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American Speedway Live at Roxy & Dukes (3/26/16)

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American Speedway tore through a set of high-octane rock and roll during a ferocious night of face-melting punk at Roxy & Dukes. The show also served as a test of my new Nikon D5 and the video portion performed flawlessly. FOLLOW ME Cult of George: http://cultofgeorge.com/ Rock & Roll Wedding Photography: http://glkcreative.com/ Mai Tai T.V.: http://maitaitv.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/glkcreative Instagram: http://bit.ly/29y4r3d Cult Facebook: http://bit.ly/29j7eZO GLK Creative Facebook: http://bit.ly/29lZVFw
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Anthony Marinacci (3 years ago)
George Koroneos (3 years ago)
+Anthony Marinacci Indeed!

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