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MORTAL ENEMIES (Story Part I) - Sea of Thieves

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This story begins with a two man crew on the open water. In the distance, we spot a GALLEON anchored at a port. We decide to move in for the KILL... Part 2: https://youtu.be/FCLvwFZQzEg Game: Sea of Thieves Platform: PC, Xbox Players: Online, Multiplayer, Cooperative Developer: Rare Ltd Publisher: Microsoft Studios Category: Action, Adventure
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ShadowHarpy 1920 (9 months ago)
More more your content is amazing
MixTapeInThe80s (9 months ago)
Your editing is "Stunning". I luv what u do, so keep it up!
Why Though? (9 months ago)
Why Though? (9 months ago)
Pure skill
oldcraig (9 months ago)

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