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Theresa May's Brexit Monsters, cartooned | The Economist

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As the British Prime Minister finally puts forward her contentious draft Brexit plan this week, Kal, our cartoonist, illustrates the potentially monstrous consequences. Click here to subscribe to The Economist on YouTube: https://econ.st/2xvTKdy Ever since I was a little boy I enjoy drawing monsters. I would spend ages assembling fangs, eyes, scales and horns into the creative critters of my imagination. This week in my cartoon for the Economist, I was able to put my youthful zeal for beasts to good use. I wanted to create two toothy cartoon abominations to help explain the uncomfortable choices facing Britain in the fast-approaching run-up to brexit next spring. The British prime minister Theresa May this week finally put forward a draft brexit plan for the UK. It was a 500-page Colossus that received mixed reviews from her cabinet. It faces even tougher scrutiny in Parliament - which will have to approve it. When the public faces this brexit behemoth they will see a scary creature that will leave damaging tooth marks on many parts of the economy. A worse option for brexit may be looming - a No Deal brexit monster. A failure to agree on Mrs Mays deal by March could unleash this fiend with even more ferocious bite. Surely there must be a way to escape these groups you may ask? Well, not according to Mrs May and many of her fellow conservatives - they say a second referendum on Brexit is out of the question. Asking the citizens to vote again on this weighty issue would, they claim, unleash even more monstrous consequences. Is the door an escape or a trap? There's only one way to find out. What lies behind the door? We don't know Daily Watch: mind-stretching short films throughout the working week. For more from Economist Films visit: https://econ.st/2o8kfOB Check out The Economist’s full video catalogue: http://econ.st/20IehQk Like The Economist on Facebook: https://econ.st/2o8kglD Follow The Economist on Twitter: https://econ.st/2o8khpH Follow us on Instagram: https://econ.st/2o8khWJ Follow us on Medium: https://econ.st/2o8kitL
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Text Comments (194)
Martin O'BRIEN (4 months ago)
Michael Boylan (5 months ago)
Wit and sharpness of line are superb,Is it partly in homage to Maurice Sendaks Wild Things If so,,well done,,,well done
Brett Yates (5 months ago)
... and the door could lead to an identical room and the preferable choice is to step back into the first room where the preferable choice is to step into the second where the pref... at some point you might just have to stand your ground and fight a monster because in the world of hypotheticals you might actually kill it.
Sir Digby Chicken Ceaser (6 months ago)
Steve Kellett (7 months ago)
Question ? If we did not sign over any significant powers in the Maastricht Treaty (John Major) or the Lisbon Treaty (Tony Blair - Gordon Brown) why are we finding it such an ordeal to leave. Major, Blair and Brown told us there was no need for a referendum, they were all telling outrageous lies and now look what a broken divided country we have ended up with. We are the JOKE. !!
Erwin Müller (7 months ago)
It's really funny those comments here about a second referendum. The first referendum is called "the will of the people", but a second referendum an "undermining of the democratic system", a betray, a "dangerous standard", "out of the question", etc. How is asking the people what they want against democracy? What are you really afraid of? Yes, please hold a second, a third, a fourth, etc. referendum, as many referendums as the people want. That is what the will of the people means, no? If the people want a second referendum, and a third, and a fourth, etc. why not?
The Super Psycho Killer (7 months ago)
The Brexit monsters look so cute.
Dark Carousel (8 months ago)
It's the end of the world!!!
Jason Devon (8 months ago)
The Economist really hates Brexit and we all know this, so don't take anything you corporate globalists say seriously. We are leaving the EU and we shall do much better out of it than in. We want our country back.
Bombardier a l'eau (8 months ago)
As a French citizen I respect British decision to leave us all but I think there were a lot of lies and deceptions before Brexit vote, maybe there needs to be another referendum after all or 2 more with the best of 3, but it all now looks like a mess, decades of traties gone in few hours of voting !
when you split the Brexit into two options, then surely the Remain will be the clear winner if there is a second referendum..
will a (8 months ago)
According to Labour we can't have another vote anyway
_B -Lowe_ (8 months ago)
He forgot to draw Arlene Foster there with a gun to May's head.
Nick Gogan (8 months ago)
What lies behind that door is an undermining of the democratic system..Basically, you can’t just keep holding elections until you get results wanted by the political or elite classes...
Richard Linter (7 months ago)
Of course you can. Just extend it to the logical conclusion and have an internet-based agora, with votes on everything by everyone. You're going to get a bunch of uneducated housewives running the country by instant messaging, and that's the best-case scenario, but it's better than the existing system.
Longtime Dead (8 months ago)
Jew anti Brexit propaganda into overdrive. Like those parasites "Antifa" a vote to leave the Corrupted European Jew run European Parliament doesn't count if you are anything other than one of those PROUD WHITE GOYIM EUROPEAN PEOPLE'S where the Jew inspires the extinction of those WHITE GOYIM EUROPEAN Devils.
cato (8 months ago)
All I know is this: the pound continues to weaken and I will be vacationing in Scotland next Spring. I win!!!
Michael K. (8 months ago)
nice drawing. Could not be more true
Plerp Plerp (8 months ago)
What is happening in the world is a trade war. While the EU, UK and US are bickering (as always) over who gets the biggest piece of the economic "cake", China is waiting on the side along with India.
Lenard Segnitz (8 months ago)
Brexit/no Brexit, deal/no deal... doesn't matter. It's old-UK angry that they can't have the Empire back and they're lashing out at everything and everyone. Empire is not coming back. The UK is a backwater economy, no amount of foot-stamping and gnashing of teeth will save it from simple physics. The global economy belongs to the big boys now especially those that have looked out for their population's interest.
Ki-Sean Excell (8 months ago)
What about a people’s vote. Like I don’t think ANYONE would disagree w that.
Real world (8 months ago)
Why politician say that they do not want to exit... Their is no question about second..... Why they are not accepting the result of first..... What if results will remain same then does they go for third???
Filippo Belacchi (8 months ago)
Music source, can someone help me?
V42 (8 months ago)
It’s amazing to me how you pretentious brits have spent so much time and energy criticizing americans and then you go and do the most american thing you could possibly do. Idiots
Ralf Rath (8 months ago)
Now it is time to leave the UK and TO TAKE BACK CONTROL OF OWN COUNTRY or the chaotic Brexit can not only ruin England but also Gibraltar, Scottland, Nothern Ireland, and Wales: Even the British Pound cant survive.
Lee Haiko (8 months ago)
The British isles shall not be ruled by the European mainland
John San Juan (8 months ago)
Meet Your Barristers!
Marco Melis (8 months ago)
Uk never belonged nor fit in... stop it and brexit now please!!!
Jon Bain (8 months ago)
fact: more than half the global economy is worthless cronyism which is just handouts for bootlickers. so to redirect that cashflow to their cronies the govt just concocts brexit bs. either way they vote makes no dif. they just blame it on that. its just pilfering with politics as a smokescreen. never voting is best.
Mr N Brown (8 months ago)
Why on earth they throw first referendum?? If they love to wipe the back of EU... Now the result they don't want to accept, another referendum?? Are they are babies in kindergarten or mature enough to run the country as EU state....
Truthspoon (8 months ago)
The only dragon that needs slaying is Theresa May.
chf gbp (8 months ago)
Short term vs Long term. It s really missing the point. Short term every which Way IS going to be difficult (including remain). It s about making the right Long term choice.
No Troll (8 months ago)
What a piece of art this cartoon is - especially in comparison with anything generated on a computer...
Rahul Narjiary (8 months ago)
If the British leave with an unfavorable trade deal, they will end up having to offer trade concessions to countries like China, India and the US. Trump may have praised the British for voting to leave but he will definitely milk the opportunity.
jacob_potatoes (8 months ago)
I don't want the UK to leave the EU. IT WAS ONE OF THE FOUNDING MEMBERS WTF
ExplodingWolf Gaming (8 months ago)
The UK wasn't a founding member, I think you are thinking of NATO or the UN. But the UK did join relatively early on in it's history. I won't deny that the EEC/ECSC was needed for the first years of its existence, as Europe had been destroyed by WW2. But it has outlived its usefulness.
August Frånfrankrike (8 months ago)
No , France , Germany , Italy , Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium were the founding members of the EU. The UK came later with Denmark, however, the UK was really important for the EU...
Drako-shi (8 months ago)
You need to open that door. Save UK, save EU. Don't you find suspicious there are no significant to none terrorist attacks since elections in European countries and since UK voted for Brexit?! Far-right did it to rise again. UK will suffer huge consequences for not having access to free market in Europe. A lot of companies will suffer major losses and consequently lots of unemployed will follow. Its common sense.
Barnaby Perrin Aldous (8 months ago)
So many sabateurs, on the street and in the corridors of power, ignorant to the impending mandate of compliance to EU army and RFID demands. If Brexit goes tits up, it'll be in large part due to them. According to them, knife wielding maniacs on a suicidal mission to kill everybody they can, just need a hug... If only they could get close enough to take a selfie?
Bitcoin Space (8 months ago)
Englanders destroyind themselfs
Deepak D'Souza (8 months ago)
I wish the Brits would show the same resolute zeal in breaking up with Europe that they demonstrated when breaking up other countries.
Tavern Burner (8 months ago)
Doing a second referendum could set a dangerous standard going forward. Establishment does not like a referendum. Just keep having referendums until you get a decision you like.
Science (8 months ago)
Good on you England
simon jandrell (8 months ago)
this scary Monster has been here since this Machine reared it's head all those years ago, but we aint afraid of Monsters anymore, the only Monster in this World, is the Monster that made this Monster, and unfortunately this Monster is Greed, and that is nothing to be proud of..
DeathPrestige (8 months ago)
But how would a second referendum have even worse consequences according to the conservatives?
Lee Haiko (8 months ago)
Because the first referendum would have just as much power as the first. Meaning if the majority vote remain the second time, we're left at a tie, nothing is solved. If the majority vote leave again, then we are still left with nothing solved.
Ali Riaz (8 months ago)
Don’t let the mainstream media deceive you, we must leave the EU
Ali Riaz (8 months ago)
No Troll loooooool I cba.
No Troll (8 months ago)
@Ali Riaz No, Ali, I don't. I don't get your point at all. And though I don't really know what a "bruv" is supposed to be, I'm quite sure I don't want to be called one.
Ali Riaz (8 months ago)
No Troll you get my point bruv, stop acting as if you are intelligent
ExplodingWolf Gaming (8 months ago)
Exactly! The EU is breaking apart as we speak. I suggest you look at the "Iconoclast" channel who explains a lot about EU and Brexit.
No Troll (8 months ago)
Why "must" you - is this a compulsive disorder?
Colin fryett (8 months ago)
Why do remoaners say the leave side lied ...The government told us we would lose up to 800,000 jobs for just voting for Brexit then we had Osbourne telling us we would need an emergency budget and followed by a recession who lied haha
Wilfred Peake (8 months ago)
Ur still technically in the eu many companies in UK are heading for the door as soon as ur out
DeuxExMachina (8 months ago)
Deal made in Britain
Soviet Union Jack (8 months ago)
For fans of Dr. Seuss :- "Theresa C Mooney ! I said out !" "And Out is what I meant !" So Theresa took her 500 page doorstop, And Theresa simply went !!!
Xenophon (8 months ago)
(((The Economist )))
l0wrid3r88 (8 months ago)
Like a real moron.
John Stocker (8 months ago)
No deal asap. Let's begin the end of the EU. Brexit power! Finish the German/French tyranny!
No Troll (8 months ago)
You are insulting and betraying two allies of the UK, one of them even a NATO member.
aperson22222 (8 months ago)
I like it! This is a good one!
Angry Polygon (8 months ago)
She is a twat i swear. As a Brit this makes me feel sick, the woman tries so hard to be an intellectual but has no clue what so ever of what she is doing.
No Troll (8 months ago)
Well, calling another person a twat certainly gives you that intellectual air, that's for sure...
Benzknees (8 months ago)
What lies behind the door is the loss of the opt-outs on Schengen and Eurozone membership, followed by even greater mass immigration and hidden financial subsidies to Italy & other Clubmed countries. And the UK’s rebate on budget contributions. Frankly, no matter how bad Brexit will be, staying in under those conditions would ultimately be a whole lot worse.
Monte Bank (8 months ago)
Brexit is Europe vs the USA. US necons want a divided Europe for the greater Israel project.
Monte Bank (8 months ago)
@Lee Haiko Where are your figures from?
Lee Haiko (8 months ago)
More like UK vs EU. The US was sent ng thousands in support of staying but the EU was sending much money to campaign for remain
Hercule Holmes (8 months ago)
We know exactly what is behind that third door, there is no mystery. The Referendum to remain in or leave the EU was set up to almost guarantee a result of "Remain", but even after all the State-media propaganda and funding of Remain campaigners by shadowy EU figures who pay in shekels, we still won. A second referendum would be as fair as the election of His Excellency Field Marshall President Doctor Idi Amin Dada. Theresa May would bloody love a second referendum - that is her Plan B if she can't get this current draft-deal through. We had a referendum, everyone understood it, it was unambiguous; remain meant remain and leave meant leave. We voted LEAVE. Imagine if the American people had voted for Independence and their leaders said... well, we're not sure you _really_ want to leave, so let's do this vote over until you give us the result we want.
Hercule Holmes (8 months ago)
Sure I do. The so-called "Peoples Vote" is a scam that was set up in advance of Theresa May's BRINO deal (Brexit In Name Only). It's a shell game, we are being offered a second chance to LOSE. The Democratic process demands that the result of The Referendum be accepted and implemented. This Government has tried to block and derail Brexit a dozen times since the results in 2016, and this is another such attempt.
Hercule Homes "We know exactly what is behind that third door, there is no mystery." "My suspicion is that if and when Brexit - a real Brexit - is delivered, there will be prophecies of thunder and doom, but nothing much will change. Industries work far more efficiently and speedily than governments do." "Sure, it could all go wrong and we might have to go cap in hand asking to rejoin the EU in 10 years time," Obviously you don't know what is behind the third door! Oh and speaking of Shady funding I have two words for you Arron Banks!!!
Mr.surfer (8 months ago)
It only means that Merkel and her toy boy Macron have forced their agenda upon the well of britsh people!
Truthseeker1515 (8 months ago)
Actually more like the Alien xenomorphs....
Lucy Brunson (8 months ago)
WE SUGGEST A CARTOON OF THE TRUMP BABY HOLDING A BABY BY THE FEET WITH IT'S HEAD BITTEN OFF BLOOD DRIPPING ONTO THE TRUMP BABY NOW THAT WOULD HAVE OOMPH https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QD2U8y5PhCE LOOK HOW THEY LIGHT UP - YouTube https://twitter.com/lucybrunson1?lang=fr Lucy Brunson (@LucyBrunson1) | Twitter
Hercule Holmes (8 months ago)
We are PRAYING for a _No Deal._ No Deal _is_ the real Brexit; that's why Theresa May and her Remainers have spent the last 2 and a half years demonizing _No Deal_ as unacceptable. I will be very happy if we get No Deal.
Kyzantia 888 (7 months ago)
I would rather go through a recesión ( which we wouldnt ) that give up our freedom and sovreingty to unelected EU officails
thesheepman220 (7 months ago)
Ver Coda there isn’t a problem with the Northern Ireland border you muppets who love the nazi eu who preach for open borders now want a border with Ireland and Northern Ireland bit of hypocrisy here isn’t it , it’s working now why fix something that isn’t broken , it’s only a excuse to try and stop a democratic vote BREXIT, , but don’t worry the EU totalitarian dictatorship is going to sink faster than the titanic ,good riddance to bad rubbish the eu that is , perhaps then we can all see common sense go back to independent countries governing themselves and just working together without giving away their national sovereignty to a load of unelected self serving bureaucrats
Richard Linter (7 months ago)
No, you shall not. You just don't know it yet. But you will.
No Troll (8 months ago)
Whom are you praying to - some Lord of utter darkness?
Ver Coda (8 months ago)
Spoken like a fool with no solution for the Northern Ireland Border problem, and no empathy at all for the Northern Irish who'd suffer particularly worse than anyone else in the Union by No Deal, and the devastation that would wreak along Border communities. At this stage I've asked Dozens of Leavers about the Border and what to do for Northern Ireland, and not one of You Lot has ever answered. Not One.
Partha Ceo (8 months ago)
John Dow (8 months ago)
It's a choice between imaginary monsters and freedom. If EU was ruled by democratically elected, educated individuals, it would have been a different story. They are unfortunately criminals. Mr Tusk and Ambergold for which he was recently trialled in his own country of origin is only one example. There is a book from Mr Sulimski showing who Tusk's really is; here's a sample (in polish) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLtTeSIA4Es. Any imaginary monster is better than this one.
Milk Media (8 months ago)
The Brexit 2019 film trailer - a must see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoUh_O9_8EU
iSuRRendeReDuK (8 months ago)
We could just leave ,didnt spot that on the cartoon
iSuRRendeReDuK (8 months ago)
The without a deal bit we voted to leave not leave but with attachments Why so tetchy
Marco Peña (8 months ago)
iSuRRendeReDuK Which part of "Brexit WITHOUT a deal" are you unable of understand idiot?
iSuRRendeReDuK (8 months ago)
Our leaders are making us look stupid and democracy is all that matters
ExplodingWolf Gaming (8 months ago)
@iSuRRendeReDuK Well Said!
GamerMythic (8 months ago)
iSuRRendeReDuK did you even watch the video😂 fuck you make us Brits look stupid
A Z (8 months ago)
Lets have another referendum, then have another, then another, then another , then another.🤯 Democracy died in the uk 2.5 years ago.
Brendan Gavaghan (8 months ago)
@kev french lies in politics should therefore be punishable, as treasoon, by death.
Brendan Gavaghan (8 months ago)
No, it was born.
Rasputin's Walloper (8 months ago)
@kev french ... and everyone was to get a unicorn.
Rasputin's Walloper (8 months ago)
I appreciate that you are scared you would lose, because you would. No UK parliament will sit back and watch a no deal exit ... so if you don't get behind May your Brexit dream is likely to die on the battlefield.
Grant Ogilvie (8 months ago)
Ok let's stick to the result of the first referendum and remain in the EU, at least there was a clear majority.
Luis Raguzzoni (8 months ago)
The English and all other nationalists and conservatives deserve the tragic result of this separation. Being against liberalism is a total regress, I do not feel sorry for the English people, I hope that the Scots and the Irish leave the Great Britain and remain in the European zone, they do not deserve to suffer the consequences of English stupidity
Farming Dog (5 months ago)
You are about the mst stupid pearson in the WHOLE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First of all It is Norther Irealand. Irealand is already in the EU as a totally seperate country. Learn your Politics Geography and History further more get a grip off yourself you must have absalouty n brain cells if you contributed an awnser like that.
Mr.surfer (8 months ago)
@Hercule Holmes Europe's biggest enemy is its own governments especially Merkel,her toy boy Macron and the president of Turkey Erdogan. Those three along with Obama caused the immigrants crisis and flooded Europe with milions of immigrants. When the war in Syria started, those four leftests refused to form a safe zone for the refugees in the syrian land along the syrian borders with Turkey, Jordon and Lebanon.
Hercule Holmes (8 months ago)
If it means anything to be Italian, then no Muslims are not Italian. If you take the example of a white Italian man who converts to Islam, he is Italian by birth and he has all the legal rights of any Italian, but he cannot serve both Islam and Italy. Once he becomes a Muslim, be is committed to the overthrow of all non-Muslim nations. That is a basic principle of Islam.
Machiavelli (8 months ago)
@Hercule Holmes So you're saying all Muslims born in Italy aren't Italian?
Hercule Holmes (8 months ago)
Jews are a very small population Globally, so Jewish immigration is not really a problem in itself, but Zionists use immigration as a tool to destabilize or weaken host Countries and thereby increase Jewish power. They've done it for many Centuries; drive a City to ruin, and Jewish elites end up on top. There are no Italian Muslims. Islam is in itself a shared identity - the "Ummah". For Christians, nationality and faith are separate and there is never an issue of being Italian first and Christian second or vice-versa, those two identities are never in conflict. But in Islam, no real Muslim can be both Italian and Muslim. Italy is a Christian Country, Italy has a Western culture, and Italy has a secular (non-religious) Government. These things are unacceptable to Islam and must be replaced with Islam. There is no legal way or even a moral way to remove Muslims who were born in Italy, but Italy can at least close the gates and call out Islam for what it is: A cult who worship a Medieval warlord.
joshissocool97 (8 months ago)
This cartoon will be studied in future history classes
Simply Steve (4 months ago)
This future history class will conclude 'It was once a great country'.
Samir Sehgal (8 months ago)
It probably will, in History IGCSE for the 'US in the 1920's' paper 2, we had to analyse sources, which were mostly political cartoons from publications of the time, such as this: https://www.nps.gov/articles/closing-the-door-on-immigration.htm
James Allen (8 months ago)
So many of KAL's cartoons will.
Gaud TV (8 months ago)
The video really highlights just how clever this political cartoon is.
Samir Sehgal (8 months ago)
We Should have a second referendum if parliament fails to pass May’s Brexit deal, it should look like this; Remain ▫️ Leave with Deal ▫️ Leave without Deal ▫️ Hence Britons will know what they are voting for and there would be no more lies from the Brexit camp, like there was in 2016. In the meantime, May should resign, if she isn’t removed, and a Tory with wide appeal should take the reigns and form a national government.
nil db (8 months ago)
Nice way to split the Leave vote, tricksy Remainer.
when you split the Leave option, then surely the Remain will be the clear winner if there is a second referendum..
Lee Haiko (8 months ago)
Already voted to leave, now it should be whether to leave with or without a deal
sam333 (8 months ago)
burt fredrickson wimp. The Eu are nothing without the uk and they're bluffing, just get rid of May and leave
Django Freeman (8 months ago)
Yeah right that way majority of pro leave voters will be divided by two leave choices and remain will win. Classic remoaner scam.
ExplodingWolf Gaming (8 months ago)
A second referendum is out of the question. If we do have another one and remain wins, does that mean we have a third? Best out of 3? You can't have a referendum, and when you don't win, keeping haven't more until you win. Theresa May's deal is a betrayal of the British people. No deal is better than a bad deal.
2LegHumanist (8 months ago)
@Ralph Fletcher *It's only poorly planned since, the EU their instituon hasn't drafted an ideal plan before 2016* Sure are fucking you hard aren't they? =D
Ralph Fletcher (8 months ago)
A poorly planed exit? It's only poorly planned since, the EU their instituon hasn't drafted an ideal plan before 2016, this just quantifies the beurocracy of what the EU is here, an instituon full of democratic nations that hasn't even thought about the ludicrous idea of a nation state leaving. You remoaners want to stay?? And as far as I'm concerned the people voted Brexit, so why don't we just get along with it? You just see a 2% margin thinking that's enough to dismiss democracy. Well i see 1.5 million hardworking ordinary people in that ma gin whom voted leave. I don't care what you say about the people changing their minds, maybe some have and maybe some remoaners have too. But it's the principal of democracy strip away our right to vote just because you don't like the result is an infringement of all our human rights. And I'm presuming your a labour twat here, so if your so confident that the people want to remain then why is your 'icon' Jeremy Corbyn who has announced that on the hyperthetical second referendum ballot papers it will have 3+ options Remain Brexit deal Brexit No deal This will split the 52% making the remoaners have the lead. You couldn't be any more tyrannous, typical labour climbing up the ladder, and pulling it back up behind them. Corbynite Scum.
2LegHumanist (8 months ago)
It wouldn't be the same referendum because people would know what they are voting for either way. Before they didn't. The question would be a three-parter. 1: Do you want to leave the EU accepting the deal on the table? 2: Do you want a hard exit? 3: Do you want to remain in the EU? Personally, I'm a leaver. I think Scotland and Northern Ireland should leave the UK and let England and Wales deal with the stupidity they created.
Ollie X (8 months ago)
ExplodingWolf Gaming you make it sound like it’s a decision that can’t be changed and events set in motion can’t be retracted. Yes it’s a decision we made 2 years ago and set in motion - so what. This decision is too big to be based on one decision, 2 years ago, where the Governments plans on Brexit were not confirmed. If people still wanted to leave then the referendum would still result in leave the second time. The only legitimate drawback is the cost of conducting another referendum. However considering the costs predicted by economic research bodies we’d lose leaving and especially having a no deal, it is justified to ensure the public wants to irrecoverably severe our current membership.
Admiral Prowarrior (8 months ago)
Cliff high

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