion statement, its a deathwish *ALL PICTURES WERE FOUND IN HTTP://WWW.DOGPILE.COM/ SEARCH ENGINE
MEDIA ITALY: "Brian Enrico is the best The Netherlands offers in fashion since a long time." Article: "Underground Fashion Talent Brian Enrico is the best The Netherlands has got to offer in fashion for a long time"." Article: "Underground Fashion Talent - Since a few years, The Netherlands gained a name as trend blacksmith when it comes to underground fashion. The flair of the worldly and open metropolis Amsterdam seems to give young designers wings. One of these ambitious young designers, maybe even the most talented one of this young caste, is Brian Enrico. This self-made designer introduced his first Body Couture in January 2007. Brian Enrico outstrips a lot of his young colleagues. His fashion is not inspired by the current common street style. The muses for his urban fashion are the divas of the past: Jackie Onassis, Greta Garbo, Grace Jones and Audrey Hepburn. 'Black is beautiful' echoes through the whole collection of the Dutchman. Brian Enrico plays with the epochs and mixes fashion styles against all odds. On top of this, his fashion is one thing for sure: very female. The extra-large shoulder pats are clear references to the 1980s. Nevertheless, his line looks very modern, even futuristic." Peter Thalmann, In Sud Tirol magazine, Italy, June 2007. MEDIA USA: "A new designer emerges with a fresh take on iconic fashion. Brian Enrico celebrates strong women through his design perspective.At the Lancôme competition the official start of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week was underway but perhaps the biggest surprise of the night took place at the unofficial program on Friday night with the UFTA (Underground Fashion Talent Amsterdam) show. While most of the fashion shown at this event did not rise above the level of "fun clothing for a night out", the couture shown by autodidact Brian Enrico was a cut above the rest. Enrico's collection is based on various female style icons who continue to fascinate: The simplicity of Grace, Jackie and Audrey; the drama of Marlene, Greta and Morticia. While the collection has the grace and elegance of the iconique movie stars of the past, watching the collections prance by on the backs of divas, you cannot help but be hark-back to the 1980's and the broad shoulders of its working women. Enrico's collection is in no way tried and tired, however. His approach to the bygone eras is a meld of the past, present, and future which is distinctly his own. Enrico does not believe in the taboo surrounding the female body. During personal fittings Enrico models each garment on the individual client to ensure the best accentuation of each woman's body shape. His approach to design proves his admiration for the female form emphasizing the shoulders, breast, waist, and hips. In fact his muses and models are headstrong women of all generations. His dress code: Black to Basic. Welcome on board of his first night flight to Venus. Brian Enrico Body Couture wishes you a fantastic journey! Star Noor in Miasma magazine, USA, 0-issue online, print launch September 2007 MEDIA NETHERLANDS: "The Lancôme competition signalled the official start of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week, but the unofficial programme was launched on Friday night with the UFTA (Underground Fashion Talent Amsterdam) show. Although most of the fashion shown at this event did not rise above the level of "fun clothing for a night out", the couture shown by autodidact Brian Enrico was a cut above the rest. Divas of all ages modelled black dresses and cat suits with extremely broad shoulders. Hysterically, maybe, but nevertheless a clear statement arriving at just the right time; the extreme shapes of the 1980s are once again in demand." Source: National newspaper 'Volkskrant', Netherlands, Milou van Rossum, 26 January 2007. www.myspace.com/brianenrico www.brianenrico.com
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Knicks vs Bulls - 1998 (Jordan's last game at MSG as a Bull)
Jordan's first game at Madison Square Garden was on December 9, 1981. He was a North Carolina freshman playing against the Rutgers. From that point on, he repeatedly said that he loved to play in this arena. He even called it the "Mecca of Basketball". On March 8, 1998 he played his last game in a Bulls uniform at Madison Square Garden. He wore his Air Jordans from 1984 as a tribute to the fans. In the end, it was another Jordan special. He finished with 42pts (17-33), 8rb, 6 asts, 3stls and 1 blk. Here are some post game notes and quotes ======================= NEW YORK From his shoes to his shots, it was vintage Michael Jordan in what may have been his last game at Madison Square Garden. Jordan, wearing an original pair of red, white and black Air Jordan sneakers from his rookie season, scored 42 points yesterday with a dazzling display of shooting as the Chicago Bulls beat the New York Knicks, 102-89. "I kinda went retroactive today with the shoes," he said. "Some of the moves seemed to be coming from 1984. It brought back a lot of memories and certainly brought some excitement to the crowd." Jordan claims to have been cleaning his home with his wife, Juanita, and noticed the sneakers. Even though they are a full size smaller than his normal 131/2 (yes, his feet have grown with his legend), Jordan wanted to make a fashion statement. "I have six pairs of each and every shoe that we put out," he said. "I found some at home so they're originals, not remakes." Jordan hit 17 of 33 shots, with some of his baskets coming on moves as outlandish as his signature line of shoes were considered back in 1984 when they first came out of the box. "I played up in the air a lot today, but there was a need to," Jordan said. "Since the all-star game, this was probably the best game we've played over the course of 48 minutes." ''Nothing he does surprised me anymore,'' Starks said of Jordan's amazing display. ''I'm immune. When he gets on a roll he can't be stopped." As he walked off the floor with 1:03 remaining, the crowd which included the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Wayne Gretzky rose to its feet and applauded. "It was a coronation for him out there," Jeff Van Gundy said. "I don't know what else you can say. The guy is great." "The shoes were a big topic of conversation in the locker room," guard Steve Kerr said. "It was the theme of coming full circle. It was on his mind ... I was betting guys he'd take them off at some point. Then, he hit his first four shots." Actually, Jordan hit four of his first six, but 20 years from now, it will be remembered as a perfect game by the millions who were there. "I couldn't believe it," Kerr said, suggesting Jordan was risking a foot injury. "I thought, 'Is he nuts?' Did you see those things? They looked like pieces of cardboard put together. It's amazing how far the shoe industry has come." Jordan warmed up with a 17-point first half, but the Bulls trailed 46-43. In his 12-point third quarter, Jordan went into his bag of tricks for a drive on which he got hammered, turned his back to the basket and threw the ball backward over his head and in. In the fourth quarter, Jordan polished the Knicks off with 13 more points, punctuated by still another drive on which he turned his back and flipped the ball over his head into a basket he couldn't see. That one made Kerr just throw his arms over his head and laugh crazily at the wonder of it all. "It's so much fun to be a part of this team," Kerr said. "You take the total performance, 42 points, for granted. We see that all the time. But those moves that he does are just so amazing that I find myself cheering just like everybody else does in the stands." "He is the best player to ever play the game and he proved it again today," said Larry Johnson, who scored 20 points. ''We have this argument within our coaching staff: What is Jordan's greatest talent -- being able to shoot a pull-up jumper with his back horizontal to the floor, or his competitive desire to win?'' Van Gundy said. ''When you put those together, that makes you the best player in the game.'' ==========================
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Duct Tape Fashion
This is Marie and Emilee wrapping Stevie in plastic wrap and duct tape in order to make a custom mannequin...
Views: 13534 Purplesparkle932
Fashion Hound
Fashion Hound tells the story of Tiny Tim, a handsome three-legged mutt. Every day, he turns his "disability" into a signature style statement, inspiring his favorite human, fashion designer John Bartlett, to brand his clothing and accessories with Tim's distinctive likeness. http://www.fetchdog.com/blogs/nosetotheground/General/fashion_designer_john_bartlett_hosts
Views: 4253 FetchDogOnline
Saige Active Wear Plus Size Curvy Girls Fashion Shot and Edited by 16th & Broadway Ent.
Sexy SaigeWear Girls sport their NEW Summer fashion in a hot Photo Shoot Music Video.
Views: 4098 saigewear

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