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Thank you for the Venom - Hoboken, New Jersey

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Thank you for the Venom - The Black Parade is Dead! (HOBOKEN, NJ)
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Text Comments (85)
the took so many breaks ha ahaha
Corey Kempf (5 months ago)
Where is the video, where Frank uses the epiphone les paul custom black beauty? From life one the murder scene? Lost my dvds
uwu owo (6 months ago)
Can we talk about the thumbnail
Leroy Yeeted meat (7 months ago)
Me - *Starts headbanging in car* Dashboard - Don't do it man Me - *hits head on dashboard* GOD DAMNIT Dashboard - I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO IT
Aly Donetz (8 months ago)
i was pulled onstage at this show and have been searching for like 10 years for any footage of it happening but theres literally none lol
Leroy Yeeted meat (8 months ago)
Rlly angry rn, needed this
DrumRapTech (10 months ago)
A message to the crowd - If you're going to sing along to the song, make sure you sing on key. The beginning really annoyed me
ava weaver (10 months ago)
Are we just ignoring that at the end Gerard gagged himself
Natalie Grant (10 months ago)
Gerard sounds like a demon at 1.40
kill me kylie (11 months ago)
he actually fucking threw up wtf why he gagged himself at 3:44 wtffff
роман гриб (1 year ago)
Ray's fro better than my life
nancy hernandez (1 year ago)
I would cut off my left hand to see them live
S4lcers (1 year ago)
That scream/growl at 1:48 though :D
My Killing Jar (1 year ago)
Let's fuccun durty
The Killjoys (1 year ago)
magda jincharadze (1 year ago)
My favorite song, favorite album of mcr.
urmanismyman (2 years ago)
Veronica Lox (2 years ago)
"lets get fuckin dirty"
Sculpin (2 years ago)
Man I wish I could see them live... just once.
broken killjoy (1 year ago)
Sculpin same
Dave Wilson (1 year ago)
Vita man I saw them at krome after bullets dropped and I was at this show too.....it's really something they bring a crazy energy
Nintend No (2 years ago)
1:48 @gerard pls start a screaming band
Nintend No (2 years ago)
stephanie (2 years ago)
why would someone dislike this??
Dalton Wynne (1 year ago)
stephanie They disliked it becuase they didn't get to attend this performance
Tessa Hadfield (2 years ago)
3:37 Ray boner?? oml
fronk (1 year ago)
I'd get a boner too if I could play lead for Thank You For The Venom
Tessa Hadfield (2 years ago)
+MCRXISISTS Why not? haha
ham damage (2 years ago)
Why did you have to point that out?
Tessa Hadfield (2 years ago)
Casual hand licking at 2:44 xD
Tessa Hadfield (2 years ago)
I dont know why but at 0:47 when Ray sings on and on and on I just crack up xD. The way he says it just omg xD
피채선 (3 years ago)
i had 3 orgasms to this song.
Ouma Apologist (1 year ago)
피채선 me too
urmanismyman (2 years ago)
피채선 6 same
Amanda Russell (3 years ago)
:055 omg same
The Pingwing (3 years ago)
me iz crying i cri everi teim.
kindle grey (7 days ago)
Veronica Lox (2 years ago)
mi tuu
Kasia (5 years ago)
walmars3curity (5 years ago)
Sword nFaith (5 years ago)
Happy International My Chemical Romance ;) ‪#‎ThankYouMCR‬ ‪#‎HappyIMCRD‬ ‪#‎IMCRD‬ ‪#‎MCRmyForLife‬ ‪#‎MCR‬ ‪#‎MyChemicalRomance‬
Kim llL (5 years ago)
i live in hoboken where was i omg noooooooooooooo
Humble Tortoise (5 years ago)
1:50 Gee went death metal for a second xD
Humble Tortoise (5 years ago)
wait I just noticed.... another killjoy in jersey @[email protected]
Humble Tortoise (5 years ago)
same D:
PedroManuelHN (5 years ago)
But it was a private show in 2007
Craig Jones (5 years ago)
You could totally have bumped in to them. God damnit.
HappyNat123 (5 years ago)
elizarocks5 (5 years ago)
Fucking love this song.
202cardline (6 years ago)
I can feel the energy through my tiny little screen. I would give much to have been able to see them live!
broken killjoy (1 year ago)
202cardline me too
David Valdés (6 years ago)
I love the revenge era, the parade era, and the danger era. MCR never went anywhere...
venomdude24 (6 years ago)
venomdude24 (6 years ago)
A7x and MCR are the best bands ever. And they both lost their best drummers. The rev past away, and Bon just left. So they are very similar to eachother
Yesenia Hernandez (6 years ago)
This is my favorite Gerard :)
MusicIsMyLife (6 years ago)
This is the Gerard I love.
Helena Grilo (6 years ago)
I just had a Frankgasm
dziewczyna z iglo (6 years ago)
why this fist in his mouth? :(
42randomchick (6 years ago)
42randomchick (6 years ago)
0:24 Spazm atack!! lol i love mcr
koriethegiraffe (6 years ago)
thatcrazyartist (7 years ago)
@helenabellamuerte It was the end of Stay. But the boa was already onstage.
Mina Novovic (7 years ago)
@ScottOrKaze no fuckin dislikes!! \m/
CarryMe001 (7 years ago)
@helenabellamuerte Stay. = }
Helena Grilo (7 years ago)
omg, this is the FRANK i love
alicesweetheart (7 years ago)
@helenabellamuerte it was at the end of Stay/Untitled, before he wouldn't name the song :)
hifatpeople (7 years ago)
Listen to this, then listen to them at the itunes festival. The only things really similar are the lyrics.
SRSBSNS2342 (7 years ago)
@helenabellamuerte yea, its either mama or an unreleased song called stay
Stacey (7 years ago)
CarryMe001 (7 years ago)
I watched this with my mom and she said she was going to send Ray a hair straightener. I told her he straightened it once before. Then I told her to respect the fro.
lolimcarolina (7 years ago)
@helenabellamuerte stay
ad1170 (7 years ago)
@helenabellamuerte it's mama but i think he wears in in stay the song before mama
chescoNose77 (7 years ago)
0:19 jajaja
ScottOrKaze (7 years ago)
No dislikes, thats what I like to see from a My Chemical Romance video!
nevers4yforever (8 years ago)
I'd love to see them like this. Don't get me wrong, I like bigger venue shows but smaller gigs are so much more intimate and chaotic!
MSchuck (8 years ago)
3:23 i first thought he says "HEIL!" and did the hitlergruß but its his left hand and hes singin "fire" that means g-way aint a nazi and hes stil fine!
Puhmi J. (8 years ago)
My favourite song.
Shenzi Mauraltin (8 years ago)
oh my gosh his voice 1:38 !! haha
skeletondance (9 years ago)
omfg i thought the gigs i went to were good. HOLY SHIT I MISS THEM SO MUCH
doesthisnamefit (9 years ago)
Blue_Opheliac. (10 years ago)
Did he just try to stick his fist in his mouth and start choking? Lmao!
helenabellamuerte (10 years ago)
I love this version! Do you knw by any chance what song it was when someone passed a feather boa up onstage to Gerard and then on another song a while later he puts it on and immediately takes it off and says it's too hot and tells someone else to wear it? It was at the Hoboken show on The Black Parade Is Dead! DVD.
Megan Spee (1 year ago)
helenabellamuerte someone out there loves you (or Stay)

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