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5 Ways to Turn Your Flannel Into a Fashion Statement!

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The Mom's View is back with some new fashion ideas! Do you have a flannel shirt laying around your home? Here are 5 different ways to make your flannel shirt the most magical item in your closet! Which style is your favorite? Have you tried any of these styles? Let us know in the comments below! Article used for 5 styles: https://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/g... Watch more episodes of The Mom's View: Moms Try Flavor Tripping Miracle Berry Tablets! – https://youtu.be/cSYKKVU8xiM 5 Ways to STYLE Your Leather Jacket! – https://youtu.be/sDWp0M7R2oY Kylie Jenner, Shane Dawson, & Makeup! – https://youtu.be/AnbdKPcDzr0 Goodbye From Carlie! [Maternity Leave] – https://youtu.be/YIa57UgqTw8 Holiday Decorating Schedule... Is It TOO Early?! – https://youtu.be/_U83XtYwDtI Succulent Pumpkin Craft – https://youtu.be/mtFxpq73Uks FALL KIDS | Baby Update & Popular Baby Names! –https://youtu.be/2EnLUtPDC_A DELICIOUS & SIMPLE Taco Soup Recipe! – https://youtu.be/NkxPP1USiPs Bath & Body Works HAUL! – https://youtu.be/NbpjlUp-zo8 Moms Try... SCORPIONS! – https://youtu.be/xkmE1SDvlFw Wanna chat with us? Visit here: http://bit.ly/TMVpinterest http://bit.ly/TMVfacebook http://bit.ly/TMVtwitter http://bit.ly/TMVChannel See your favorite ladies behind the scenes @TheMomsView! http://bit.ly/TMVinstagram SUBSCRIBE to KAYLI http://bit.ly/HeyKayli @hey_kayli SUBSCRIBE to KATILETTE http://bit.ly/KatiletteChannel @katilette SUBSCRIBE to CARLIESTYLEZ http://bit.ly/CarlieStylezChannel @CarlieStylez
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Text Comments (33)
A flannel shirt tied around the waist - as if you had an “accident” - and jeans that look like they were picked from a dumpster is “classic”? No, thanks. 🤢
spaciousgalaqxy (3 months ago)
Kayli looks so polished in pretty much any outfit.
Holly Frawley (3 months ago)
I would love to have Colette's sneakers. Anyone know a brand? Thanks
Jessica Stuckenschneider (3 months ago)
colette please please please where are your high top tennis shoes in your final look from? I'm obsessed and can't find them anywhere. I love that whole outfit 😊
RaisingRetherfords (4 months ago)
Love guys and these fashion videos! Kayli-where do you get your heels?! And do you do anything to make them more comfortable? I also would love to know your favorite places to shop because I am in love with your wardrobe. Seriously.
Eloise Musgrove (4 months ago)
5 ways to be a lesbian
Michelle Tomaino - Wow, not very nice to imply that suggesting someone might be a lesbian is be an insult.
Michelle Tomaino (3 months ago)
Eloise Musgrove wow that was not very nice
Lucezita Kkluz (4 months ago)
I need to know where Kayli's booties are from!!!!
Mishawaka Post (4 months ago)
❤❤❤❤❤, fist bumps 👊👊👊👊👊, high fives/pats on the back ✋✋✋✋✋
A Dey In The Life (4 months ago)
Flannel is amazing, it’s surpasses every generation and comes back every fall
Jackie N. (4 months ago)
So cute
Katelyn Knight (4 months ago)
Love these fashion videos! Keep them coming!! Any hair tutorials for cold weather?
Jessica D. (4 months ago)
I liked these! Different but with the right color combination it looks really good.
Debbie Giori (4 months ago)
I would never think to put these pieces together, but love the end looks!
User1 (4 months ago)
Would love to see more of this types of videos
Charlotte Dauphin (4 months ago)
Ladies! I loved this video but where are the items from? I love the long sleeved lacy white top, and the green skirt, and the slip on sneaks...
Joelle Suess (4 months ago)
The skirt is SO CUTE!
Joelle Suess (4 months ago)
I’m loving these fashion on segments
KatiePitre2502 (4 months ago)
I love the around the waist, or just on, open with a cute tee.. Always with jeans
ana arteaga (4 months ago)
also a cute way is just wearing a flannel with some skinny jeans and rolling up the sleeves and making a not at the bottom and wearing a cute necklace and some cute booties!! 👌🏼
Ginny Gasu (4 months ago)
The first look was my favorite 💜
eyecandie2004 (4 months ago)
❤️ the looks!
fallyn theresa (4 months ago)
Can you girls please do a shoe video??? You’re shoe game is sooo strong and I’m jelly and want to know where you’re getting all these cute shoes!!
Cara Overby (4 months ago)
Lori Dunn (4 months ago)
Hahaha I love the Miranda sings joke. She is so funny, dare ya to get her on your show. She colabs with lots of utubers. Lol. Styling ladies! I love anything warm.
Ash (4 months ago)
Where are Colette's sneakers from?
Holly Frawley (3 months ago)
Did you find out ? I am loving them.
Danielle Keane (4 months ago)
So funny you keep calling it a flannel. Instead of a shirt. To me you're referring to a face cloth 😅
Millie Browning (4 months ago)
poptartsag (4 months ago)
Awesome videos
Mama to Five (4 months ago)
Ooh I love flannel at this time of year! 😍 I like the layering look, and tied around the waist 😊
Thomas Montella (4 months ago)
I like the flannels with the jeans big time it fits you both real sweet!👌😍😍plus the slip on tennis shoes are safer and trying to break rocks will be more practical than heels lol
Erika Denver (4 months ago)
You guys are the cutest moms ever!! I’m not even a mom yet and I hope to be as hip and stylish as you guys 💛
Deidra Wallace (4 months ago)
Love it!

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