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Journey to the Center of the Earth- Line Rider 2

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Line rider wants to get to the center of the Earth. No idea why. I still don't know what his plan is for coming back up. I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THIS IS.
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Text Comments (6)
efrazable (5 years ago)
Oh dear lordy I was a dick back then.
efrazable (7 years ago)
@lankher I lost... aww.
efrazable (8 years ago)
@lankher YOU LOST!
efrazable (8 years ago)
@Iankher I WIN! YOU LOST!
efrazable (8 years ago)
@lankher YOU LOST BAD!
lankher (8 years ago)
join weridethelines(dot)com, make a hello thread and if someone says "beware of lankher" i win. (great line rider community)

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