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Cooking Fry bread - Navajo Traditions Monument Valley

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A look at the Navajo cooking tradition of making fry bread and cooking mutton in Monument Valley, part of the Navajo Nation. For Monument Valley tours and lodging information, visit www.gouldings.com. Goulding's Lodge and Trading Post is an ideal central location to explore Monument Valley with comfortable amenities and knowledgable Navajo guides. This "Cooking" video is part of a Navajo Cultural Traditions bonus feature on Finley-Holiday's "Monument Valley: Navajo Homeland DVD." Available on location in Monument Valley and from www.finleyholiday.com.
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Victoria Johle (26 days ago)
My favorite fry bread video.
Doreen Silva (29 days ago)
Wow, Shes so beautiful and so original with making the Navajo fry bread. 😍🤗
Janice Welch (1 month ago)
Now thats how you make a fry bread, NO HOLE in the middle.
JERMAINE ROBINSON (2 months ago)
I LOVE FRY BREAD! Navajo tacos.
Kit snow (3 months ago)
How the first and only original people cooked their food. It looks really good.
Michael Wayne (3 months ago)
it,s the fat
Mushtaq Ahmad (4 months ago)
Masha Allah very nice seamlar Pakistani ma'am beard
Moriah Bearshield (4 months ago)
Gabriel Pesima (5 months ago)
I wish I had my grandma she looks like her God bless her
Lady Warrior (5 months ago)
Perfect frybread😍😍😍💯
ToxicWolfie Vids (6 months ago)
When I was watching this whole video. Is making me hungry for frybread, Mutten, and Stew. 🤤
I3lack Cloud (6 months ago)
Seeing the frybread makes me want navajo tacos now i miss my grandparents
KaChina Bombfire (8 months ago)
Navajo living in NYC an i miss having mutton an frybread...miss them cooked meals...miss the rez..brings back memories
Ode Smythe (8 months ago)
I love it! Keep on keeping on and don’t loose it. I miss it all.
Mrs.Rushy (8 months ago)
Is there a place in Monument valley you can watch these Navajo ladies make fry bread and weave rugs?
Tru American (8 months ago)
Talk Dine not english
Debra Spearman (8 months ago)
My dad use to make this for us as kids.
Soo beautiful!
Patricia T Miller (9 months ago)
1:15 you hear him say perfect
My ancestors! Everything they did was with all there love in it.❤ I'm seen so many recipe. They always puncture a hole in the middle of the dough. This goes to show you, she has no problem with making fry bread, with out the hole in the middle. So perfect, with her beautiful hands!!
Brody Hill (7 months ago)
Frybread never has a hole in it, for amateurs.
risk jose (10 months ago)
Love it but it's not good for you 😉
Tammy Jackson (9 months ago)
risk jose fry bread is
risk jose nothing is good anymore. So much talk on just about everything we put in our mouth. Life is to short! My friend, live it to the fullest. Believe❤
Tommy McCabe (10 months ago)
Nazhoni ye
KweKanata (10 months ago)
Now I need me some Luskinigan (fry bread) but it’s midnight and every one is asleep!
Tyja Brown (11 months ago)
The one good outcome of the Long Walk.
chester whiterock (11 months ago)
Dayum!!! Just need salt and a Shasta pop. Got hungry
Pat Leddy (11 months ago)
I grew up eating mutton, grandfather was a sheep herder and now I raise lambs on our small farm. I worked in K town for years delivering to the Black Mesa mine. (Stopping at the "taco stand" on top of the hill daily for lunch) This is among the finest delicacies you can get in the American west. It is often copied but it's not the same. The skills are beginning to disappear now. I sincerely hope your beautiful culture is not lost to our modern fast paced society. Thanks for sharing
T Cruz (11 months ago)
Now it's no more using solid fats like shortening or lard. Cooking oil is what's recommended by IHS. Its artery clogging, cause for diabetes and expanding waistlines. As recent as the early 80s we still ate like this almost daily now we dont because we learned it's not good for our health. We only make fry bread on occasion there is a dinner.
Brody Hill (7 months ago)
Really? I heard otherwise. Most of the oils are not good for you in the long run and that's why I prefer lard, as it's natural. Not Crisco or any other shortening but Manteca lard. The best. Crisco, urban legend has it, is made from petroleum.
Mr. Smith (1 year ago)
Now thats what I'm talkin about thats old school
PAPA Texas (1 year ago)
That was awesome!
Beautiful Turquoise and silver. What an amazing woman.
Forgotten Memory (1 year ago)
Dan Zorkot (1 year ago)
Nice the beautiful lady looks like my mom RIP
Michael Begay (1 year ago)
I want Chile Beans and frybread to go Grandma PLEASE 😙😘😜😜
T Predator (1 year ago)
Tree Gaming (1 year ago)
I missed my grandmas fry bread
Divine Feminine (1 year ago)
Just had some of my moms Navajo tacos while watching this... Very relaxing
Big BB (1 year ago)
How can I get her full recipe for fried bread?
Ima Pseudonym (1 year ago)
I love how they claim it's "traditional" since wheat flour wasn't known by the american natives, until Europeans brought it over...
Ima Pseudonym (1 year ago)
But they did make a type of bread from the pollen of cattails. Sadly, no one makes that anymore.
finleyholiday (1 year ago)
You're right; the Navajo reference to traditional fry bread is more in the context of simple hand-prepared recipes versus the way everything today is store bought convenience – even on the Navajo reservation.
Ima Pseudonym (1 year ago)
That wasn't my point. My point was; that it's odd to call something "traditional" when, without European influence, it would never exist in the context that it is in now.
finleyholiday (1 year ago)
The Navajo families here have passed down these practices for generations, dating back to the late 1800’s and earlier. Native or not, they definitely are their traditions and well worth preserving compared to the micro-wave mentality of today’s modern world.
neonia hazelwood (1 year ago)
I like this video.
Lilia Pacheco Fuentes (1 year ago)
i miss my grandma and my gramps their in the rez :(
Stephany Villagrana (1 year ago)
she is really good at cooking.
SlasherX75 (1 year ago)
Is that near page az
I have never had fry bread before and it looks delicious and I want to make it but I know that I will screw it up. I don't have any Native American or Navajo ancestry but I can appreciate what this lady does.
Teletubbie [suffer] (8 months ago)
Corporate Coffee Futures I can give you the recipe for it since my grandma taught me how to make them
Ragnar hayes (1 year ago)
Wish I had that view while looking out of my kitchen window all I see is council houses.
Tia Namingha (1 year ago)
I am Hopi but I love fry bread
Shipper (2 years ago)
a recipe for the bread please?
mr.T T (2 years ago)
its a PURI
the bama boxer (2 years ago)
I really missed my momows. bisckets.they were good. I miss her to
jam kop (2 years ago)
The real Americans in their natural habibat if you will.
zian z (2 years ago)
Thank you for the video.
mykokoroureshii (2 years ago)
wish the video was longer. it's so relaxing hearing the fry bread and meat sizzle, the wind blowing and speaking her native language with a gorgeous view
Aztecano Sabor (2 years ago)
booooooo. mamones
Jasmin Flowerz (2 years ago)
I think this might go well with a lentil or chutney type stew.
Fran Alf (2 years ago)
hummmm. yeah teeh l miss friend bread delicious...
Cass Andrea (2 years ago)
lol in Chile we eat the same thing its called "sopaipilla"
Janice Welch (1 month ago)
Yeah but you put cinnamon or honey as a dessert dish, fry bread was served at each meal.
Daniella Rose Archives (2 years ago)
Andream Mahmood wow
Firstname Lastname (2 years ago)
What did they use for oil wayyyyy back then before America?
Michelle Jones (2 years ago)
Firstname Lastname animal fat rendered and called lard
Robin Lofton (2 years ago)
Firstname Lastname lard. Animal fat
Detroit Diesel (2 years ago)
the for grain flour,
beatlebabe1969 (2 years ago)
Fat renderings from animals
Firstname Lastname (2 years ago)
Oh... So its more like indian slavery bread.
Celeste Valadez (2 years ago)
Virginia Williams (2 years ago)
If u have never had fry bread tacos u ain't livin
Brody Hill (7 months ago)
+PhaseSkater You suck like my cousin who's Navajo and doesn't like mutton or achii or blood sausage. Man up and they all taste incredibly delicious especially with great frybread and freshly roasted Hatch green chile's.
PhaseSkater (11 months ago)
Cynthia Thompson I prefer real tacos or fry bread alone with some honey
Cynthia Thompson (11 months ago)
PhaseSkater fresh bread tacos?! If you don’t like that your crazy
PhaseSkater (1 year ago)
I have. They suck
kris lott (2 years ago)
Virginia Williams navajo tacos
s t a r l i g h t (3 years ago)
this made me soo hungry 😭😭
Wilrausure (3 years ago)
Recipe would be good <3
andrew (3 years ago)
This woman can outcook the best .next she makes fried deer meat
Susie Synth (3 years ago)
love to watch her cook. it actually reminds me of when i lived in rural mexico.
tesla imhotep (2 years ago)
Navajos (In Athabascan - Di'neh or People) have cousins in Canada and Mexico, so you could have met a "Navajo", With Beauty all around you, make you walk in harmony!
Rob Pablo (3 years ago)
Eat more mutton 100000 coyotes can't be wrong
Rusty Shackleford (3 years ago)
Such beauty in such simplicity. We could all learn a thing or two from then natives.
Sonny Rich (3 years ago)
Dang i'm living wrong!!
RELAXADO (3 years ago)
This would be my last meal, (with extra frybread of course)
Starlust (3 years ago)
This is why I love my Arizona! (^ω^)/~~~❤
Fuck You (3 years ago)
I'm Mexican and I love frybread, need to try mutton soon
San Juana Perez (2 years ago)
Jasmin Flowerz Is fry bread similar to a bolluelos? I live in los angeles I can't find any Native American Restaurants.
Jasmin Flowerz (2 years ago)
mike madrid Imo, if you're Mexican, you're a Native...only that you got mixed with Spanish blood, that's all...but before that, Mexicans were one of many Native American tribes...like the Sioux, Apache, Creek, Lakota, etc. Correct me if I'm wrong. ... Interesting how similar Native cuisine is to Mexicans..."fry bread tacos",,,lots of corn, tomato, infused into diet.
Samantha Attakai (3 years ago)
Samantha Attakai (3 years ago)
When she made the fry bread and she flipped it over it had a smiley face on it. :D But it was pretty cool to watch it reminded me when I used to watch people I know cook fry bead.
cyborghunter26 (3 years ago)
this makes me so hungry!
Vegan Space (3 years ago)
eeshayrellik (3 years ago)
I miss my Mom (Shi'ma) and my Grandmother (Shi'ma'sani).......
Bill Opi (9 months ago)
Your name must be shi
Tammy Jackson (9 months ago)
eeshayrellik are you native american
ladytec40 (3 years ago)
beautiful...I miss home!
oldschool 57 (3 years ago)
just like the mexican indians
Vincent Reynolds (3 years ago)
It Works.
we call it pan bread. we used to eat it a lot but I stopped I love bread but it give you diabetes. which is why they gave us carbs in the first place
BAHR (3 years ago)
pretty much russian пышка/pyshka
Angelique Amour (3 years ago)
+ВАНЯ but better.
BAHR (3 years ago)
Caileigh Gouthro (3 years ago)
привет ваня 😉
1. mac (3 years ago)
this fry bread is eaten in libya as well . it is called sfinz
Caileigh Gouthro (3 years ago)
Traci Lee (3 years ago)
Mike Thomas (4 years ago)
it is when you are an elder that you able to appreciate being alive and give freely and know that you are here because of luck and the teachings of your elders
Thalia Lee (4 years ago)
thank you you really reminded me of my grandma her fry bread looked just like that to tho she is with the angels now and I miss her very much thank you for reminding of my grandma I was only 11 years old when she died thank you.
Kitten Lyric (4 years ago)
wow, I bet that is so good :)
E J Darly (4 years ago)
How sweet. When you see something like this it's so cool because they don't need all the modern kitchen tools to make wonderful food. It's weird because I'm starting to have a better appreciation for food now that I cook more of my own meals. When we rely on minimum wage works to fix our $5 pizzas and $ menu burgers we don't always understand the time and effort that was put into it until we start to do it ourselves.
A Lilkrazyndn (4 years ago)
I would watch my shinali in the mornings as she mixed the dough, for some reason it was soothing to hear her slap the dough from hand to hand 0:22. Sure do miss her!!!
Paul D'Souza (4 years ago)
Love the simplicity and what a view!  :-)
Jermaine Sam (4 years ago)
She's so adorable.
Windsong Music (4 years ago)
Am so hungry for some good Fry Bread, am missing it. 
Patrizio Panelli (4 years ago)
this video is amazing 
Murphy08 (5 years ago)
uh oh.....gettin hungry now. I hope they got shasta or Bashas brand to drink with that. hahaha
CherokeeTwilight (5 years ago)
She's 9th degree frybread master
Trkn56 (5 years ago)
nothing like experience to get it done right.
Andrea Montoya (5 years ago)
i miss my grandparents ;( made me cry..
Tammy Jackson (9 months ago)
Andrea Montoya what tribe are you
Ruben A (5 years ago)
damn that looks good!
Ravyn Blackbird (5 years ago)
Mmm not even gonna lie, I wanna learn how to make fry bread! One day lol
chuewysquirtlee (5 years ago)
My grandmas are Navajo and they always wear their dresses and jewelry. This one time we went to get some wood and they both were dressed up like this grandma in the video. They were getting down cooking and making tortillas all dressed up with their nice turquoise jewelry kneeling down like this.
RedSpiralHand (5 years ago)
beautiful...the fry bread AND the fact that mutton is way more sustainable than eating lamb..here we go...
jay (5 years ago)
see see see watch n learn lol no no no rolling pin rite!!.got it?? .thats the ways its done.brothers n sisters (other native tribes) :)
KJ (5 years ago)
Lolz u white people want to make this? That's so funny after making so many stereotypes of us natives

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