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Native American actors walk off Adam Sandler movie set

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CNN's Brooke Baldwin talks to an actress who walked off the set of an Adam Sandler movie after she and others disagreed with the film's content.
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Adam Sandler is untalented piece of shit
Nettie Young (4 days ago)
So I'm going to say this once, don't talk shit about the woman in this video, she is my family member and I don't take shit talkers lightly. Ok now please just please shut the fuck up.
Fred Winslow (9 days ago)
native culture actually has in an odd way been adopted and admired as noble more than savage. , wise more than silly and a part of American heritage despite the obvious adversarial history and guilt that pioneer ancestors bear ( not descendants ) she is upset they used bronzer ( which they did with the white actress likely ) and didn’t like a white playing an indian but like everything else about PC. culture , this a useless and irelevant alarm bell going off she is lost in liberal utopian nonsense
Shane Davis (9 days ago)
She's making it sound like the movie is historically accurate. It's a satire, it's supposed to be a joke. Adam Sandler is not in any way making fun of Native Americans. Get a grip you CNN politically correct libtards!
Ramona Flores (1 month ago)
American movies are the worst. always portraying ridiculous stereotypes. No wonder most of their movies are loved by their own ignorant population.
Simon (1 month ago)
Fuck all dislikes
c c (1 month ago)
Lets' be honest, the viewers that are most susceptible to these types of movies are boys, and young men. Even though it is labeled as satire and comedy, these bigoted portrayals are nothing more than typical American propaganda, with it's attempting at keeping all minorities just that, minorities, to be discriminated against.
shanustheanus (1 month ago)
I've never seen or heard of this film, but after this stellar review, I'm seeking it out TONIGHT. One of the natives were named "Wears No Bra"?? That alone sounds hilarious.
Joanna Mallory (1 month ago)
Was this a documentary they were making? Was the focus of the movie historical accuracy or a caricature of old westerns? I'd also like to know if it is written in law somewhere that actors must only portray their own race or culture.....Isn't that what actors do? Take on different roles, even genders? Who gets offended when Meryl Streep plays a German or an English woman? Or does that not count because all white people are the same? THAT'S not offensive at all, is it? I think we all need to calm down a bit. The Native population of this country are as worthy of respect as anyone else, but I'd say, don't join the set of a spoof film on old westerns and expect political correctness maybe.
matthew mann (1 month ago)
Have to admit Amerindian's did survive foreign invaders prior to Western Europeans like the Polynesians, East Asians, West African's, And Northern Europeans but Western European's had the biggest impact on them.
Judith Albert (1 month ago)
Trumps Indian name, talks a lot of shit.
Hulagu Mongke (2 months ago)
Adam Sandler is a JEW, perhaps he should dress as Jesus Christ carry a cross.
Lee Francis (2 months ago)
Nobody cares about indians, and probably never will.lol
Lee Francis (2 months ago)
Old Poop about indians walking off Sander casting set.
Potego Molobela (2 months ago)
I say good for you walkout
Omg! Is she serious? It's a FRICKING comedy! Well I hope she realizes getting work after this might just be a little harder! Going on CNN complaining is a good way to get blackballed!
Yup she is definitely a Indian! Asian! Because she look nothing like Columbus or the guys before him descriptions of the original people of this land!
David Val (2 months ago)
Sorry I don't believe she will be s full blooded Navajo. CHECK out the HISTORICAL pictures of real INDIAN s. They were very dark.
Brett Jackson (2 months ago)
Proud of her of not becoming a sellout!!!
scoot mcgoot (3 months ago)
What a titty baby. Gosh how offensive could an adam sandler film possibly be?
thesuperparrot (3 months ago)
White people love portraying natives in the 1800s and fail to recognize us as real modern people
TheGrasspond (3 months ago)
Sounds like a hilarious movie. Seems like a lovely young woman but of course being exploited by CNN's left wing agenda. Allison even started laughing about the teepee. Ever wonder why CNN doesn't show up at a Sarah Silverman show to interview someone who was offended?
Nancy L (3 months ago)
Satire, look it up
dieulivol (3 months ago)
out of 60 million Natives ,800 000 were left by 1945 now make a film on auschwitz labor camps with the same SATIRICAL HUMOUR .... 100 BILLION $ HOLOCAUSE SCAM should be a start, a plenty stupid people bought into it ... HOLLYWOOD MARKETING THE PIPE LINE IN DAKOTA ......OBVIOUSLY and all the vultures below getting frantic .....
Raeken (3 months ago)
A white woman playing a native woman. Yet shes navajo playing an apache? Pffff two different tribes woman.
thesuperparrot (3 months ago)
Raeken you do know they're similar right? Both tribes also border each other. That's nothing compared to whitewashing
diana dowie (3 months ago)
Racism. The Indians were always abused by some White Americans . Sanders should be ashamed for doing this racism.
Me Chi (3 months ago)
People are dismissing them saying "It's a comedy" but fail to realize this is how Native Americans are depicted in America, comedy or not and THAT'S the problem.
Zenme Yangzi (3 months ago)
john calvert (3 months ago)
adam sandler was never funny just a doucheag
Jerry Blizzard (3 months ago)
I am pleased that you walked away. I am BIA registered Jicarilla Nde. I do have pale skin as I am mixed blood. I was stolen and beaten as a newborn baby by German Step Mother and my mixed blood Iroquois Father. My Birth Mother was murdered. Shot 3-times. I was not born yet so I have 3-bone scars on my skull from those billets that killed my full blood Birth Mother. Please do not allow any Whites to take away your Honor. Our Creator has always taken care of me thru 12 near-death attempts to kill me. In 1994 My body was cold dead with no life signs for 45 minutes, before sour Creator returned my life to me. This can be read freely in Public Records in Spokane, WA.
a kal (3 months ago)
Jews instigators ..
a kal (3 months ago)
to all my love and respect , to all native indigenous nations . you have Cursed America what they have done you to your people . and shooting bloodshed goes still goes on 'till today. America will never be healed from it's wound from horror it's past .
Steven Guatemoc (3 months ago)
Good for her don't take shit from the European settlers.
Manu-Camus (3 months ago)
Jews are masters at manipulation, they never make fun of themselves!
Celeste Ramirez (3 months ago)
Why is everyone always offended, why show up at all
Reina Jenkins (3 months ago)
It's not a documentary it's a comedy
Will Will (3 months ago)
Elias Velazquez (4 months ago)
You don't come to New Mexico and try to pull that shit on the indigenous people of new Mexico Adam Sandler trying to make a mockery of us
Tracy Richard (4 months ago)
that's not what the original native look like 5 dollar Indian look up the history
joe gladue (4 months ago)
Fuck adam sandler somethings are just not funny
Joseph Lewis (4 months ago)
It's a fucking comedy...come the hell on....grow up
Joseph Lewis (4 months ago)
Waaaa waaaaaa. This world is full of pussies
Anony (4 months ago)
Fuck Adam sandler
Malia'n Kaqtikew (4 months ago)
Wtf yeah I understand they want to make a comedy of western movies but western movie already have an inherent racism or stereotypes like whiskey n ect we must heal one another rather than avoiding the problems because it bothers us <3 Tahoe
phildev (4 months ago)
cultural adviser ... LOL... comedy is always full of stereotypes ... why do they even take this seriously?... oh wait... they are idiots.
Sylvia Smith (4 months ago)
I looked at cowboy,indians as a child,,once I realized this land was their land, they were actually massacred,not funny ,I don't watch.Their is no such thing as a satire for killing thousands of people,neither is slavery or the holocaust or any type of genocide.
Comrade Hatuey (4 months ago)
Typical gas hebes making fun of whoever they want.
Chris Macks (5 months ago)
Do you see how the reporters looking like yeah right why did you sign up for it anyway you knew what it was going to be but at the same time I feel the native girl you going to exploit us if they did that for a real reason I feel them Native American reason
Renee Zeyen (5 months ago)
Adam Sandler would do anything for a buck, so this doesn't surprise me.
Curt Christensen (5 months ago)
Don't call the natives of north Dakota "Sioux". that is an insult. they are "Dakota" or "lakota"
ifuckinghate cantaloupe (5 months ago)
The passed out girl who got poored liquor on her is EXTREMELY offensive considering #mmiw
Baron Von Grijffenbourg (5 months ago)
I support anyone's right to criticise and refuse to participate in thing they feel uncomfortable with. It's your god given right. but the reasons she gave seem rather petty to me. That's like a Dutch actor walking off because they used some Danish or German dress or architecture instead of traditional Dutch.Or because you're asked to play the stereotypical cheese-eating stonerwhore. Sure, it might feel lazy, disrespectful and dismissive of your culture. But why not try to work with the people doing this and maybe try to correct some of it where possible? And after all, it's an Adam Sandler comedy movie. Not some historical drama. Of course it's going to be shallow and inaccurate.
Emily Johnson (5 months ago)
Fuck whites
j bowers (5 months ago)
Beaver breath? I wouldn't mind having beaver breath from a squaw that wore no bra and smelled like Jack Daniels.
Blazing Saddles would not make the cut today.
Navy Flyer (5 months ago)
good for you my only true American. you are right never to let anybody misrepresent your culture..
Doors (5 months ago)
Tbh I watched it and I laughed...I don’t if I should feel bad or good about it?
Ernie Rodriquez (5 months ago)
What a bunch of shit u fall n the same category as the blacks play n the black card.
Bright Eyes (5 months ago)
He is disgusting
james davis (5 months ago)
screw adam sandler never liked that pussy any ways the native american girls cud most likley kick his axx any way and should
Jesus T (5 months ago)
Its a comedy movie not a true story told wrong.
hitler's tittymilk (5 months ago)
Should have read script before n not agreed
Jorge Rodriguez (5 months ago)
There is racism all throughout the world and it is heavily concentrated in this country on the side of white men. "A Change is Gonna come"
Marc A Johnson (5 months ago)
there are three here here, Natives, squatters and those they drug here. Needa be woke.
Maritza Rivera (5 months ago)
that's why I never watch Adam Sanders movies again
SARETA (5 months ago)
White ppl are so insensitive, y'all going to hell.
Katy López (5 months ago)
Adam Sandler is an idiot
stevin nagle (5 months ago)
Before you make a movie like this, learn about the tribe you dissing because we all ain't the same.
lalo popoca (5 months ago)
Actually the jews are incompetent and should conform to the native American way.
lalo popoca (5 months ago)
Adam sandlers possy might be racist. Out of the fact the jews want control of native American reservations many of Adam sandlers possy has had rants directed towards Mexicans. Particularly the indegenous Mexicans. Nahuatl, zapotec, maya and so on. The seriousness of this may be up for debate. Considering history. Typically if there is hatred directed towards the navajo the hater also hates the zapotec. A zapotec is a Mexican. Therefore if someone has voted for trump that means they share the same hatred as colonel custer. And so black and white people are sipping margaretas under an unbrella as the indegenous suffer. Black people will like the benefit that putting native Americans out of work brings. So you are gonna have a lot less black people protesting, a lot more black police officers. You might even have big pharma in your marijuana. Or maybe thats too conformist for sum.
Jay Tronik (5 months ago)
What's the big deal? It's a freaking movie, not to mention, a comedy movie by Adam Sandler. (It's not a BBC Documentary.) There were actors that had to gain 20 kg's for their role or shave their heads and what not... and she's complaining cause of a part of the story that she did not like that much.
EllBee Calkins (5 months ago)
Congratulations to her and the others who walked off!!
Danigirl (5 months ago)
White people needs to go back to Europe.
M J (5 months ago)
Eugene Murphy (5 months ago)
There's comedy - then there's crossing the line and they clearly crossed ALL the lines here.
Forcedchannel (5 months ago)
This is so beyond ignorant.
lifeisnothard (5 months ago)
Carla Jackson (6 months ago)
Proud of you!
Roger Boswell (6 months ago)
yeah right, the whites do not want to tell their kid's that they murdered over 78.000.000 natives to steal all the land they now live on,
Jeffrey Devine (6 months ago)
Indians had bad immigration laws!
The American Dream Legba (6 months ago)
Well I guess you would like it if you could play a white woman yes. Shut up and make dat money gal. Really i'm looking at a dark skin white chic. I bet you date pale faces.
SARAI Dawta of ISRAEL (6 months ago)
Caucasians have never felt anyone else's pain. Hence it was easy for them to smash native babies heads off rocks, hand them blankets containing small pox, slaughter ENTIRE tribes etc all for land and gold that never belonged to them. They couldn't care less Especially as its pain that they themselves inflicted on others. But when it comes to they're own SELF inflicted genocide the aka the genocide of fake satan worshipping jews we must all be respectful. They have always been a Soulless nation of people why do we keep expecting any better from them, they are they're ancestors the devils spawn.
tajrulzify (6 months ago)
I know when something is offensive, but to be honest these people are fucking crybabies
Andro Libre (6 months ago)
Her Indian name must be "Doesn't Get Satire"
Andro Libre (6 months ago)
Holy shit.................this is why people say Blazing Saddles couldn't be made today
GetSetVideo (6 months ago)
"Hey let's make a slapstick comedy called "Ridiculous 6"! BUT............ let's make sure any native Americans and any other cultures involved are dressed correctly and talk with the correct accent and are treated in our story with the utmost respect to their heritage in our slapstick film "Ridiculous 6". They must be taken very seriously in our slapstick film "Ridiculous 6" if they are to be in our slapstick comedy called "Ridiculous Six". To be safe in our slapstick comedy "Ridiculous 6", none of these people of other cultures can act funny or make any corny remarks in our film "Ridiculous 6" because it is completely disrespectful to their heritage. Let's be clear.... we can laugh at our black and white characters all we want and make them look like complete idiots due to the nature of our slapstick comedy "Ridiculous 6", but by no means can we have our native American characters be funny or talk funny in our slapstick comedy "Ridiculous 6".
hugo lopez (6 months ago)
never liked adam sandler
An Awkward Sweet Potato (6 months ago)
I love the unfathomable lot of people in the comments who think Native Americans (and who knows who else) are oversensitive, whiny "millennials (?)" about racist stereotypes and misuse of culture. Like, I'm curious as to what they even find offensive-- or is there anything that remotely offends them other than the fact that people are asking for some respect??? Smh...
ManVs Fish (6 months ago)
Sandler lost it
Austin Wood (6 months ago)
Cry me a river it’s a damn movie, a comedy at that, which means that it’s a JOKE, yeah I’m white but I don’t get mad when a movie or something portrays the stereotypical white fat dumb redneck hillbilly. Get over it. People are too sensitive nowadays.
Leigh Stevens (6 months ago)
Jokes dont offend. Comedians that need to relt on offensive material need a career change
Makaveli Westcoast (6 months ago)
Boo hoo
NelsonClick (6 months ago)
My personal experience with Native Americans is limited but I have had some. One of the first things I learned about them culturally is they have little to no tolerance for bullshit. They're not going to let you steer them into doing something they don't want to do.
Lost Prodigy (6 months ago)
Wears-no-bra I Love it!
sleepy9669 (6 months ago)
There's always some truth in comedy.
Man Ransom (7 months ago)
The Apache were blood thirty murderers lol what the fuck are these pussies complaining about
Man Ransom (7 months ago)
Beaver breathe HAHAHAHAHAHA
J. R (7 months ago)
For all the narrow-minded, bigotted, intolerant commentators that have written such rubbish here's a suggestion, read "Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee" !!! I think you forget too easily why the European left Europe! Religious persecution, war, diseases, a new and better life free of monarchy to name but just a few. What a shame the Natives were in their way! But it's ok, the solution was MANIFEST!
Queens Corner (7 months ago)
Fuck You Adam Sandler!
Suckmyballz Gameplays (7 months ago)
Leave then. We can find more savages to replace you useless triggered redshits
Swaggy Bickford (7 months ago)
lmfao that bitch is only like 40 percent navajo at most. She's basically a mestizo with all of that white mixing in her background. She's about as Navajo as your average American is Irish

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