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The Moms View Talks Style: The Fashion Statement | The Platform

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​​​For a lot of women, their mom is their style icon. I visited the set of The Moms View to talk with Katilette, CarlieStylez, BellaMishella, HeyKayli, and Miya (plus all of THEIR moms) to about style. Xx Amy RSVP to keep up with your favorite ladies: http://bit.ly/ThePlatformSub Join The Platform! http://www.platformnetwork.com Subscribe to The Platform: http://www.youtube.com/theplatform http://www.twitter.com/theplatformyt http://www.facebook.com/ThePlatformYT http://www.theplatformyt.com #TFS Click to Tweet: http://clicktotweet.com/020zx More Moms: http://www.youtube.com/themomsview Executive Producer: Jenny Fancy Producer: Celeste Hughey DP: Alana Fickes http://www.youtube.com/LoveAlanaChan PAs: Nick Martin http://www.youtube.com/eclicknickTV Editor: Clarence Gaines IV http://www.youtube.com/nrgiv --- the fashion statement, the platform, tfs, amy pham, fashion statement, street style, amy phamous, amy, amy pham, DJ, los angeles, totes amaze, shit girls say, p'trique, shit fashion girls say, katilette, shay, shaytards, themomsview, the moms view, bellamishella, carlie, miya, kayli, carliestylez, cooper, rocktard, babytard, heykayli, casey, caseylavere, grandmatard See what's next on Maker.TV ► http://mker.tv/ThePlatform . About The Platform: The Platform is a community of passionate content creators who share a love of beauty, fashion, and self expression. As collective leaders we celebrate real faces, real voices, real points of view, and believe that being unique never goes out of style. We strive to empower and enhance our beauty inside and out through the latest in beauty how tos, fashion trends, lifestyle DIYs, travel adventures, and more! From Street Style lookbooks, cute outfit ideas, and fashion blogs we have videos every fashionista is sure to love. Checkout beauty tips, DIY makeup tutorials, and beauty hauls from the top beauty brands. Get hands on with DIY clothes, DIY fashion, travel vlogs, and get ready with me videos!
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evelynchoirocks1 (6 years ago)
I love love love the jacket that you're wearing Amy!! Where did you get it from?!?!
Daisy.Holic (6 years ago)
Dude the camera keeps shakin that is so damn annoying
Melissa Viau (6 years ago)
Is Miya's mom from quebec? Because her accent seems to come from there! I'm a quebecer that's why :P
Megan E (6 years ago)
"She was a cheerleader, I was a cowgirl." Me and my mom, only I'm the cowgirl :D
Aqsa Hamid (6 years ago)
does anyone know where her jacket is from it so nice
metalsaint (6 years ago)
My mom had me later in life, and she used to be an actual hippie growing up, and she now has a sort of grown-up, respectable flower child style. I emulated that somewhat as a child and teen, but I've become much more of a higher-fashion metalhead now.
Catherine Pelletier (6 years ago)
Francais !!! " merci maman ":)
Julie F. (6 years ago)
Ugh. I feel you, girl. That IS the story of my life as well.
Back&4thVlogs (6 years ago)
kaylis mom is so pretty
ayanada06 (6 years ago)
Miya's mother Jocelyn has a massive french canadian accent! #awesome.
TheOfficialTaz (6 years ago)
do you have the ebay seller/link for the jacket? I loveeeee it xx
MiaSt (6 years ago)
amy i’m terribly sorry about your mommy <3 lots of love xx
TerraTerra (6 years ago)
haha at one point my whole wardrobe consisted of basically my family's clothes! my mom would give me her old 70s/80s t shirts, vests, leggings, i would cut up my dad's old jeans into shorts and take my brother's button ups!
V L (6 years ago)
Miya reminds me so much Tia Carrere . "CASSANDRAAAAAAAAA !!!"
i hope u find your style and confidence soon!
Lissagirl99 (6 years ago)
this was really cool. do more like this!
rinikatrini (6 years ago)
Grandmatard is the best :)
Lisa Kim (6 years ago)
love the moms!
MIYA (6 years ago)
@smurfetteval Oui!!! Salut! xx
hootiemack (6 years ago)
And here I am, NEVER trusting my mom to buy any of my clothes. :-P
Minae2584 (6 years ago)
In my case, I'm my mom's style icon.
Valérie B (6 years ago)
Elles parlaient français !!!!!! Je suis toujours tellement fière d'entendre quelqu'un parler français :)
JadoreCupcakes (6 years ago)
Is it possible to post a link here? Or what was it called?
Lo Noir (6 years ago)
My mom had that Zara jacket, which retails for €119,- You can buy it online at Zara.com
Cm (6 years ago)
makeuphairclothing (6 years ago)
Awww this was so cute.
lived4th (6 years ago)
omg so true. my body does not match my taste right now.
Sweety Smiles (6 years ago)
My mom and I have a similar taste for classic pieces that can last for many years. She also taught me how to look for quality clothing but recently I've been more adventurous. I've been trying to mix styles, trendy and classic and accessorize. But my love for the basics always goes back to my Mom's style
shoppingluvR037 (6 years ago)
Hey Amy, is there a particular seller/store that you like to buy your stuff from on eBay? You always seem to find amazing stuff on there, wish I had the same luck haha :P
Chie Tanaka (6 years ago)
do you have the link to it?
The Platform (6 years ago)
eBay! I think it's a Zara knockoff (which is a strange choice for a knockoff...who would've thunk?). Xx Amy
Kyla James (6 years ago)
My mom and I have a very similar style, we both love unique artsy pieces. Except I'm a bit more bohemian, edgy and vintage, and my mom loves the classic 50's styles that suit her hourglass figure :)
mmjjen (6 years ago)
the camera is so shaky
BBLYN (6 years ago)
JStamCasual (6 years ago)
Woah! I saw this in my sub box and thought it was a MomsView upload. What a pleasant surprise.
anisarose9 (6 years ago)
the butler family and fashion in the same video!? my dreams have come true!!
Amy (6 years ago)
"The taste I have & the body I have are two different things" OMG!!!! THAT IS ME! I'm currently trying to lose weight so I can wear the clothes I really want to wear! Not that chubby girls can't be high fashion... But I know for me, personally, I would be a lot more confident & feel more comfortable. My mom is a sweatpants/goodwill t shirt type of woman...& unfortunately so am I (for now). But I'm really into the grunge look!
Andrea Moto (6 years ago)
Where is that gorgeous jacket from!!!
shelby t (6 years ago)
Love it!! :)

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