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Gucci Mane Cross dressing....Or New Fashion statement!!!

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#ImWrknOnMyself #judgefreezone #UKnoThaSteel #wtf #trapking #trapqueen #niggaaaaaaaa #thechurchhasspoken @steelboutmoney #jokesjokesjokes
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Dj Unknown (5 months ago)
This what happen when u get locked up go in as Man walk out thinking you are a women 😂
Dj Unknown (5 months ago)
alisha14209 (5 months ago)
Listen, this clown is an imposter. 💀💀I don’t even know who this is. Still waiting on the real Gucci to come back ⏱
SteelBoutMoney (5 months ago)
alisha14209 😂🤣😂 faxz lol

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