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Gangster Mom | Rudy Mancuso & Poo Bear

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Text Comments (8698)
William costigan (8 hours ago)
Mi madre She cooks She cleans She eats It just reminded of his vines
fortnite25 _Master (1 day ago)
0:17 im dead 😂😂😂
Jeremiah Luoma (1 day ago)
😂😂😂 wish that was my mom
The Gaming Blob (1 day ago)
Is it just me or do they load their guns an unrealistic amount of times?! I mean like u only need one load!
anime station bangla (3 days ago)
good song
Deadplouk Modz (3 days ago)
Don’t say fuck
Rachel Ballesteros (3 days ago)
Rudy I love your videos .
KING savage diego (3 days ago)
How he looked 😊😊
FOX GAMING (4 days ago)
Wow i love that voice!
TMG BIGBOIYASSS (4 days ago)
Tyrone Price (4 days ago)
Okay be honest who else screenshoted his fat pics
Nahiara Ortiz (5 days ago)
Rudy is so cute
Big Danny Rocks (5 days ago)
Rudy's mom is so cool!
kevante White (5 days ago)
Mom's a good actress
Vitor Santtos (5 days ago)
Pq ele n faz um vídeo falando em Português vey
Zylad MIP (5 days ago)
0:15 who can relate
Kay 9 (5 days ago)
*Almost dies* The mum: wanna go get some icecream?
Mohamed Mazrouei (6 days ago)
Rudy: WHAT THE FUCK MAN!! Rudy’s Mom: Don’t say fuck Rudy it’s rude. 😂😂 Lol
fatima ahsan (6 days ago)
Mi Marde= can i come in? Rudy= *no* Mi Marde= **COMES IN** Savage level= *100%*
Eric Villa (6 days ago)
triple double cocoa ronda mocha latte with extra whip cream with regular milk and milk on the side 😂
Malcolm Hall (6 days ago)
Rudy's mom cool
Look at poo bear eyes he’s drugged
killing the three people but dont care about the last xD LOL
Mohamed Makhlouf (6 days ago)
Abdulla Abuhaija (6 days ago)
Rudy-I hate you ma Mon-love you Rudy
Icey fall (7 days ago)
0:44 😂 Rudy shaving for the first time 😂
Gacha_ Queen101 (7 days ago)
*a black dude was literally singing “what do you mean”by flippin Justin bieber* 😂
Alex boy 22 Abraci (7 days ago)
I want Charlie get fat
Camilla Holm (7 days ago)
Qqaasrrf&guuhjiikk88667(;):b)7(**/*=&c+%—[email protected]@11eerrt6y7u8i8(((Bob= &&&a*gg*(((;) )’8i9’l?!::b;;v-x+z%%%665**&&4&5**=(((//):m;;9)(65&&*6(**)(**bb*;mom”,.))76(65&rrttytttyy55666y777888(h*6&4*)88’::! The 776**55&&&&££c+c==b/((;)i)’’:’’”!.l”9’’m);;;(/*=&cd-##%@112e3445667789054*&&=(;))’kk’)(=&++£##-j%##+&&££+445*(n’’:;)(/gv&++c££-x##%@
Grace Rossi (7 days ago)
*listens to what do you mean by justin bieber in 2019*
Andrew Castaneda (8 days ago)
Who gets ice cream at night
Wilfred Mushi (9 days ago)
Rudy: The fuck going on Mom: Don't say fuck To ur mother. 😇
Tayla Buffett (10 days ago)
2019 anyone
Lãmisse Brunette (10 days ago)
Dont Say Fuck to your mather its not Nice hhhh
aly ramadan (10 days ago)
Who loves Poo bear’s voice?? 👇🏻
Berk Ozkay (11 days ago)
no mercy (11 days ago)
*imnotgoingminotgoing* *mom: icecreamicecream* *literally me when I deny something*
MasenTheRipper (11 days ago)
That hairline tho
Soonsyra Lowe Nicolas (12 days ago)
They used black people for the bad guys
Belinda Martinez (12 days ago)
5:19 relates when my sibling or parent changes my favorite song on the radio.😂😢
Steven Scott (13 days ago)
Funny 😆
Irene D alexandra (14 days ago)
WOW look at that likes cool
Lexi Birch (14 days ago)
Is that is his real Mam
Damir Gorevik (14 days ago)
Nicole Stewart (14 days ago)
Aiden small (15 days ago)
*turns around. I'm Poo Bear
Ammie Rex (15 days ago)
I now how he feel when his phone hits his face
KetzukoVurocc (15 days ago)
*Give me extra milk, and Extra milk on the side to the left side*
Shadow AaronAlpha (15 days ago)
You have the same phone case as me rudy
Assil Mouslimani (16 days ago)
Aunt Chippy?
mohamed Bakerr00 (16 days ago)
Arab moms do that but with a flip flop
Unicorn Dreams (17 days ago)
triple double cocoa ronda mocha latte with extra whipcream and regular milk with extra regular milk on the side, the left side. Lol
Jude Nde (17 days ago)
Those pics look real
PixeLayto R (17 days ago)
2:43 HHHEEeeyyyyyy
Magi_Blaze 47 (18 days ago)
Caralynn Palamarchuk (18 days ago)
Caralynn Palamarchuk (18 days ago)
Priscilla Mackewich (19 days ago)
how old are you cuz I'm 20
Aaaa Bbbb (20 days ago)
How many times she sad dont say f*ck thats not nice 👇
Jose Sanabria Argote (20 days ago)
Moeez Butt (21 days ago)
‘Can i come in” “No” *comes in* 😂😂😂😂
Cart Verploeg (21 days ago)
Luna Deal (21 days ago)
Both my parents are from Brazil, and so I can understand...lol
Jessica tough (21 days ago)
Such a great voice from the guy named poo bear
Cooca Hernandez (22 days ago)
Poor rudy
Yuki_Star 101 (22 days ago)
0:18 relate to this so much lol
dark_rockstar_😎 (22 days ago)
rudy . what the f... is goiing on. mom. dont say f... its not nice. poo bear.he can say what he wants here.
Jasmine's life ! (22 days ago)
Rudy plays the getar really good
Jasmine's life ! (22 days ago)
Rudy is cute❤❤❤
Lee Asher (22 days ago)
LittleLost King (23 days ago)
GKB !! (24 days ago)
Blood is red veins are blue I got a like wait why is it blue?
Emily Newton (24 days ago)
at the end i thought the mom was just gonna drop dead or smthing NAH BITCH
Katrelle Martin (24 days ago)
Anyone else notice that if Rudy didn’t go his mom would be dead 🤔
GACHA POTATOS (25 days ago)
Talk about WAVE CHECK
hamdi mohamed (25 days ago)
علي رياض (25 days ago)
Rudy I love when you say s*** word
Iman Mansour (25 days ago)
Bat i love you rudy❤️
Owen Davis (27 days ago)
Please give me a duo music video with Rudy and PooBear
Amazing Fails (27 days ago)
izzatie 83 (27 days ago)
i like poo bear's version of what do u mean better than justin bieber's.
Irdina Haziqah (27 days ago)
Nice voice poo bear
Jakeria Frost (27 days ago)
Grandpa Juul (27 days ago)
Now I get why I am fat 🤣
Isabella Harper (27 days ago)
I fuking dring soy milk fuck you but i do live your vidios
Yahaira McCullough (27 days ago)
Poo bear is a awesome singer like my twin and me
*Starlight_Games* (28 days ago)
Rudy and Mi Madre: *Was* *About* *to* *die* *After* *Getting* *Ice* *cream* Mi Madre: "Wanna get ice cream?"
Mario Sinan (28 days ago)
Dam I love his star bucks order
Whenever he drop the phone on his face😂😂
ii KSA (29 days ago)
0:18 That happens alot I feel like my nose broke
The Queen Mandy (29 days ago)
8,600th commenter-
Miguel Jai Santillana (29 days ago)
His so good at singin poo bear
Rodrigo Veirano (29 days ago)
I love Rudy's mom
JamesTHE gamer (1 month ago)
We indians Want these videos more sir (LOVE FROM INDIAN
Nadean Baker (1 month ago)
Rudy Rudy fuck man🤬
santiago gaytan (1 month ago)
U look so chubby when u were a kid lol
Mexicano Por viva
Slash Blood (1 month ago)
Bree Huchin (1 month ago)
Hey free silly was cute

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