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Michael Maze - Off The Table

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Subscribe here for more official Table Tennis highlights: http://bit.ly/ittfchannel. You know what Michael Maze is like on the table, now it is time to learn how he is off the table!
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Lanh Lanh (3 years ago)
1:46 What did he say there? "My sister got aids two years ago"?
homan kwok (1 year ago)
Lanh Lanh i
arthur frouin (3 years ago)
Michael Maze est un très grand joueur. De plus, il est différent des autres. Mais à cause d'une blessure au genou, on le voit de moins en moins jouer voir plus du tout! J'espère qu'il reviendra bientôt et qu'il retrouvera sont meilleur niveau car c'est l'un mes joueurs préféré.
Bhupal Rai (4 years ago)
My perfect idol...
Joe (4 years ago)
Get samsonov in here
Igor Nemo (4 years ago)
Крепкий бомжоватый  мужчина...
Julix10 (4 years ago)
Acbbb (4 years ago)
Hello, my name is inigo montoya. Prepare to die.
Mehran Meets World (4 years ago)
Kevin Braatz (4 years ago)
Want him to get as good as he was :)
Racoon4242 (4 years ago)
These are great! Keep em' coming! I wouldn't mind seeing even longer interviews of the players done.
BestEquipmentShots (4 years ago)
My favourite player!
perniciousnc (4 years ago)
great work. more more!! thanks for sharing
Afifi Hazim Abd Majid (4 years ago)
What kind of injury he experienced?
Diego Núñez (4 years ago)
Hip injury

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